The Silky lady's
White chicken                                  Black spotted chicken
Breeding,breeding and than.....
Brown chicken                                                         
june 2006- white chick.
May 2006- brown chick
juni 2006-grey chick
Winter 2008/2009
In the summer of 2009 we were given three New Hampshire chicks:
Unfortunately only two grew up;
                                                                               Cora and Klazina
In the spring of 2010 two retired Brahma chickens came to live with us:
 Bep and Truus
Spring 2010
May 2010
We have little Brahma chicks.
Summer 2011
Little chickens become LARGE......
Our 'indoor-chickens' Jack & Jill  and later in time Jill with her new girl friend Jacky