Annemarieke Coenders

s i n g e r - s o n g w r i t e r



Annemarieke Coenders & Wim Sebo

Making heaps digging holes (Continental Europe 2012)

Go (Continental Europe 2010)

With Ygdrassil

Ygdrassil live at the Folkwoods Festival (DVD, Real Harm 2008)

Easy sunrise (Rounder Europe 2005)

Ygdrassil (re-release, Real Harm/Pink 2003)

Nice days under darkest skies (Real Harm/Pink 2002)

We visit many places (Real Harm/Pink 2000)

Pieces (VIA records 1997)

Ygdrassil (VIA records 1995)

The garden of Jane Delawney (single, Real Harm 2004)

One morning in the springtime (single, Real Harm/Pink 2002)

Water (single, VIA records 1995)


Appeared as guest vocalist on:

Sido Martens, Suikerhard & Bitterzoet (Music & words, 2012)

Sido Martens, Schraaltroost & Liefspraak (Bornmeer 2009)

Sido Martens, De loper (Bornmeer 2008)

Sido Martens, Open (Inbetween Records 2007)

Si Kahn, Thanksgiving (Strictly Country Records, 2006)

Sido Martens, Naakt & levend (SM, 2005)


You can order the albums Go (2010) and Making heaps digging holes (2012) from Annemarieke Coenders & Wim Sebo by sending an e-mail (15 Euro, excl. shipping).


Annemarieke Coenders & Wim Sebo’s debut album Go was released in 2010. Guest musicians appearing on the album are Hans Battenberg on violin, Obed Brinkman on trombone and Sido Martens on electric guitar. You can listen to the songs I’m a whale and Another word and watch the video of November remains. Go is also available on iTunes.

Making heaps digging holes (Continental Europe 2012)

On Making heaps digging holes several guest musicians appear; Obed Brinkman on trombone, Wyno Bruinsma on guitar, Hermen Hagen on Rhodes piano and vocals, Jeroen de Jong on keyboard, Sido Martens on mandolin and guitar, Danielle Roelofsen on flute, Johan Viswat on bass, Harm Wierda on guitar and vocals. You can listen to Oh my home and You don’t know (with QuickTime player) and watch the video of Making heaps digging holes.

Video: Henk Gubbels Bright Moon Media

Video: Obed Brinkman