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GTP is the brand of a serious (amateur) photographer.

GTP shoots pictures at the following locations: at your place, in a hotel room (arranged by yourself), or at any other place, provided that model and photographer can work together discreetly and without being disturbed by others.
As photography is his leisure activity, GTP limits the objects of shoots to pleasant male models between the ages of 18 and 34.

What kind of pictures could you actually have in mind: portrait, black tie or casually dressed, stripping little by little, naked but yet partly covered; unveilingly naked or maybe of even more teasing nature, sports outfit, emphasising your nature or merely contradictory to it? Do you want to have pictures of yourself or maybe together with your boy friend ...?
According to your wishes GTP takes a whole set of pictures and processes the best ones in the outstanding way that you can even use them on your computer screen, on the internet or eventually to use for your physical photo album. If you want to, GTP can also compose the pictures for you to use as wallpaper on your computer-screen. He delivers the final product on a cd-rom to you.

What are the expenses???
NOTHING AT ALL (for the time being)!!! At least not for the photo-session and the processing. The only costs you will have are those for the cd-rom and for sending it to you (5,- within NL), costs for travelling between the Photorgapher's address (NL) and the place (to and fro) where your pictures should be taken (0,18 per km), costs for a lunch or dinner (because shooting the pictures really takes some hours) and eventually costs you make for renting a hotel room. A voluntary gift will be highly rewarded.

GTP prefers to shoot pictures on Fridays in the afternoon and evening and on Sundays.

The photo-shoot will be made only after you have agreed with the entire (Dutch) set of contitions as mentioned elswhere at this web site. These are the most important elements:
The comercial use of the pictures is not allowed.
It is not allowed to change the pictures, to erase, hide or change the GTP logo or to separate the GTP logo from the pictures when the pictures are used outside your personal computer.
As the model, you refrain from the Portretright; GTP holds the Copyright and the Portretright of all pictures shot and processed.

The GTP logo is registred ( ® ) .

You're interested in finally having nice pictures of yourself shot, and done so by GTP?
Then please send an e-mail now:

Write in your e-mail your name, age, appearance, the kind of pics of yourself that you have in mind, suggestions for the location of the shoot.
Please send some (face and other) pics of yourself and eventually some example pics of the style you would like to be photographed in.

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