Summer 2015
Our new dog Daisy( Bernese Mountaindog), 10 months old.
Like people say: Once a Bernese always a Bernese. :-)
Spring 2015
Anouk( Leonberger) 10 years old.
Butch( Bordeaux Dog X Sharpei) 8,5 years old
Coweta(American Mastiff) 7,5 years old
Spring 2011
 Coweta,Senna,Butch and Anouk
                                                          one BIG happy family.
Winter 2009
        Snow!!!!!!!                                    Please,let's play????
Senna                                                              Butch
Summer 2008
Spring 2008
Lot's of fun together!!!
Anouk,our Leonberg dog.

Cuddling with our daughter Angela

September 2005-Anouk half a year old
Spring 2008 -3 years old
Spring 2014 - Butch and Anouk
08-10-2006 ~ 01-07-2015
Puppy-picture of Butch
9 months
Butch is a Bordeaux Dog/ Shar-Pei mix, he came to live with us throug the  Bordeauxdog-rescue at the age of nine months
Spring 2008
2011 Cats are friends,not food.
8-12-2005 / 07-02-2014
24 March 2008
Senna,a Bernese Mountaindog, came to live with us from the animalshelter at the age of 2
Jadoble Yessy
Yessy our Pyrenese Shepard
16-07-2006    sister Yip,Yessy en Anouk
Best Pyrenese Shepard and Mesjeutje PHC 2007
Spring 2008 - 2 years old                       Together with Anouk and Butch
8 weeks old German Shepard puppy

Amost a year old

16 april 1997-Rico with our son Remco                   28 september 1995-Rico  




03 march 2006-Rico, 11 years of age. 

14 november 1992-Dusty 7 weeks old German Shepard puppy  
A young Flow( Maine Coon) in love with Dusty
2 years old                             3 years old
Almost 12 years old
                        Puppy                        1991-Sitah, our Drentsche Patrijshond ( Dutch hunting dog)
Sitah with our daughter Angela and cat Bobby



 Roy mixedbreed rescue dog.





 Roy and  Sitah.                       1994- Roy and Dusty