Forth is a simple extensible computer language.
A Forth environment combines a compiler with an interactive shell.
Interactive means you type things in at the keyboard and the computer responds.

The user defines and runs subroutines called words in Forth jargon.
Words can be tested, redefined, and debugged as the source is entered
without recompiling or restarting the whole program.

Forth has at least 2 stacks.
A data stack is used to pass numbers between words.
The return stack can be used to temporarily store data.
Most words manipulate the stacks in some way.

A source can be used to extend Forth by typing:
needs full_filname

On the left side you will find a number of pages with programs and sources written for Forth.
You might have to download a (free) Forth-compiler for a different platform.

Feel free to explore use and change whatever you find.


Last updated: 09.23.2020

A computer does not have to be big
to run a complete Forth system.
all do.