Ras Al Jinz gebied
Schildpad strand

03-04 October 2002

Ras Al Jinz area
Turtle Beach

Oman, Ras Al Jinz, Turtles, Ras Al Had

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For route see Jalaan.htm
Total Distance from Muscat: (two way) about 800 km

This time we explored a variation by turning left 11km south of Bilad Bani Bu Ali (on the road to Al Ashkarah) and after a further 24 km further, mainly on gravel track, to the right to Suwayh at the coast. A nice track through an extensive sand dune area.

03-04 October 2002  

Rocky Headland protecting difficult accessible 'turtle beaches'

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23:30 hrs - many turtles have beached and are digging holes for their eggs. With an infrared camera we can see them without disturbing lights.

Early morning (05:30 hrs) late turtles heading back to the sea

We counted tracks of at least 30 turtles that had visited the beach. We actually saw about 4 in the early night and another 4 leaving in the early morning in the direction. A beautiful sight; these big animals disappearing in the waves with the rising sun just peeping above the horizon.

One very late turtle started digging @ 5:45 hrs and only left at 7:30 hrs, after making sure the eggs were well protected by digging through some 3 metres of beach sand away from the original hole.


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@ J. Schreurs October 2002.