History of this site:

25 August 2004 The Site History (this), is being put back online. It is part of the site since version 1.0 and it should be forever. So here it is again. Site is almost existing for two years now and visitor 10,000 is about to be welcomed. Ahhh the memories! :)
17 August 2004 Warp from the USA contaced me, being a big StarCraft fan and the owner of a Beta CD he thought it could be of use... I didn't hesitate a minute :) It took us quite a few attempts to transfer the Beta CD over the Atlantic, but we succeeded.
11 August 2004 Uploading once again... Version 4.0 is online and working :)
10 August 2004 Anton finished the layout. It's a great layout and the longlivety of the site has at least been doubled.
7 August 2004 Anton from dEsignEyes.NET contacted me. He suggested to create a whole new design for the site. Fast & Free.
24 June 2004 Finished the Art section today.
23 June 2004 Updating the ART section! :)
22 May 2004 Wow, time really flies... Anyway, I finally fixed the resolution problem for 800x600 users.
18 April 2004 Announcement made. Breeding something new.
7 January 2004 I think I'm done with the new version! :) All that rests is uploading and then I have to spread the word again. Be amazed, again!
6 January 2004 I decided to create a (final?) 3.0 version of the site. I will be adding more new pictures. I'm now working on a new banner and buttons (again yes :p)
20 April 2003 StarCraft Evolution is finished and online! Future upgrades will be there. Alpha Beta Site is now history. Thank you all for visiting!
17/18/19 April 2003 Contacting XG3 (From SCLegacy.com) for site integration with SCLegacy.com. XG3 creates new site. The text will be a tad different, pictures stay the same.
April 2003 Last-Minute-Changes and Uploading. Finally good connection and webhost.
February 2003 Because of #*%-connection, uploading will start later then planned.
22 January 2003 Adding new pictures and screenshots. Updating all information.
21 January 2003 Because of the new pictures coming up soon I made a new lay out.
28 August 2002 Finally I uploaded the site. It's done. I hope you all enjoy. Now I am going to publish my site.
25 May 2002 Finishing touch has been made. Site will soon be uploaded.
13 May 2002 Figured out a new layout: everything on one page! Combining all the information.
6 May 2002 Updating information to the other sections. Still thinking about a good idea to combine the pictures and the rest of the (unused) information.
5 May 2002 Adding information to Early Alpha and Alpha sections. And meanwhile thinking about a good idea to combine the pictures and information.
4 May 2002 The Beta and Early Beta pictures are updated. BroodWar and Interface pictures too.
1 May 2002 This site has been added to StarCraft Collection. Alpha and Early Alpha pictures updated. Thinking about adding a guestbook section and a counter.
20 Februari 2002 Renaming and sorting all the pictures. (Never did such an exhausting job like this.)
31 January 2002 The layout has been finished today. The Applets are working and the banner has been made. The sections will be updated soon.
10 January 2002 Collecting information and pictures from hard disk, web sites and other sources.
9 January 2002 Surfing around the web, I got the idea to make a website about the Alpha and Beta versions of StarCraft. Started to think out some ideas.