Dutch Light Orbs



Behind branches


Lightorbs are a strange phenomenon. The distance between the photographer and the orb is mostly not clear, also the size of the orb on a picture might have to do with this distance. Sometimes however, they "hide" behind branches or other objects. In those cases you can say something about the distance and the size of the orb.

A lot of sceptics keep the orbs as dust, reflecting the flashlight. Those "hidden" orbs however, prove that cannot be the explaination, and prove those statements and others are just inadequate. If dust, or insects  could creat such big orbs, everyone should get them on every picture.


Although this is a Dutch Orb site (With an abroud gallery with highlights) I do publish these pictures of us, and our  foreign orb friends because of their utmost value.

I thank Jan & John, Wendy (Chimeria studio's) Ria (NL), Cricket Mr and Ms Bovelander, Tjarko, for their allowance to publish their pictures.


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Een 3 dimensionale lichtbol die zich voor en achter de spijlen van de bench bevindt.
De afstand van de bench tot de tafel op de achtergrond bedraagt 1,5 meter. een beter bewijs van de multi demensionaliteit lijkt haast niet te bestaan. Merk op dat de spijlen van de bench slechts  hier en daar niet te zien zijn.  Eennbetere fotom van de multidimensionale vorm van lichtbollen heb ik niet eerder gezien



A 3 dimensional orb, beyond and behind the bars of the bench.




































Ed Vos