MSAccess database of  protecting groups

Description of  ~170 protecting groups, their formation, removal
and use in organic synthesis.  

Structure of the database:

The database can best be accessed as follows:
  1. Open table "Protection" in MSAccess and  select a group you want to protect, e.g.  carboxyl
  2. Click on the [+]-sign to open linked  table "Function".  Select a function  e.g.  ester.
  3. Click on the [+]-sign to open linked table "Groups".  Select  a  group e.g. tert-butyl ester.
  4. Click on the [+] sign to open linked table "Methods" to  view methods of  formation (F) and removal (R) of the t-butyl ether.  The "mode" field in table "Methods" can contain only two values:  F (formation) and R (removal).
To get an idea of the chemical properties of the tert-butyl group, its compatibility with other protecting groups and conditions encountered in synthesis one can consult the view "Properties of  protecting groups" or issue the SQL-command:

Select * from "Properties of  protecting groups" where group = 't-Butyl esters';