Preparation of TLC plates using chalk, starch and kaolin as sorbents

Mixtures of starch and talk and starch and Kaolin were found to have desirable mechanical properties in comparison with the pure sorbents in planar chromatography (TLC).  Both inorganic binder (gypsum) and an organic binder (methyl cellulose) were tested. The scope and limitations of these hybrid sorbents are explored in terms of ease of handling, storage, spotting and TLC performance. A number of recipes for the sorbents were proposed.

The main focus in this investigation was to describe methods for making supensions of sorbents with favourable rheological properties: easy to apply to glass or plastic plates in evenly distributed coatings that do not crack after drying and can be stored over prolonged times and are not easily damaged when taken out of the box.
Methyl cellulose proved to be an excellent binder for the starch-chalk and starch-kaolin hybrid sorbents.
Starch gave crack-free layers in mixtures with either chalk or kaolin.
Both kaolin and starch-kaolin mixture have a potential in TLC.