Northern Huqf Geology

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The Huqf area is situated in east-central Oman, between Ghaba in the north and Duqm in the south. Rocks in this area encompass the oldest sedimentary sequence in Oman, the Late Pre-Cambrian to Early Cambrian Huqf Supergroup, outcropping in the core of a broad structural high (Huqf High), trending NNE-SSW along the east coast of Central Oman.

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Simplified Geological Map of Oman and Geological cross-section (NW-SE, section A-A' on map). Notice Ara Salt diapirs (Early Cambrian) in the Ghaba Salt Basin, one of which reaches the surface some 18 km NW of the Ghaba resthouse (N21 30 32.5 E57 08 56.9).

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