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2 The Bible is your.. 3 What To Do When You Feel...
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God's Promises For Your Every Need

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How valuable are the scriptures to us, God speaks to us by the Holy Spirit through His Word, so that we understand who God is and how He saves us through His only Son Jesus from sin and destruction, Now we can rejoyce for we posses the the promises and the hope for this life and eternity .


Ministry of Hope


God's Promises 2 U

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Another wonderful book from Jack Countryman

God has given you quarantee that these promises will produce results in your life, your family, and your circumstances, nothing is more powerful than a Word from God in a given situation.

In the Psalm 107:20 it says Ps 107:20 He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit {and} destruction.

Here it is! "God's contract with His Children". Yes, God really delivers from destruction if we believe His Word. That word destruction refers to anything that can destroy or harm you in any way, depression, discouragement, frustration, fear, quilt, impatience, lonelyness, temptation, trouble, sickness, and all other devastating situations.

That is why we value this book "God's Promises for your every need" so much and that is the reason for putting it on the w.w.w., so people can benefit from the riches that God has for us in His Word. Often when we are in need, we don't know where to find it, therefore this wonderful work of love is here to help you discover the truth of God's Word for your situation.

Many times I have consulted this book when the circumstances of life closed in on me, often we do not understand our feelings, but it is liberating to know that God has a promise, in such a situation.

God's Promises is a real help, but it is not meant to replace your bible reading, it is designed to help you, with a quick reference to your specific situation

This book was first published by
J. Countryman Houston, Texas
P.O. Box 90776

The book on this site is an Emplified version of the special
edition from Cross roads Christian Communication.
100 Huntleystreet Toronto Canada.

This book is published on this website with permission from
Jack Countryman/Thomas Nelson publishers
and on all other sites of Ministry of Hope.

You can purchase the original copy
For less than 5 dollars

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At Amazon.com.

For the book on this site, we have used the Amplified Bible for greater exposure.

Down on this Page you will find the contents of the book, the book contains 9 chapters and 80 topics, each chapter is listed with a link and all the topics are listed under each chapter. When you enter a chapter, you will find the topics under Page Index as a bookmark to go right to the desired topic within the chapter.
When you enter a chapter all other chapters remain listed in the head of the page, for navigating through the whole book with little or no effort.

Contents of God's Promise
(using the Amplified Bible)

arrow.gif (4694 bytes)1) Jesus Is Your:


arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 2) The Bible Is Your:

Infalliable Authority
Deed of Inheritance
Guide for Life

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 3) What To Do When You Feel:


arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 4) What To Do When You Are: 

Experiencing Fear
Mentally Disturbed
In Need of Courage
In Need of Patience
In Need of Peace
Lukewarm Spiritually
In Grief
In Doubt About God

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 5) What To Do When:

You Need Confidence
Troubles Hit Your Life
You have Physical Sickness
You Are In Financial Trouble
You Are Having Marital Problems
You Are Deserted By Loved Ones
You Don't Understand God's Ways
Waiting On God

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 6) What The Bible Has To Say About:

Serving God
The Carnal Mind
The Grace of God
The Holy Spirit
God's Faithfulness
The Church
The Return of Christ
The Unsaved

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 7) Truth From The Bible About:

Forgiving Others
Christian Fellowship
Your Responsibility
Speaking God's Word
Finding The Will of God
Answered Prayer
Unsaved Love Ones
Your Family
The Elderly

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 8) What You Can Do To:

Grow Spiritually
Change The World
Help Your Business
Please God.

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 9) God's Plan of Salvation

God's Plan of Salvation


God Bless
Ministry of Hope


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