Flypasts for Sunday are definitively approved. Final confirmation Sunday morning. Timings for ALL the flypasts on 4th and 5th May are: 

Dronten           1445(Dutch local time)
Deventer         1500
Markelo           1510
Oosterbeek     1525
Kessel             1545
Heythuysen     1551
Herkenbosch   1558
Brunssum        1607
Hunsel             1617
Weert              1622
Zoersel            1640
Eindhoven       1650
Timings for the 5th May are;
Wageningen              1400 (Dutch local time)
Goeree (4events)      1430-1445

ENJOY!!! :

Update Lancaster flypast 4 mei 2014: 

Markelo Fallen Airmen Memorial, algemene begraafplaats ca. 15.10

Oosterbeek RAF Monument (tegenover Hartenstein museum) ca. 15.20

Kessel Maasoever (nabij Kasteel) ca. 15.40

Heythuysen Lancaster monument (Op den Birkenbosch) ca. 15.50

Herkenbosch Herkenbosscher Ohé (nabij monument) ca. 16.00

Brunssum Lancaster monument (Platanendreef) ca. 16.00

Hunsel Lancaster monument (Schansstraat) ca. 16.05

Weert Halifax monument (Maaseikerweg/Castertweg) ca. 16.10

Times are approximatief. Make sure to be at the locaties in time. 
For updates follow this site or look at:

8 May 2009 - Looking Back

Looking back at this fantastic day I can only say that it was wonderful, emotional, brilliant and unique! We so enjoyed this Lancaster flypast!

Below you can see a few photos. On you can find lots of films!

I would like to thank everyone who made this possible,

- The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight for making this day a most memorable one!
   I can’t thank you enough, you have added something very special to this Memorial Day.
- The Leudal municipality
- Santa Fé (historical vehicles)
- Jeanine Lemmen (Last Post and Reveille)
- my fellow committee members for all their support and help
- my family!



Photo by Guus Luijten

Photo by Guus Luijten

Photo by Guus Luijten

Photo by Guus Luijten

Photo by Ben Doensen

Photo by René Engels

Photo by René Engels

29 April 2009 - Routing

I just received this information about the routing of the Lancaster:

Routing ( all times Dutch local) via:

Bridge south of Rockanje  1321
Overhead  Gilze Rijen 1336
Overhead Eindhoven   1343
Nederweert    1350
Stevensweert  1354
BRUNSSUM   1400 - 1403
Stevensweert    1409
HUNSEL    1411- 1415
SE Baexem   1416
HAELEN        1418 - 1423
HEYTHUYSEN      1424 - 1430
ASTEN    1435 - 1438
Deurne    1439
Lakes north of Horst    1443
MEERLO  1444 - 1447
Lakes West of Alverna     1455
BEUNINGEN     1457 - 1502
Bemmel Road junction    1503
ELDEN   1505 - 1509
Arnhem Bridge  1510
M Way junction No of Arnhem  1511
ROZENDAAL        1512 -1516
Arnhem Bridge   1518
OOSTERBEEK   1520 - 1524
West of Apeldoorn Road junction 1528
South of Nunspeet road junction  1533
Elburg Bridge  1535
DRONTEN 1538 - 1543
Landing Schiphol       1600

5th May

Schiphol (1420) - Bergen (1430) - Texel (1445)

27 April 2009 - Directions

From the BBMF I received the directions:

Location Arrival Departure
Brunssum North west North west
Hunsel South south east North east
Haelen South west North west
Heythuysen East North west
Asten South North
Meerlo South west North west
Beuningen South North east
Elden South North east
Rozendaal South east South west
Oosterbeek East North west

Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

25 March 2009
Press announcement

65 Years after the liberation of the southern part of The Netherlands, the AVRO Lancaster bomber from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will make a flypast over 10 Lancaster monuments in The Netherlands on MONDAY 4TH MAY 2009:

Brunssum near Platanendreef 42   approx. 14.00 uur
Hunsel near Schansstraat 4    approx. 14.10 uur
Haelen near Roggelseweg 58      approx. 14.15 uur
Heythuysen near Op den Birkenbosch 3   approx. 14.20 uur
Asten De Berken near Astense Aa    approx. 14.35 uur
Meerlo near Heesweg 10   approx. 14.45 uur
Beuningen centre Van Heemstraweg       approx. 14.50 uur
Elden near sportveld Elderveld   approx. 15.05 uur
Rozendaal centre Eerbeekseweg   approx. 15.10 uur
Oosterbeek near Utrechtseweg 232    approx. 15.15 uur

Provided good weather conditions and serviceability you will be able to admire this unique airplane  on the mentioned locations and timings.
Worldwide only two Lancaster bombers are still airworthy.

This plane, that played such a significant part in winning the freedom that we enjoy today, has won the hearts and souls of so many.

Following the flypast a small exhibition about the Lancaster that crashed in Heythuysen will be opened at the Leudalmuseum, Roggelseweg 58 Haelen (near the Monument of Tolerance). This exhibition with unique artifacts can be seen several weeks.

10 March 2009

Proud and happy I can let you know that my bid for a flypast over 10 Lancaster monuments in The Netherlands has been granted!
You can therefore see Lancaster PA474 from The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Foundation make a flypast on:

Monday 4th May 2009:


 Local timings (approximate)




14.00 uur


14.11 uur


14.18 uur


14.24 uur


14.36 uur


14.49 uur


14.56 uur


15.06 uur


15.14 uur


15.20 uur  

More detailed information follows as soon as possible

23 March 2006

Published in the Ilford Recorder.

Memorial quest to find family of bomber hero

23 March 2006

When Lancaster bomber ME752 was shot down over the Dutch town of Heythuysen, one man risked his life to rescue whatever he could from the blazing wreckage.

The date was July 21, 1944, and Daniël Brouns' parents' house was among those destroyed in the crash.

Although he could do nothing for the crew members, all of who were killed outright, he was able to retrieve a suitcase from inside the cabin, writes KAREN BURKE.

Now, more than 60 years later, its contents have propelled Daniël's daughter, Ria Schmieder, on a quest that has led her all the way to Redbridge.

For the past seven years, Ria, 47, has been attempting to trace the relatives of the crew of heavy bombers from the RAF's 75th New Zealand Squadron.

Three of the eight-man crew were British - and among them was wireless operator Sgt Jack Barson from Ilford.

Ria told the Recorder: "Unfortunately, I have never been able to find much information about Sgt Barson. I have not been able to find out, yet, if there are still living relatives of his.

"I would like them to know that I have been able to erect a monument for him and his crew members in Heythuysen. We will remember them."

Sgt Jack Frank Macdonald Barson was the only son of son of Louisa Ann Barson, of Duke Road, Barkingside.

Born in Ilford, he went to school in Newbury Park and at the time of his death aged 21 he was engaged to Marjorie Tyler, the youngest daughter of an Ilford councillor.

Having served with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Sgt Barson's grave now lies in Jonkerbos War Cemetery in Nijmegen.

Having in 2003 achieved the erection of a monument near the bomber's crash site, Mrs Schmieder has recently launched a website documenting the discoveries she has made to date.

She hopes that it will bring her another step closer to finding out more about Sgt Barson and the other crew members, including flight engineer Joseph Armstrong from Bradford, Yorkshire.

Sgt Barson's name is also included on a memorial commemorating six members of Newbury Park Methodist Church, Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, who lost their lives during the war. The plaque is soon to be moved to nearby St Peter's Church, Aldborough Road North, Aldborough Hatch.

Mrs Schmieder added: "It has not been easy to find information as this research was completely new to me and before you know how and where to look, months have passed.

"I do not know when my quest will be finished, I only know it will not be for some time. I will not stop searching until all I can find is found."

Are you a relative of Sgt Barson - or do you know any surviving members of his family?

Anyone with information is asked to contact Ria Schmieder via her Lancaster monument website at

March 2006

Finally my very “own” website is on air. I wish to thank webmaster Roel Rijks ENORMOUSLY for all his help!

This website is far from complete! The latest information has yet to be processed but hopefully this site will already give you an idea what happened on

21st July 1944

For all activities concerning the Comité Herdenkingsmonument Militairen and the annual international Commemoration at the Monument of Tolerance in Haelen, I gladly invite you to visit the new website:

Ria Schmieder

Graves at Jonkerbos war cemetery