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Mark Knopfler news (by Terry Kilburn, England)
MKNews is compiled by Terry Kilburn with the assistance of Paul Crockford
Management and Mercury International and is one of three official Mark
Knopfler web sites, the others being the
Warner Bros web site and the
Universal Records web site.
MKNews is the only official Mark Knopfler fan web site.

Guy Fletcher (by Guy Fletcher, England)
The homepage from the verry symphatiek Guy Fletcher contains
much news about himself but is also a verry good source about
news from Mark Knopfler.

The Bonnie Banks of Mark Knopfler (by Waldo van Leeuwen,
The South-Netherlands
) Nice homepage by a fellow Dutch fan, now living in Belgium, with a large collection of bootlegs for trade.

On every bootleg (by Jeroen van Tol, The Netherlands)
(One of ) The largest bootleg collections for trade.

On every video (by Martijn de Looze, The Netherlands)
Probably the largest collection of videos in the world!
If Martijn de Looze hasn't a particular recording, nobody does...

Neck and Neck - The Mark Knopfler homepage
(by Thomas Gygax, Switserland)
You can find the latest news, lyrics, pictures, soundclips and many more.
Check out also the (mostly) complete Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits