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05.24.2007 - They should have sent a poet - posted by Hunta

The past few days, traffic to this site has increased dramatically. I'm sure it all has to do with the recent announcement of StarCraft 2. The game we have all been waiting for for so long, is finally in production. Unfortunately, since a lot has changed in the game industry over the past nine years, the development of StarCraft 2 will be unlike that of StarCraft. No matter how much I would have liked to create a "StarCraft 2 Evolution" site, I don't think it's very realistic at this point. However, I'll try to get my hands on as much information regarding the development of StarCraft 2 as possible.

I've also been in contact with Trimayne of Diablo Evolution again. He has very interesting plans with this website. So stay tuned for an update in the near future! :) In the meanwhile, if you like to contact me, BlizzForums is still your best bet.

01.17.2006 - Another year's over - posted by Hunta

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. It's not because I don't care about this game anymore. In contrary, I still love StarCraft. It's just that I don't have enough material to do an update every month or so, nor do I have the knowledge to expand this website any further. There are only a few more things I'd like to add to this website, if only I knew how...

This message wasn't just to let you know "I'm still alive". I'd also like to bring the following site under your attention:
Diablo Evolution - the Diablo counterpart of this website, created by Mystery and Trimayne. Although never really finished, it's a must read for Diablo fans. They originally wanted me to wait with announcing our cooperation until their site was finished, but since it's taking them forever, I couldn't wait any longer. Sorry guys :)

Oh, and like to see something funny? Check this YTMND site:
This is not WarCraft in space!

01.01.2005 - Happy new year! - posted by Hunta

Another update, the first of the new year. May this year bring us some information about the development of StarCraft 2!

Recently, TS_Death_Angel offered me his Brood War Beta CD! I hereby thank you once again for your generosity! So far I can show you only one picture. It's the automated startup screen of the CD. I hope I can offer you more screenshots in the future.

The forums mentioned below have been closed by the way. The best way to contact me is to sign up at BlizzForums and send me a PM. I am a moderator
of the StarCraft forums there and as much online as I can be. This duty is drawing away a lot of my attention though, going at the expense of other things, including this site. That may explain this late update.

As a last note, I'd like to thank all the people who made 2004 another year to remember for me. Especially the people who have helped me to build up this site in the beautiful state as it is now: Ofcourse, there is Venox, the designer of this site. Thanks to him the longevity of this site at least doubled. Then there is Warp, who offered me a copy of his StarCraft Beta CD. And very recently TS_Death_Angel has been added to the list, as he offered me a copy of his Brood War Beta CD. These three people have contributed a lot to further expand this site, and all for free. Because of the new design and the new content, my site has gotten a lot of additional visitors and people link to my site from all over the world. And before I forget, Visions of Khas, you could have been mentioned as well! If only you finished those articles... ;)

I'm gone now. Preparing to welcome visitor 15,000.

- Hunta (Eric van Aggelen)

08.31.2004 - Forums are open! - posted by Hunta

We have finally a place to talk and discuss about anything related to StarCraft's development. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them. See you there! Hosted by the creator of this site's layout. Thanks to Anton!

StarCraft Evolution forums

08.25.2004 - Update: More alpha pictures! - posted by

Warp, the same guy who offered me his Beta CD, has also dug up some never seen before alpha pictures! They are quite unique, because in one of the screenshots you can actually see what portrait was used for the Dragoon in the early development stages. To me it looks more like a Zealot portrait though. In the second screenshot you can see two Terran Phoenix aircrafts. I have never seen these two models before. The third screenshot is not so special, it features two early-model Goliaths. This is not the only update, the ads have returned and some other minor things have been changed :)

Also, the site history has returned: History of this site

08.24.2004 - Upate: More beta information! - posted by

We are about to welcome visitor number 10,000 very soon. Personally, I experience this as a milestone. Who would have thought that that ugly little site from two years ago would grow out to this? I for one didn't expect it, but I'm very pleased with it nonetheless. Also, because my site has been in the headlines of two major StarCraft fansites as of lately, I've come into contact with several people (all StarCraft fans). One of these people, Warp from the USA, offered me his Beta CD. Yes really, I'm not kidding. It costed us some time to transfer the CD all over the Atlantic, but after a lot of patience and trouble we managed to get it across. He also scanned his CD into an image. As of now, there are three new beta pictures available in the interface section. Expect more beta updates in the very near future!

And once again, thank you very much Warp! I can't say it enough :)

08.20.2004 - Two new sections! - posted by

Two brand new sections have been added to the site! The sections are not about the history of StarCraft. They are... well find out for yourself :) The first new section is entitled Dark Origin, the second section is about Alexei Stukov. Please enjoy reading these two new sections.

08.20.2004 - Minor changes - posted by

Some minor changes have been made. The ads have been removed and some links have been added, as well as the first affiliate.

08.10.2004 - Welcome to StarCraft Evolution v. 4.0 - posted by

It's done. It has happened. We are proud to present to you version 4.0 of the site that ever evolves. We have gone more commercial and the design of the site has had a major update. We hope you like the new design as much as we do. Expect more updates in the future. Many thanks to Anton from dEsigneYes.NET for this great design!