Mercy wind



D            D+5
I have wished upon a star 
Bm/D           D7
Morning star nighttime's gone 
G                  D
Evening steaming railroad car 
A     A9      A     Asus4
Open door to windy stars 
D           D+5
Cold and curled up men 
         Bm/D         D7
Are in a race to the morning 
G              D
Is the sun too much to see 
A       A9       A    Asus4
Each of us will always be 
G                    D
wondering all these things 
Em            A              D
Coming up the sun is lonely too 
D        D+5
Warm is fire 
Bm/D                D7
Strong desires my heart 
G            D
Mercy in the wind is hidden 
A          A9     A    Asus4
From such men who try again 
G                      D
Surrendering is all we do 
Em              A           D
Coming up the sun is lonely too