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 bobbe   Dear ¨familymembers¨ closeby or far away.

With much enthusiasm and dedication I am continuing the genealogical research into amongst others the family's: Bobbe, Croiset, Cune, Danser, de la Fuente, Fuld, Hamme, Huisman, Juliard, Koekoek, Kunstenaar, Lavino, de Leeuw, de Maan, Poons, van Schaak, Verveer and de Vries.

You can view the results up till now by using the menu on the left. When you click on a surname the family tree of the chosen family will be opened in a new window.

If you have any problems understanding some terms in the genealogical data please view 'translations', this page contains Dutch to English translations of the Dutch terms and most of the professions that occur in our pages.

A word of thanks to all familymembers, friends and acquaintances who contributed with information and knowledge to our research.

Data published on our genealogy pages may freely be used for non- commercial purposes and personal family tree research, on the condition that there will be made a clear reference to our research and this page as source. But it is not allowed, without our written permission, to republish data coming from our family tree pages, on the internet or elsewhere.
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 de vries With additional information, corrections and or questions you can always reach me by:

With kind regards from the Netherlands, Dirkje Bobbe.
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familytree   Latest 3 updates:

29-01-2013: updated family tree Verveer
16-01-2013: updated family tree Kunstenaar
27-05-2012: updated family tree Croiset

  family trees compiled by us published elsewhere

Family trees compiled by us published on:

- The family tree collection of the Akevoth foundation:

- Abrahams
- Edersheim
- Flesschedrager
- Huisman
- Ossedrijver/Ossendrijver
- Speelman
- van Biene/van Bienen
- Zeldenrust

Family trees compiled in co-operation with us published on:

- The family tree collection of the Akevoth foundation:

- Bak
- Hakker
- Fresco
- Ricardo
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