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Starcraft had a long and exciting history of being developed. It has been delayed many times and could have came out in 1996. What took StarCraft so long to develop into a final product? Here's the Early Alpha story:

As Blizzard finished WarCraft II, it became a remarkable success. Afterwards Blizzard has dedicated itself to be a good company. They have rushed to make StarCraft their new game. It would be basically an improved WarCraft II. But it would have 3 races and it would be totally different, as opposing to WarCraft II with its mirror images. But as they almost finished their StarCraft game, they showed it on an E3 show. During that it was criticized so much, it appeared to look too much like WarCraft II. From then, they totally changed the game engine. We come to that section later. First there are some screenshots of the first version of StarCraft shown to the public: The Early Alpha version.

The Zerg which were playable in it were called the Nightmarish Invaders. Later the Nightmarish Invaders were renamed to Zurg and more later to the for us very familiar Zerg (to avoid legal action since Zurg sounds like a guy from Toy Story).

And below there are screenshots of the Zerg buildings in the Early Alpha phase. I dont have much information about the other two races in the Alpha phase, but Zerg was kinda popular back then. Anyway, now you know why people said WarCraft goes "purple" instead of calling it StarCraft.

The following pictures are part of a StarCraft conversion created by Josh Marshall. This conversion can be downloaded at Infoceptor.