We are a small cattery and hope to breed a few litters a year. The kittens will grow up in our home together with our other cats, our dogs and our children. The kittens will get a lot of attention and affection from us so nothing will stand in their way to become healthy and loveable pets, because that is together with their looks very important to us.

Our Neva's are tested for Felv, FIV, PL, HCM and PKD.


5 kittens born from our Kitty & CJoe on August 19th .
No more kittens available
Pedigree for the kittens:
 2 females &  3 males
One week old
                Romanova Tatiana,  Romanov Dimitri,  Romanov Aleksej,   Romanov Feodor  &  Romanova Anastasia                        
 Two weeks old
 Three weeks old
 Four weeks old
 Five weeks old
 Six weeks old
 Seven weeks old
Eight weeks old