Sparrow- born 6 march 2007                                     Sammie- born 5 march 2007




              Sandy- born 13 march 2007                                Keessie- born 4 march 2007

Summer 2007
Mhhhh,Angela has food!!!!
Warm winter coats
Summer 2008
Floris- born 7 march 2008
Winter 2008/2009
March 19th 2009
What a surprise,Keessie has baby's!!!!
When I found them they were just born,still wet and very cold.
With dry towels,hot-water bottles and lots of TLC from Miracle Goodnight we menaged to keep them alive.
           We were very happy that Keessie finally decided to take care of her baby's
A week old and strong enough to enjoy some sun outside
Sterre & Lucky
One happy family having supper.
Spring 2011
 Two new family members;
Duchi- born march 26, 2011  &  Lola- born april 11,2011
 Summer 2011
Duchi and Sammie,Lola in the background
Floris-7 march 2008 / 26 december 2009