Official Statement


Official Policy Statement

The official policy of Mark and PCM has been changed to the following:

There are increasing numbers of fans filming the show. Everybody should be able to enjoy the concert without interference from others. It is beginning to get too distracting for the band and irritating too many people in the audience. Please note that starting with immediate effect video/DVD/film cameras will not be permitted in any part of the venue. Single shot cameras and audio are still okay but please be mindful of your fellow fans.

By way of further clarification, standard 35mm film/digital SLRs/stills cameras are OK as are small digital compact cameras. However, cameras / equipment used for recording moving pictures (DVD/video/cine, etc) are no longer allowed and no tripods will allowed.

Where an individual venue does not permit any type of recording/photographic equipment (including audio, SLRs, digital compacts, etc) then the policy of that venue will be respected.

Paul Crockford
PCM (31/03/08)

Old statement:
The official policy of Mark and PCM is that they have no objection to fans taking photographs and making recordings of gigs on video, DAT, MD, and Walkmans providing that in doing so you do not interfere with the enjoyment of other fans. It is expressly understood that resulting photographs and/or sound recordings are purely for your personal use only, if we find anybody seeking to exploit these in any commercial sense then the privilege will be withdrawn.

Feeds to soundboards will not be provided so please don't ask.

Professional photographic and recording equipment (inc tripods) should not be taken to gigs.

However, there are a number of venues which, irrespective of the policy of the artist or artist's management, do not allow photography or recording.
Such venues will not permit cameras or recording equipment to be taken into the concert hall. In these cases, Mark and PCM will respect the policy of the venues.

We recommend that you check the policy of the venue before taking cameras and recording equipment to gigs.

Paul Crockford
PCM (11/10/04)