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last updated : 25-08-2008 ... translation, translate, translated from Dutch to English ...

On this page you can find translations of the Dutch terms used in our genealogy pages (like: verm., ald., eerste, etc.) and translations of most of the professions that occur in our genealogical data.

The proffesions are in the original spelling as found on the archive records, some are out of date and no longer in use or still used but in a newer spelling.
The translation was made with two Dutch to English dictionary's and an old Dutch dictionary.
Sometimes it was difficult and only a discription could be given. It also occured that some professions have a male and female spelling in the Dutch language and in English one spelling, if a profession is in the Dutch female spelling and there was no female spelling of this profession in the English language it is mentioned by putting (female) before the translation.
As English is not our native tongue there will be 'some' mistakes in the spelling (to many spaces, in the wrong order, etc.).
Still we have tried to give a translation of the professions as accurate as possible and hope that it might be usefull to who is interrested.

If you might have any suggestions or corrections for this page you can always send them to us using the e-mail link on our homepage.

Dutch terms:
aan boord = on board of a ship.
aankomst = arrival.
ald.(aldaar) = there, at that place.
april = april.
aug.(augustus) = august.
begr.(begraven) = buried.
bij = at, with.
bijgenaamd = also named, nicknamed.
broeder[s] = brother[s].
broer[s] = brother[s].
bruid = bride.
bruidegom = bridegroom.
ca.(circa) = about, approximately.
dec.(december) = december.
derde = third.
dochter uit onbekende rel.(relatie) = daughter from unknown relationship.
dochters = daughters.
dr.(dochter) = daughter.
eerste = first.
en = and.
erkend = acknowledged.
'erkend en gewettigd' = 'acknowledged and legitimate'.
erkennen = acknowledge.
feb.(februari) = february.
geb.(geboren) = born.
gecr.(gecremeerd) = cremated.
gedeporteerd = deported.
genoemd = called, named, mentioned as.
gesneuveld = perished.
getuige = witness.
gewettigd = legitimate(d).
gewettigd kind = legitimate child.
gezin = family, household.
hertr.(hertrouwd) = remarried to.
het = the.
huwelijk = marriage.
in = in, at, on.
Isr.(Israëlitische) begraafplaats = Israelitish cemetery.
jan.(januari) = january.
(het) Joden Kerkhof = (the) Jewish Cemetery.
jongen[s] = boy[s].
jongetje[s] = boy[s].
juli = july.
juni = june.
kind = child.
kinderen = children.
konvooi = convoy (transport).
levenloos kind = stillborn child.
levenloos jongetje = stillborn boy.
levenloos meisje = stillborn girl.
levenloze dochter = stillborn daughter.
levenloze zoon = stillborn son.
lot onbekend = fate unknown.
mei = may.
meisje[s] = girl[s].
moeder = mother.
mrt.(maart) = march.
N.N. = unknown person.
na = after.
naar = to.
neef(je) = (male) cousin, nephew.
neefjes = (male) cousins, nephews.
nicht(je) = (female) cousin, niece.
nichtjes = (female) cousins, nieces.
nov.(november) = november.
o.a.(onder andere) = among others.
okt.(oktober) = october.
onbekend = unknown.
ongenaamd kind = unnamed child.
ongeveer = aproximately, about.
ook genaamd = also called/named.
oom[s] = uncle[s].
op = on.
op zee = on the sea/ocean.
otr.(ondertrouw) = note of (intended) marriage.
ouder[s] = parent[s].
overl.(overleden) = deceased, died, departed.
parenteel = family tree.
partner = partner.
persoon = person, individual.
personen = persons, individuals.
Port.Isr.(Portugees Israëlitisch) = Portuguese Israelitish.
prov.(provincie) = province.
rel.(relatie) = relationship (used when marriage facts are not known or certain).
samenw.(samenwonend) = living together.
sch.(scheiden) = divorce, separate.
sept.(september) = september.
stamboom = family tree.
tante[s] = aunt[s].
te = in.
tr.(trouwt) = married to.
transportlijst = transportlist.
tussen = between.
tweede = second.
tweeling = twin.
uit de eerste relatie = from the first relationship.
uit de tweede relatie = from the second relationship.
uit deze relatie = from this relationship.
uit dit huwelijk = from this marriage.
uit het eerste huwelijk = from the first marriage.
uit het tweede huwelijk = from the second marriage.
uit het derde huwelijk = from the third marriage.
uit onbekende relatie = from unknown relationship.
uitgeschreven naar = written out to (in the records).
vader = father.
van = of, from.
verhuist = (re)moves, moves house.
verhuizen = (re)move, move house.
verm.(vermoedelijk) = probable, presumable.
vermist = (gone) missing.
voor = before.
voorlopig = provisional, still in progress.
wettigen = legitimate.
wonen = live, reside.
woont = lives, resides.
zich noemende = calling/naming himself.
zie = see.
zie onder = see under.
zn.(zoon) = son.
zoon uit onbekende rel.(relatie) = son from unknown relationship.
zoons/zonen = sons.
zuster[s] = sister[s].

1ste klas bediende grote vaart = first class servant at the foriegn(going) trade.
1ste klas klerk bij het G.E.B. = first class clerk with the G.E.B. (=a municipal energy/electricity compagny).
1ste klerk Departement FinanciŽn in Oost-IndiŽ = first clerk with the Finance Department in the (former) Dutch East Indies.

aannemer van bouwwerken = contracter (of buildings).
aanspreker = undertaker's man.
aardappelenhandelaar = potato trader.
aardewerkventer = earthenware pedlar.
accountant = accountant.
acrobaat = acrobat.
adj.(adjunct) directeur = adjunct compagny/managing director.
adj. accountant der directe belastingen = adjunct accountant with the direct taxes (office).
adjunct commies op Min. van FinanciŽn = adjunct clerk at the 'Finance Department'.
adjunct controleur agrarische zaken = adjunct controller agrarian affairs.
adjunct inspecteur van den arbeid = adjunct labour inspector.
adjunct-commies bij de posterijen = adjunct clerk at the postal service.
adjunct-secretaris bij de Rijkscommissie Monumentenzorg = adjunct secretary with the 'Rijkscommissie Monumentenzorg' (=a Dutch government/state department for the protection and conservation of monuments).
adm. medewerker = administrative co-worker.
adm. medewerkster = (female) administrative co-worker.
administrateur = administrator.
advertentie ondernemer = advertisements entrepreneur.
advertentie-reiziger = commercial traveller in advertisements.
advocaat = lawyer.
advocaat en procureur = lawyer and attorney.
advocaat in een maatschap = lawyer in a partnership.
aeronautisch ingenieur = aeronautical engineer.
afdelingschef ener bankinstelling = departmental chief of a banking institution.
agent buitenlandse huizen = agent of foreign firms/business houses.
agent eener verzekerings MIJ = agent of a insurance compagny.
agent in suikerwerken = agent in sweets/sweetmeats/confectionery.
agent in tabak = agent in tabbacco.
agent schoenenfabriek = agent of a shoefactory.
agent van handelshuizen = agent of firms/business houses.
agent van politie = policeman.
agenturenzaak = agency firm/compagny.
agurkjesverkooper = (pickled)gherkinseller.
altviolist = viola player, tenor violin player.
ambtenaar bij crisisdiensten = official with crisis/emergency services.
ambtenaar bij de Isr. Gemeente = official with the 'Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Jewish Community').
ambtenaar bij de P.T.T. = official with the 'P.T.T.' (=a postal, telegraph and telephone service compagny).
ambtenaar bij een zuivelcentrale = official at a dairy station.
ambtenaar buitenlandse dienst = (government) official with the 'Department of Foreign Affairs'.
ambtenaar Gemeente Lelystad = (municipal) official with the municipality of Lelystad.
ambtenaar Groente- en Fruitcentrale = official at a vegetable and fruit (central) exchange.
ambtenaar hoofdbestuur PTT = official with the general committee/board of directors of the 'PTT' (=a postal, telegraph and telephone service compagny).
ambtenaar kinderpolitie = police official with the division for child criminality and child abuse.
ambtenaar Min. van Landbouw = (government) official with the 'Department of Agriculture'.
ambtenaar te Ned. IndiŽ = official in te former Dutch East Indies.
antiekhandel = antiquetrade.
antiekhandelaar = antiquemerchant.
antiquair = dealer in antiquities.
antiquaire = (female) dealer in antiquities.
apotheker = chemist, pharmaceutical.
apothekers ass. = chemist's assistant.
apothekers assistente = (female) chemist's assistant.
apothekersassistente = (female) chemist's assistant.
appelen kruijer = apple barrowman.
appelenkruijer = apple barrowman.
appelkruijer = apple barrowman.
appreteur = labourer who gives the finishing touch to manufactured cloth and fabric (like the glossing of cloth).
apprÍtteur = labourer who gives the finishing touch to manufactured cloth and fabric (like the glossing of cloth).
arbeider = labourer.
arbeider huidenfabriek = labourer in a hide/fell factory.
arbeider steenfabriek = labourer in a brick-works.
arbeidster chocoladefabriek = (female) labourer in a chocolate factory.
arbeidster suikerfabriek = (female) labourer in a sugar factory.
architect = architect.
architect en bouwkundig ingenieur = architect and architectural engineer.
artiest = artist.
artist = artist.
artiste = (female) artist.
artiste lyrique = (female) lyrical artist.
arts = physician.
artsassistente = (female) physician's assistant.
aschkarreman = dust-cart carter, dustman.
ass. accountant = assistant accountant.
ass. apotheker = chemist's assistant.
assistent = assistant.
assistent bedrijfsleider bij een drukkerij = assistant working/worksmanager in a printing office.
assistent der posterijen = assistant at the postal service.
assuradeur = insurer.
ateliermedewerkster = seamstress in a workshop/workroom for needlework.
ateliermeisje = seamstress in a workshop/workroom for needlework.
ateliernaaister = seamstress in a workshop/workroom for needlework.
auto slooper = car-breaker.
automonteur = motor mechanic.
autoslooper = car-breaker.
autosloper = car-breaker.
autosloperij = car-breaking yard.

baardscheerder = barber.
bacterioloog = bacteriologist.
badjuffrouw = (female) bath attendant.
baker = (dry)nurse, woman who looks after newborn children.
bakker = baker.
bakkersknecht = baker's man.
bakkersnoodhulp = irregular employed (emergency/when needed) baker's man.
balletdanser = (male) balletdancer.
balletdanseres = (female) balletdancer.
bank geŽmployeerde = clerk/employee in a bank.
bankbediende = clerk/employee in a bank.
bankdirecteur = bank director.
bankemploye = clerk/employee in a bank.
banket- en broodbakker = confectioner and baker.
banketbakker = confectioner.
bankier = banker.
bankiersklerk = banker's clerk.
bankmedewerker = co-worker in a bank.
bankwerker = fitter.
bankwerker bij de Spoorwegen = fitter with the Railway-compagny.
barbier = barber.
bassist = (contra)bassplayer.
beambte = official, functionary.
beambte bij de Ned.Isr.Gem. = official/functionary with the 'Nederlands-Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Dutch Jewish Community').
beambte bij een suikeronderneming = official/functionary at a sugar business/concern.
beambte bij het Hof van Arbitrage = official/functionary at the court of arbitration.
beambte Paleis van Volksvlijt = official/functionary at the 'Paleis van Volksvlijt' (used for industrial exhibitions (1864-1929 Amsterdam)) (see picture).
beddenmaker = maker of beds.
beddenverhuurder = lessor/letter of beds.
bedienaar ter begrafenis = undertaker's man.
bediende = clerk, assistant, (wage earning) employee, waiter, servant.
bediende Amsterdamsche Bank = clerk at the 'Amsterdamsche Bank' (=a bank).
bediende effectenkantoor = clerk at a stockbroker's office.
bediende glazenmakerij = employee in a glazier's workshop.
bediende grote vaart = servant at the foriegn(going) trade.
bediende slagerij = assistant in a butcher's shop.
bedrijfsleider = working/worksmanager.
bedrijfsleider bij een slagersbedrijf = working/worksmanager in a butcher's shop/trade.
bedrijfsleider bij een theater = working/worksmanager in a theatre.
bedrijfsleider galvaniseer inrichting = working/worksmanager in a galvanize business.
bedrijfsleider garenfabriek = working/worksmanager in a thread/yarnfactory.
beroepsverpleger = (male) proffesional nurse.
beeldend en grafisch kunstenares = (female) plastic/pictorial and graphic artist.
beeldend kunstenaar = plastic/pictorial artist.
beeldend kunstenares = (female) plastic/pictorial artist.
beeldhouwer = sculptor.
behanger = paperhanger.
bejaardenverzorgster = (female) attender/carrer of the elderly/aged.
belastingambtenaar = tax official.
beleggingsdeskundige = investment expert.
beroeps verpleger = (male) professional nurse.
beroepsmilitair = professional soldier.
besteller = delivery man.
besteller bij de Ned. Spoorwegen = delivery man with the 'Nederlandse Spoorwegen' (='Dutch Railway-compagny').
bestuurslid Joodse Gemeente Alkmaar = member of the board at the 'Jewish Community of Alkmaar'.
betonwerker = concreter, concrete worker.
beveiligingsbeambte = securety official, safetyguard.
bezorger van tijdschriften = delivery man of magazines.
bibliothecaresse = (female) librarian.
bierbottelaar = beer bottler.
bierhuishouder = beerhouse/pubkeeper.
bierhuishoudster = (female) beerhouse/pubkeeper.
bijoutier = jeweller.
binnenhuisarchitect = interior decorator/designer.
biochemicus = biochemist.
bioloog = biologist.
bioscoop exploitant = picture-theatre operator.
blauwverversknecht = dyer in bleu servant/assistant (dying of clothes/fabric).
blauwverwersknecht = dyer in bleu servant/assistant (dying of clothes/fabric).
blik en koperslager = tinsmith and coppersmith.
bliksemafleiding installateur = lightning-conductor installer.
blikslager = tinsmith.
bloemenhandelaar = florist.
bloemenkoopman = flower merchant.
bloemenventer = flower pedlar/hawker.
bloemenverkoopster = flower saleswoman.
bloemist = florist.
blousemaakster = (female) blousemaker.
blousenaaister = blouse seamstress.
blousenfabrikant = blouse manufacturer.
bode = messenger, beadle, usher, (letter)carrier.
bode gasfabriek = messenger at a gasworks.
boekbinder = bookbinder.
boekbindster = (female) bookbinder.
boekdrukker = bookprinter.
boekhandelaar = bookseller.
boekhouder = bookkeeper.
boekhoudster = (female) bookkeeper.
boekverkooper = bookseller.
boekverkoopster = (female) bookseller.
boekwinkelier = book-shopkeeper.
bokser = boxer.
boksonderwijzer = boxing teacher.
bonthandelaar = furtrader.
bontwerker = furrier.
bontwerker pelterijen = furriery/peltry furrier.
bontwerkster = (female) furrier.
boodschaplooper = errand/messenger boy.
bootwerker = docker, docklabourer.
borduurster = (female) embroiderer.
borduurwerker = embroiderer.
borstelfabrikant = brush manufacturer.
borstelhandelaar = brush trader.
borstelmaker = brushmaker.
borstelmaker op zeepfabriek = brushmaker in a soapfactory.
bosjesmaker = bundle maker.
boterhandelaar = buttertrader.
bouwkundig ingenieur = architectural engineer.
bouwkundige = architectural/building expert, architect.
bouwondernemer = building entrepeneur.
bouwvakker = building/constuction worker.
brandstoffenhandelaar = fuel trader.
brandwacht = firewatch.
brievenbesteller = postman, lettercarrier.
brigadier van politie = police sergeant.
briljantslijper = brilliant shaped diamondcutter.
briljantsnijder = brilliant shaped diamondcutter.
briljantsnijdster = (female) brilliant shaped diamondcutter.
briljantversteller = brilliant shaped diamondcutter.
brood en banketbakker = baker and confectioner.
broodbakker = baker.
broodbakkerknecht = baker's man.
broodbezorger = deliveryman of bread.
brooddepothouder = keeper of a shop where they sell bread for a baker, bakery or bread factory.
broodverkooper = bread vendor.
broodverkoopster = (female) bread vendor.
broodverkoper = bread vendor.
buffetbediende = barman, bartender.
buffetchef = buffet manager.
buffetchef Rott. Lloyd = buffet manager with the 'Rotterdamse Lloyd' (=a shipping compagny).
buffetjuffrouw = barmaid.
buffetpachter = buffet lessee.
bureaubediende = officeclerk.
bureauchef = head-clerk.
bureauchef technische dienst PTT telecommunicatie = head-clerk at the technical service department of the telecomunication branch of the P.T.T. (=a postal, telegraph and telephone service compagny).
bureaulist = (admission)money-taker.
bureaulist van het 'Kon. Ned. Tooneel' = (admission)money-taker/clerk at the 'Koninklijk Nederlands Tooneel' ('Royal Dutch Stage (compagny)').
bureel ambtenaar = bureau/office official.
bureelchef Tuschinski = bureau/office chief at 'Tuschinski' (=is a renowned picturetheatre/cinema in Amsterdam) (see picture).
butler op een landgoed = butler on a estate.

cabaret zangeres = (female) cabaret singer.
cachetsnijder = seal/signet carver/cutter.
cafťhouder = café keeper/proprietor.
cafťhoudster = (female) café keeper/proprietor.
caissiŤre = woman cashier, cash girl.
cantinehouder = canteen keeper.
cantor = singer, precentor, chanter (chazan).
cartonbewerkster = (female) maker of cardboard articles.
carton(n)agewerker = labourer who binds books in boards.
carton(n)agewerkster = (female) labourer who binds books in boards.
cartonnagefabrikant = cardboard manufacturer.
cartonwerker = maker of cardboard articles.
cartonwerkster = (female) maker of cardboard articles.
cellist = cellist, cello player.
celliste = (female) cellist, cello player.
chauffeur = chauffeur.
chauffeur instructeur = driving instructor.
chef commies = (departmental) head clerk.
chef inkooper bij een electrische gloeilampenfabriek = chief/head purchaser at a electric lightbulb factory.
chef kok = chief cook, chef.
chef sigarenfabriek = chief/head in a cigarfactory.
chef supermarkt = chief/head in a supermarket.
chemicus = chemist.
chemiker = chemist.
chemisch wasscher = dry cleaner.
chorist = chorus-singer.
circusdirecteur = circus director.
civiel ingenieur = civil engineer.
coiffeur = hairdresser.
coiffeuse = (female) hairdresser.
collectant = collector.
collecteur Staatsloterij = 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery) lottery-ticket/lottery-office keeper.
colporteur = canvasser, hawker.
colporteur in boeken = books canvasser/hawker.
colporteur drukwerken = printed matter/works canvasser/hawker.
colportrice = (female) canvasser, hawker.
commies = (departmental) clerk.
commies redacteur = editorial clerk.
commies op Min. van FinanciŽn = clerk at the 'Finance Department'.
commissaris van Politie 2de Klasse in Ned. IndiŽ = second class superintendent of police in the (former) Dutch East Indies.
commissionair = commissionagent.
commissionair in antiquiteiten = commissionagent in antiquities.
commissionair in assurantiŽn- en wissels = commissionagent in insurance, assurance and bills of exchange.
commissionair in diamant = commissionagent in diamonds.
commissionair in effecten = stockbroker.
commissionair in glaswaren = commissionagent in glassworks.
componist = composer.
componiste = (female) composer.
computer systeem analist = computer system analyst.
concertpianist = concert pianist.
concertzanger = concert singer.
concierge = caretaker, doorkeeper, janitor.
conciŽrge = caretaker, doorkeeper, janitor.
concierge Concertgebouw = caretaker/janitor at a concert hall.
conducteur bij de Haagse Tramweg Maatschappij. = conductor with the 'Haagse Tramweg Maatschappij' (=tram/streetcar compagny of the city 's-Gravenhage).
conducteur gemeente tram = conductor municipal tram.
conducteur HTM = conductor with the 'Haags(ch)e Tram Maatschappij' (=tram/streetcar compagny of the city 's-Gravenhage).
conducteur H.T.M. = conductor with the 'Haags(ch)e Tram Maatschappij' (=tram/streetcar compagny of the city 's-Gravenhage).
confectie naaister = ready-made clothes seamstress.
confectiefabrikant = manufacturer of ready-made clothes.
confectienaaister = ready-made clothes seamstress.
confectiewerker = ready-made clothes maker.
confection(n)eur = manufacturer of ready-made clothes.
confecturiste = (female) manufacturer of ready-made clothes.
conservenfabrikant = conserves manufacturer.
contrabassist = doublebass player.
controleur bij het Binnenlandsch bestuur in Ned. IndiŽ = controller/inspector (assistent collector) of the civil service in the former Dutch East Indies.
controleur van het ziekenfonds de Volharding = controller/inspector of the sickfund 'de Volharding'.
controleuse bij de Bijenkorf = (female) controller/inspector at the 'Bijenkorf' (=a department store).
corrector = corrector, (proof-)reader.
correctrice = correctrix, (female) (proof-)reader.
correspondent = correspondent.
correspondente = (female) correspondent.
corsettennaaister = corset seamstress.
costumier = wardrobemaster.
costumiŤre = (female) wardrobemaster.
costuumiŤre = (female) wardrobemaster.
costuumnaaister = costume/suit seamstress.
coupeur = cutter(of fabric for clothing).
coupeuse = (female) cutter(of fabric for clothing).
courantier = journalist.
courantombrenger = newspaper delivery man.

dagdienstbode = (domestic) servant on day-duty/sevice.
dagloner = day-labourer.
damesconfectie-fabrikant = manufacturer of ready-made clothes for ladies.
dames kleermaker = ladies' tailor.
dames- en herenkapper = ladies' and gentlemen's hairdresser.
dameskapper = ladies' hairdresser.
dameskleedermaakster = (female) ladies' tailor.
dameskleermaakster = (female) ladies' tailor.
danser = dancer.
danseres = (female) dancer.
dansleraar = dancing-master/teacher.
dansmeester = dancing-master.
dansonderwijzer = dancing-teacher.
dansonderwijzeres = (female) dancing-teacher.
dassenmaakster = (female) (neck-)tie/scarf maker.
declamator = elocutionist, reciter.
debitant- en gedelegeerde in de Staatsloterij = retail dealer and delegate for the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery).
debitant bij de Loterij = retail dealer for the lottery.
debitant in de Kon. Ned. Staatsloterij = retail dealer for the 'Koninklijke Nederlandse Staatsloterij' (=royal Dutch state lottery).
debitant in de Staatsloterij = retail dealer for the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery).
debitant staatsloterij = retail dealer for the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery).
decoratie schilder = ornamental painter.
decoratieschilder = ornamental painter.
decorbouwer = stage builder.
dekenstikster = (female) blanket stitcher.
departementschrijver = department clerk.
departementschrijver bij de Marine = department clerk with the Navy.
depothouder = (sole) agent, branch manager.
deurwaarder bij de Arr. rechtbank te Gorinchem = process-server at the 'Arrondissements Rechtbank te Gorinchem' (=district-court in Gorinchem).
diamantair = diamond merchant/trader.
diamantbewerker = diamondcutter.
diamantbewerkster = (female) diamondcutter.
diamanthandelaar = diamond trader.
diamantkloover = diamondcleaver.
diamantklover = diamondcleaver.
diamantkoopman = diamond merchant.
diamantslijper = diamondcutter.
diamantslijpster = (female) diamondcutter.
diamantsnijder = diamondcutter.
diamantsnijdster = (female) diamondcutter.
diamantversteller = diamondcutter.
diamantwerker = diamondcutter.
diamantwerkster = (female) diamondcutter.
diamantzager = diamondsawyer.
dienaar van politie = policeman.
dienstbaar = (domestic) servant.
dienstbode = (domestic) servant.
dienstmaagd = handmaid, servant-girl.
dienstmeid = maid-servant.
dienstmeisje = servant-girl.
diplomaat = diplomat.
dir. juwelierszaak = managing director of a jeweler's shop.
directeur = (compagny/managing) director, manager.
directeur banketbakker- en ijscocompagnie = managing director of a confectioner's and icecreamcompagny.
directeur bioscoop = manager of a picturetheatre/cinema.
directeur bouwbedrijf = compagny/managing director of a buildingtrade.
directeur cartonnagefabriek Verveer = compagny/managing director of the cardboard factory 'Verveer'.
directeur confectiefabriek = compagny/managing director of a ready-made clothes factory.
directeur der NV Nederlandsche Metaalhandel = compagny/managing director of the limited liability compagny 'NV Nederlandsche Metaalhandel' (=a metal trading compagny).
directeur drukkerij = managing director of a printing-office.
directeur eener Handelsvereeniging = managing director of a trading compagny.
directeur eener muziekschool = managing director of a school of music.
directeur eener N.V. in meubelen = managing director of a limited liability furnish compagny.
directeur eener NV linnenfabriek = managing director of a limited liability linen-factory.
directeur eener sigarettenfabriek = managing director of a cigarette factory.
directeur eener Vennootschap = managing director of a compagny/partnership.
directeur eener weeshuis = superintendent/principal of a orphanage.
directeur eigenaar schoonmaakbedrijf = compagny director and owner of a cleaning compagny.
directeur ener bioscooptheater = manager of a picturetheatre/cinema.
directeur ener chemische wasserij = managing director of a dry cleaners business/works.
directeur ener N.V. = managing director of a limited liability compagny.
directeur houthandel = managing director of a wood/timbertrade.
directeur importhuis = managing director of a import trade firm.
directeur Isr. Begraaf Genootschap = managing director of the 'Israëlitisch Begraaf Genootschap' (=a Israelitish burial corporation/association).
directeur loodswezen KM = managing director/superintendent pilotage of the 'Koninklijke Marine' (=the Dutch Royal Navy).
directeur NV. goud- en zilverzaak = managing director of a limited liability gold and silver business.
directeur Paardenspel = circus director.
directeur Palace Hotel, Bellevue en Star bioscopen = compagny/managing director of the 'Palace Hotel', 'Bellevue' and 'Star' picturetheaters.
directeur 's-Gravenhaagsche Meubelfabriek = compagny/managing director of the `'s-Gravenhaagsche Meubelfabriek` (=a furniture factory).
directeur schoonmaakbedrijf "De Hofstad" = compagny/managing director of cleaning compagny "De Hofstad".
directeur van de SociŽteit Minerva te Leiden = managing director of the 'SociŽteit Minerva te Leiden' (=a university student club in Leiden).
directeur van een bioscooptheater te Dordrecht = manager of a picturetheatre/cinema in the city of Dordrecht.
directeur van het Isr. ziekenhuis = managing director of the 'Israëlitisch ziekenhuis' (=a Israelitish hospital).
directiesecretaresse = (female) managment secretary.
directrice Apotheek Dr. J. Blomberg = (female) managing director of chemist's shop 'Dr. J. Blomberg'.
directrice juwelierszaak = (female) managing director of a jeweller's business.
directrice manufacturenzaak = (female) managing director of a drapery business.
directrice Tehuis ter Bescherming van Joodse Meisjes te Santpoort = (female) superintendent/principal of the ''Tehuis ter Bescherming van Joodse Meisjes' te Santpoort' (=a 'home/institution for the protection of Jewish girls' in Santpoort).
direkteur opera = opera manager.
dirigent van het orkest van den Frascatischouwburg = conductor of the 'Frascatischouwburg' (=a theatre) orchestra.
dirigent = conductor.
dirigente = (female) conductor.
distillateur = distiller.
djembe speler = djembe player.
docent = teacher.
docent chemie = chemistry teacher.
docent laskunde = welding teacher.
docente = (female) teacher.
docente Spaans = (female) Spanish teacher.
dokters assistente = (female) doctors assistent.
doktersassistente = (female) doctors assistent.
doodgraver = gravedigger.
drager van den Gouden Leeuw van Nassau = bearer of the 'Gouden Leeuw van Nassau' (=a Dutch Royal decoration).
drogist = druggist, drysalter.
drukker = printer.

effectenhandelaar = stock and share dealer, stockjobber.
eig.(eigenaar) = owner.
eigenaar = owner.
eigenaar eener drukkerij = printing-office owner.
eigenaar herenmodezaak = (gentle)men's fashion shop owner.
eigenaar kunsthandel = fine-art repository owner.
eigenaar meubelzaak = furniture-shop owner.
eigenaar van een fietsenwinkel = bicycle shop owner.
eigenaar van het draaiorgel de Arabier = owner of the barrelorgan 'de Arabier'.
eigenaar winkel in tassen en lederwaren = (hand-)bags and leather goods shop owner.
eigenaresse modezaak = (female) owner fashion business.
electramonteur = electrician.
electricien = electrician.
electriciŽn = electrician.
electrotechnicus = electrical engineer.
electrotechnisch ingenieur = electrical engineer.
emballeur = packer.
employť = employee.
employť eener stoomvaart Mij. = employee with a steamship/steam navigation compagny.
employe Handelsmij. Borsumij = employee at Handelsmij. 'Borsumij' (=a tradingcompagny).
employť suikerfabriek = sugarfactory employee.
engroshandelaar in aardewerk = wholesale dealer of earthenware.
etaleur = window-dresser.
etaleur bij Gerzon = window-dresser at 'Gerzon' (=a department store).
etaleur Bijenkorf = window-dresser at the 'Bijenkorf' (=a department store).
etaleur in manufacturen = drappery/soft goods window-dresser.
etaleur manufacturen = drappery/soft goods window-dresser.
etikettenmaakster = (female) label-maker.
expediteur = forwardingagent, shippingagent.
expeditiechauffeur = dispatch/forwarding driver.
expeditieknecht = dispatch/forwarding employee/assistant.
exporteur = exporter.
exporteur in naaimachines = exporter of sewingmachines.
exporthandelaar = export trader.
exportslachter = export butcher.

fabrieksarbeider = factoryworker.
fabrieksarbeidster = (female) factoryworker.
fabrieksbaas = foreman.
fabrieksjongen = factory boy.
fabrieksmeisje = factory girl.
fabrieksopzichter = factory inspector.
fabrikant = manufacturer.
fabrikant bedrijfskleeding = work-clothing manufacturer.
fabrikant cartonnage artikelen = cardboard articles manufacturer.
fabrikant heeren- en kinderkleding = (gentle)men's and children's clothing manufacturer.
fabrikant heerenconfectie = (gentle)men's ready-made clothes manufacturer.
fabrikant in diamant = diamond manufacturer.
fabrikant regenjassen = raincoat manufacturer.
fabrikant van gouden en zilveren werken = gold and silver articles manufacturer.
fabrikant van heerenkleeding = (gentle)men's clothing manufacturer.
fabrikant van lederwaren = leather articles/goods manufacturer.
fabrikant van lingerieŽn = lingerie manufacturer.
fabrikant van metallieken borstels = metal(lic) brushes manufacturer.
fagottist = bassoon player.
fietsenmaker = bicycle repairman.
fietsjongen = bicycle errand/deliveryboy.
fietsmonteur = bicycle mounter/fitter.
fijn instrumentmaker = delicate/precise instrument maker.
filiaalbediende lompenhandel = ragtrade depot/branchoffice employee.
filiaalhouder = branchofficekeeper.
filiaalhouder ener goederenhandel n.v. = goodstrade branchofficekeeper limited liability company.
filiaalhouder N.V. Goederenhandel J.S. Hornman & Zn = goodstrade branchofficekeeper limited liability company 'J.S. Hornman & Zn'.
filiaalhouder 's-Gravenhaagsche Vleesch Mij = branchofficekeeper of the 's-Gravenhaagsche Vleesch Mij' (flesh/meat (butcher's) compagny).
filiaalhouder sigarenwinkel = branchofficekeeper of a cigarshop.
filiaalhoudster = (female) branchofficekeeper.
filiaalhoudster banketbakkerij = (female) branchofficekeeper of a confectioner's shop.
filmoperator = cameraman, projectionist.
firmant dekenfabriek = firm member of a blanket factory.
fondsbode = messenger of a sickfund.
fotograaf = photographer.
fotografe = (female) photographer.
fourier bij de infanterie = qaurtermaster-sergeant with the infantry.
fractie- medewerker = staff member of a political party.
fruithandelaar = fruiterer, fruittrader.
fruithandelaarster = (female) fruiterer, fruittrader.
fruitkoopman = fruit merchant.
fruitkoper = fruitbuyer.
fruitkweeker = fruitgrower.
fruitteler = fruitgrower.
fruitventer = fruitpedlar/hawker.
fruitverkoopster = fruitsaleswoman, (female) fruitseller.
funktie bij de marine = function/position in the navy.
fysiotherapeut = physiotherapist.

gasfitter = gasfitter.
gedelegeerde der 2de klasse der Staatsloterij = second class delegate of the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery).
gedelegeerde en collecteur bij de Staatsloterij = delegate of the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery) and state lottery-ticket/lottery-office keeper.
gedelegeerde in de Staatsloterij = delegate of the 'Staatsloterij' (=state lottery).
gedelegeerde in de Loterij 2de Classe = second class delegate of the lottery.
gedelegeerde in de loterij = delegate of the lottery.
gediplomeerd boekdrukker = certified bookprinter.
geŽmployeerde in de Vleeschhal = employee at the meatmarket.
gelddrager = money bearer/carrier.
gemeente ambtenaar = municipal official.
gemeenteambtenaar = municipal official.
gemeentebode = municipal beadle/messenger.
gemeentelijk opzichter = municipal superintendent.
gemeentelijk opzichter slachthuis = municipal superintendent in a slaughter-house.
geneesheer = doctor, physician.
geoloog = geologist.
gepasporteerd sergeant Marine = Navy sergeant honourably dismissed after fulfilled service.
gepasporteerd soldaat = soldier honourably dismissed after fulfilled service.
gepensioneerd agent van politie = retired policeman.
gepensioneerd militair = retired soldier.
gepensioneerd O.Indisch ambtenaar = retired official of the Dutch East Indies government.
gereedschapslijper = tool grinder/sharpener.
gevangenbewaarder = warder, jailer.
gevangenisbewaarder = warder, jailer.
gezagvoerder K.P.M. = captain with the 'Koninklijke Pakket Maatschappij' (=a Dutch shipping compagny that sailed/navigated between the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies).
gezagvoerder Kon. Pakket Mij. = captain with the 'Koninklijke Pakket Maatschappij' (=a Dutch shipping compagny that sailed/navigated between the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies).
gids = guide.
gids bij Des Indes = guide at 'Des Indes' (=a hotel).
Gids Hotel des Indes = guide at 'Hotel des Indes'.
gids en reisleider = guide and tour manager.
gids Hotel des Indes = guide at 'Hotel des Indes'.
glas in lood zetter = stained glass fitter.
glashandelaar = glass trader.
glazenmaker = glazier.
glazenwasser = window cleaner.
godsdienstleraar = religious teacher.
godsdienstonderwijzer = religious teacher.
goederenbesteller = deliverer of goods.
goochelaar = juggler, conjurer, illusionist.
goud- en zilverkasthouder = gold and silver (show-window) shopkeeper, jeweller.
goud- en zilverzaak = gold and silver shop.
goudbewerkster = (female) worker crafting gold.
goudenkettingmaakster = (female) goldchain maker.
goudsmid = goldsmith.
gouvernante = governess.
graancontroleur = corn controller/checker.
graficus = graphic artist.
grafisch kunstenares = (female) graphic artist.
grafisch ontwerper = graphic designer.
gravenmaker = gravedigger.
graveur = engraver.
griffier = clerk (of the court), recorder.
groenteboer = greengrocer.
groentehandelaar = vegetabletrader.
groenteman = greengrocer.
groentenhandelaarster = (female) vegetabletrader.
groentenventer = vegetablepedlar.
groentenventster = (female) vegetablepedlar.
groentenverkoper = vegetable seller/vendor.
groenteventer = vegetablepedlar.
groenteverkooper = vegetable seller/vendor.
groenteverkoopster = vegetable saleswoman.
grondwerker = navvy.
groote-tromslager = big drum drummer.
groothandelaar = wholesale dealer.
groothandelaar in visch en koloniale waren = wholesale dealer of fish and colonial produce.
grossier = wholesale dealer.
grossier in aardewerk = wholesale dealer of earthenware.
grossier in garen en band = wholesale dealer of haberdashery.
grossier in heerenmode-artikelen = wholesale dealer of (gentle)men's fancy/fashionable articles.
grossier in foto-artikelen = wholesale dealer of photo(graphical) articles.
grossier in fruit = wholesale dealer of fruit.
grossier in kleedingsstoffen = wholesale dealer of fabric for clothing.
grossier in koloniale waren = wholesale dealer of colonial produce.
grossier in manufacturen = wholesale dealer of drapery/soft goods.
grossier in parfumerie = wholesale dealer of perfume.
grossier in pelterijen = furriery/peltry wholesale dealer.
grossier in radio artikelen = wholesale dealer of radio articles.
grossier in speelgoed = wholesale dealer of toys.
grossier in tapijten = wholesale dealer of carpets.
grossier in tricotage = wholesale dealer of woollen fabric.
grossier in vee = wholesale dealer of cattle.
grossier in vlees = wholesale dealer of flesh/meat.
grossier in vleesch = wholesale dealer of flesh/meat.
grossier in vleeschwaren = wholesale dealer of meats.
gummyjassenmaker = rubbercoat maker.
gymnast = gymnast.
gynaecoloog = genaecologist.

haarkapper = hairdresser.
haarwerker = hair-work maker.
haarwerkster = (female) hair-work maker.
handel in behangselpapier = trade in wall paper.
handelaar = trader, merchant, dealer.
handelaar in afval van diamant = diamond waste/refuse trader.
handelaar in antiquiteiten = antiquities trader.
handelaar in borstelwerk = brush trader.
handelaar in diamant = diamond trader.
handelaar in fruit = fruiterer, fruit trader.
handelaar in galanterieŽn = fancy-goods trader.
handelaar in heerenkleeding = (gentle)men's clothing trader.
handelaar in hoofddeksels = head-gear/headpiece trader.
handelaar in huizen = trader of houses/homes.
handelaar in Indische produkten = trader of produce from the Indies.
handelaar in kleeding = clothing trader.
handelaar in kolonialen waren en rijstkoopman = colonial produce trader and rice merchant.
handelaar in koperwerk = brasswork/ware trader.
handelaar in ledikanten = bedstead trader.
handelaar in leerwaren = leather goods trader.
handelaar in lompen, meubelen = rag and furniture trader.
handelaar in lompen en oude metalen = rag and scrapmetal trader.
handelaar in machinerieŽn = machinery trader.
handelaar in manufacturen = drapery/soft goods trader.
handelaar in meubelen = furniture trader.
handelaar in mode-artikelen = fancy/fashionable articles trader.
handelaar in naaimachines = sewingmachines trader.
handelaar in pakkisten = packingcase trader.
handelaar in pantoffels = slipper/house shoe trader.
handelaar in parfum = perfume trader.
handelaar in pelterijen = furriery/peltry trader.
handelaar in perzen = Persian carpet trader.
handelaar in Perzische tapijten = Persian carpet trader.
handelaar in regenschermen = umbrella trader.
handelaar in rijwielen = bicycle dealer.
handelaar in schoenen = shoes trader.
handelaar in sponsen en zeemleer = sponge and chamois leather trader.
handelaar in tabak = tabacco trader.
handelaar in vischnetten = fishing-net trader.
handelaar in vodden = rag trader.
handelaar in wollen goederen = woollen goods trader.
handelaar in zijden stoffen = silk fabric trader.
handelaarster = (female) trader.
handelaarster in manufacturen = (female) drapery/soft goods trader.
handelaarster in regenschermen = (female) umbrella trader.
handelsagent = commercial agent.
handelsagent metaalwaren = commercial agent of metal wares.
handelsbediende = assitant/employee of a merchant.
handelscorrespondent = (commercial) correspondence clerk.
handelsreiziger = commercial traveller.
handelsreiziger in chocolade = commercial traveller of chocolate.
handelsreiziger in comestibles = commercial traveller of table delicacies.
handelsreiziger in confectie = commercial traveller of ready-made clothes.
handelsreiziger in heerenstoffen = commercial traveller of (gentle)men's fabric.
handelsreiziger in manufacturen = commercial traveller of drapery/soft goods.
handelsreiziger in parfumeriŽn = commercial traveller of perfume.
handelsreiziger in speelgoed = commercial traveller of toys.
handelsreiziger in stoffen = commercial traveller of fabric.
handelsreiziger in winkelinrichtingen = commercial traveller of furniture and appliances for shops.
handelsvertegenwoordiger = trade reprisentative.
haringventer = herring pedlar/hawker.
harpiste = (female) harpist/harpplayer.
havenarbeider = docklabourer, docker.
heerenconfectienaaister = ready-made clothes for gentlemen seamstress.
heilgymnast = remedial gymnastic exercise teacher/instructor.
herenkapper = gentlemen's hairdresser.
hersteller van gummiwielbanden = repairer of rubber tyres.
hoboist = hautboy player.
hoedenmaakster = (female) bonnetmaker, milliner.
hoedenmaker = bonnetmaker, milliner.
hoedenschoonmaker = cleaner of hats.
hoefsmid = shoeing-smith, farrier.
hofmeester = (chief) steward, purser.
hoofd brandwacht = chief/head firewatch.
hoofd wasch- en strijkinrichting = chief/head of a laundry and ironing-works.
hoofdagent van politie = head policeconstable.
hoofdambtenaar van het Ned. Isr. begrafeniscollege = head official of the 'Nederlands-Israëlitisch begrafeniscollege' (='Dutch Israelitish burialboard/burialmanagement').
hoofdcommies douane = chief/head clerk at the Customs.
hoofdcommies Gemeente Secretarie = chief/head clerk with the town clerk's office.
hoofdcommies Posterijen = chief/head clerk at the postal service.
hoofdconducteur = head conductor/guard.
hoofdmachinist = chief (steam-)enginedriver/engineer.
hoofdonderwijzer = headteacher.
hoofdonderwijzeres = (female) headteacher.
hoofdopziener boswezen = head inspector/overseer with the forest service.
hoofdopziener gevangeniswezen = head inspector/overseer with the prison system.
hoofdredacteur radiogids = chief editor of a radio program guide.
hoofdverpleegster = head-nurse.
hoogleraar = (University) professor.
hoornist = horn player.
horlogemaker = watchmaker.
hospitaalgeŽmployeerde = hospital employee.
hotelbediende = hotel-servant.
hoteldirecteur = hotel-director.
hotelhouder = hotel-keeper.
hotel- en restauranthoudster = (female) hotel and restaurant keeper.
hotelier = hotel-keeper.
houder kleederstomerij = dry cleaner'skeeper.
houder eener bank van leening = pawnbroker's shopkeeper.
houder eener koffietent = coffee stall keeper.
houder eener leesbibliotheek = lending-library keeper.
houder van de Bank der Leening = pawnbroker's shopkeeper.
houder van een rechtskundig bureau = keeper of a legal/juridical bureau.
houder van een slooperij = keeper of a (ship-)breaking yard.
houder van wisselkantoor = exchangeofficekeeper.
houdster eener strijkinrichting = (female) ironing-works keeper.
houdster ener slagerij = (female) butcher's shopkeeper.
houdster ener vleeschhouwerij = (female) butcher's shopkeeper.
houtbewerker = wood worker.
houtdraaijer = turner in wood.
houthandelaar = timbermerchant.
hovenier = gardener.
huidenkoper = fellmonger.
huidenzouter = salter of skins.
huisarts = family doctor.
huisbewaarder = caretaker.
huishoudster = housekeeper.
huisknecht = domestic servant.
huisnaaister = seamstress who does her work at home.
huisschilder = housepainter.
huiswinkel in kruidenierswaren = groceryshop at home.
huizensloper = house-breaker.
hulp in de huishouding = housekeeping aid.
hulpcommies = assistant clerk.
hulpportier = assistant doorman/doorkeeper/gatekeeper.
humorist = humorist.
hypotheekdeskundige = mortgage expert.

ijsventer = ice(-cream) pedlar/hawker.
ijzerhandelaar = ironmonger.
ijzerwerker = ironworker.
import kosmetisch art. = importing cosmetic articles.
import kosmetische artikelen = importing cosmetic articles.
importeur = importer.
importeur Japanse goederen = importer of Japanese goods.
importeur lederwaren = importer of leather articles/goods.
importeur Oosterse tapijten = importer of Oriental carpets.
importeur rubber = importer of rubber.
importeur- en exporteur = importer and exporter.
importeur-exporteur = importer and exporter.
impressario = impressario.
incasseerder bij de Isr. Gemeente = casher/collector with the 'Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Jewish Community').
incasseerder op een effectenkantoor = casher/collector at a stockbroker's office.
ing. electronica = electrical engineer.
ing. landmeetkunde = geodesical engineer.
ingenieur = engineer.
ingenieur aeronautica = aeronautical engineer.
ingenieur electro = electrical engineer.
ingenieur in mijnbouw = mining engineer.
inkoper Gem. ziekenhuis = purchaser of a municipal hospital.
inlands kraamster = (female) pedlar of homemade/grown products.
inlands kramer = pedlar of homemade/grown products.
inlandsche kraamster = (female) pedlar of homemade/grown products.
inlandsche kramer = pedlar of homemade/grown products.
inpakster = (female) packer.
inpakster chocoladefabriek = (female) packer in a chocolate factory.
inspecteur = inspector.
inspecteur der directe belastingen = inspector/surveyor of direct taxes.
inspecteur eener Gist en Spiritusfabriek = inspector of a yeast and spirits factory.
inspecteur eener Levensverz. Mij. = inspector of a lifeinsurance compagny.
instructeur chauffeursschool = driving-school instructor.
instrumentmaker = instrument maker.
Isr.(Israëlitisch) leeraar = Israelitish teacher.
Irs.(Israëlitisch) slachter = Israelitish butcher.
IT deskundige = IT expert.

japonnennaaister = dress/gown seamstress.
japonstrijkster = (female) dress/gown ironer.
Joods koopman = Jewish merchant.
Joodsch koopman = Jewish merchant.
Joodsche Slager = Jewish butcher.
Joodsche Sneider = Jewish tailor.
joodse slager = Jewish butcher.
journalist = journalist.
journaliste = (female) journalist.
jurist = jurist, barrister, lawyer.
juriste = (female) jurist, barrister, lawyer.
juwelier = jeweller.

kaasfabrikant = cheese manufactorer.
kaashandelaar = cheesemonger.
kachelhandelaar = stove trader.
kamerverhuurder = lodginghouse-keeper.
kamerverhuurster = (female) lodginghouse-keeper.
kantinehouder = canteen keeper.
kantoorbediende = office-clerk.
kantoorbediende autoslooper = office-clerk at a car-breaker.
kantoorbediende bij Bankierskantoor van Lissa en Kann = office-clerk with 'Bankierskantoor van Lissa en Kann' (=a bank).
kantoorbediende bij een bank = office-clerk in a bank.
kantoorbediende bij een grossier in tapijten = office-clerk with a wholesale dealer of carpets.
kantoorbediende confectiefabriek = office-clerk in a ready-made clothes factory.
kantoorbediende diamantzagerij = office-clerk in a diamond sawing factory.
kantoorbediende effecten = office-clerk in a stockbroker's office.
kantoorbediende Gerzon = office-clerk at 'Gerzon' (=a department store).
kantoorbediende handelskantoor = office-clerk in a business house.
kantoorbediende Ilfra textielgroothandel = office-clerk with the textile wholesale trading compagny 'Ilfra'.
kantoorbediende manufacturenhandel = office-clerk in a drappery/soft goods business.
kantoorbediende rijwielhandel = office-clerk at a bicycle business.
kantoorbediende vakvereniging = office-clerk in a trade union.
kantoorlooper = officemessenger.
kantventer = lace pedlar/hawker.
kapelmeester = bandmaster.
kapitein = captain.
kapitein aan de staf van Patton = captain on the staff of Patton.
kapitein der Infanterie bij het Ned. Indische leger = captain of the infantery in the 'Nederlands Indische Leger' ('Dutch East Indies Army').
kapitein grote vaart = foriegn(going) trade captain.
kapitein Kon. Luchtmacht = captain in the 'Koninklijke Luchtmacht' (=the Dutch Royal Airforce).
kapitein-luitenant ter zee = high ranking officer in the navy.
kapokfabrikant = capok manufacturer.
kapper = hairdresser.
kappersaffaire doende = hairdresser.
kappersknecht = hairdresser's servant/assistant.
kapster = (female) hairdresser.
karrijder = cartdriver.
kartonbewerker = maker of cardboard articles.
kartonnagewerker = labourer who binds books in boards.
kassier Ned. Bank = cashier with the 'Nederlandse Bank' (=a bank).
kastelein = innkeeper.
kastelijnesse = (female) innkeeper.
kastenmaker = cabinet-maker.
katoenkooper = cotton merchant.
katoenventer = cotton pedlar.
kellner = waiter.
kelner = waiter.
kerkbediende = (assistant) 'church'warden.
kerkmeester = member of the 'church' government.
kermisreiziger = somebody who travels the fair's to work or with an attraction, showpeople.
kermisreizigster = (female) somebody who travels the fair's to work or with an attraction, showpeople.
ketelmaker = boilermaker.
kinderjuffrouw = nursery governess.
kindermeisje = nursegirl.
kinderverzorgster = fosterer.
kistenmaker = box-maker, coffin-maker.
kledermaker = tailor.
kledermakersknegt = tailor's servant/assistant.
kledingexporteur = clothing exporter.
kledinghandelaar = clothing trader.
kleederbleeker = clothes bleacher/whitener.
kleedermaker = tailor.
kleedermakersknegt = tailor's servant/assistant.
kleerenkoopman = old clothesman, clothes merchant.
kleerenperser = clothes ironer.
kleerkoper = old clothesman, clothes merchant.
kleermaakster = (female) tailor.
kleermaker = tailor.
kleermaker confectie = ready-made clothes tailor.
kleermakersknecht = tailor's servant/assistant.
kleinhandelaar = retailer.
klerk bij de P.T.T. = clerk with the 'P.T.T.' (=a postal, telegraph and telephone service compagny).
klerk bij de Telegrafie = telegraphy clerk.
klerk bij justitie = clerk with the judicature.
kleuterleidster = toddler/nursery(school) teacher/fosterer.
klokmaker = clock maker, bell maker.
knecht = employee, assistant, servant man.
knecht aan de bank van leening = assistant/employee at a pawnbroker's shop.
knecht bij een groentehandelaar = assistant/employee with a vegetabletrader.
knecht bij een karrenverhuur Mij = assistant/employee at a cart rental compagny.
knecht pletterij = assistant/employee in a flatting/rolling mill.
knoopsgatenmaakster = (female) buttonhole maker.
koekbakker = confectioner.
koetsier = coachman.
koffermaker = chest/trunk maker.
koffie- en bierhuishouder = café proprietor and beerhouse/pubkeeper.
koffiehuisbediende = café waiter.
koffiehuisbediende/houder = café waiter and proprietor.
koffiehuishouder = café proprietor.
koffiehuishoudster = (female) café proprietor.
koffiejuffrouw = lady who serves coffee in big office's, canteens, etc..
kok = cook.
kok bij een hotel = cook in a hotel.
koksmaat = cook's mate.
kolendrager = coal-heaver.
kolenhandelaar = coal-merchant.
kolenwerker = coal worker.
komiek = comedian.
kommies bij 's Rijksbelastingen = clerk with the `'s Rijksbelastingen` (=state tax collectors office).
kookster = (female) cook.
koopman = merchant, dealer, salesman.
koopman en fabrikant in diamant = manufacterer and merchant of diamonds.
koopman en grossier in galanterieŽn = fancy-goods merchant and wholesale dealer.
koopman en tapper = merchant and alehouse/tavernkeeper.
koopman damesconfectie = ready-made clothes for ladies merchant.
koopman galanterieŽn = fancy-goods merchant.
koopman in 2de hands goederen = secondhand goods merchant.
koopman in aardewerk = earthenware merchant.
koopman in allerlei = merchant selling all sorts/kinds of different things (miscellenea).
koopman in bedden = bed merchant.
koopman in behangselpapier = wall paper merchant.
koopman in bloemen = flower merchant.
koopman in borstels = brush merchant.
koopman in borstelwerken = brush merchant.
koopman in brillen = spectacles merchant.
koopman in dameskleeding = ladies' clothing merchant.
koopman in darmen = intestine merchant.
koopman in diamant = diamond merchant.
koopman in diversen = miscellaneous articles merchant.
koopman in eieren = egg merchant.
koopman in electrische artikelen = electric articles merchant.
koopman in emaillewaren = enamel goods merchant.
koopman in flesschen = bottle merchant.
koopman in flessen = bottle merchant.
koopman in fruit = fruit merchant.
koopman in galanterieŽn = fancy-goods merchant.
koopman in garen en band = haberdashery merchant.
koopman in garen en sigaren = thread/yarn and cigar merchant.
koopman in gasornamenten = decorated gaslamp and gaselier merchant.
koopman in gedragen kleederen = secondhand clothing merchant.
koopman in gemaakte kleederen = ready-to-wear clothes merchant.
koopman in glas en aardewerk = glass and earthenware merchant.
koopman in goud en zilver = gold and silver merchant.
koopman in goud- en zilverwerk = gold and silverware merchant.
koopman in granen = cereals merchant.
koopman in groente = vegetable merchant.
koopman in groenten = vegetable merchant.
koopman in groenten en fruit = vegetable and fruit merchant.
koopman in groenten, zuurwaren = vegetable and pickled goods merchant.
koopman in gummywaren = rubber goods/articles merchant.
koopman in guttapercha = gutta-percha merchant.
koopman in haring = herring merchant.
koopman in heerenconfectie = ready-made clothes for (gentle)men merchant.
koopman in heerenkleeding = (gentle)men's clothing merchant.
koopman in heerenkleeding- en ververschingen = (gentle)men's clothing and refreshment's merchant.
koopman in heerenmode artikelen = (gentle)men's fancy/fashionable articles merchant.
koopman in huishoudelijke artikelen = household articles/domestic utensils merchant.
koopman in Japansche goederen = Japanese goods merchant.
koopman in japonstoffen = dress/gown-fabrics merchant.
koopman in jute stoffen = jute fabric merchant.
koopman in ijzer = iron merchant.
koopman in ijzerwaren = ironmonger, hardware merchant.
koopman in ijzerwaren, lompen, meubelen = ironmonger, rag/tatter and furnish merchant.
koopman in ijzerwaren, meubelen = ironmonger and furnish merchant.
koopman in kant = lace merchant.
koopman in kantoorbehoefte = stationery/office-equipment merchant.
koopman in kantoorbehoeften = stationery/office-equipment merchant.
koopman in kleding = clothes merchant, old clothesman.
koopman in kleederen = clothes merchant, old clothesman.
koopman in kleeren = clothes merchant, old clothesman.
koopman in kleÍren = clothes merchant, old clothesman.
koopman in koper- en ijzerwaren = brasswork/ware and ironmongery merchant.
koopman in koperwerk = brasswork/ware merchant.
koopman in kousen = stocking merchant.
koopman in kramerijen = mercery/small wares merchant.
koopman in lakens = cloth merchant.
koopman in lakenstoffen = cloth fabric merchant.
koopman in lampen = lamp merchant.
koopman in ledikanten = bedstead merchant.
koopman in levensmiddelen = provisions/victuals/foodstuffs merchant.
koopman in lijm = glue merchant.
koopman in lingerie = lingerie merchant.
koopman in linnens = linen goods merchant.
koopman in lompen = rag/tatter merchant.
koopman in lompen en ijzer = rag/tatter and iron merchant.
koopman in lompen en oude metalen = rag/tatter and scrapmetal merchant.
koopman in machinerieŽn = machinery merchant.
koopman in manufacturen = drapery/soft goods merchant.
koopman in manufacturen- en meubelen = drapery/soft goods and furnish merchant.
koopman in manufacturen en mode-artikelen = drapery/soft goods and fancy/fasionable articles merchant.
koopman in manufacturen en ongeregelde goederen = drapery/soft goods and (irregular goods) merchant who sells then this and then that, among others buys up remainders.
koopman in matten = mat merchant.
koopman in metalen = metal merchant.
koopman in metalen, meubelen en lompen = metal, furnish and rag/tatter merchant.
koopman in meubelen = furnish merchant.
koopman in mode artikelen = fancy/fashionable articles, fancy-goods merchant.
koopman in naaimachines = sewingmachines merchant.
koopman in naaistersfournituren = seamstress materials/necessaries merchant.
koopman in ongeregelde goed = (irregular goods) merchant who sells then this and then that, among others buys up remainders.
koopman in ongeregelde goederen = (irregular goods) merchant who sells then this and then that, among others buys up remainders.
koopman in ongeregelde goederen, goud en zilver = gold and silver mechant and (irregular goods) merchant who sells then this and then that, among others buys up remainders.
koopman in oud ijzer en lompen = scrapiron and rag/tatter merchant.
koopman in oud roest = scrapiron merchant.
koopman in oude boeken = secondhand books merchant.
koopman in oude metalen = scrapmetal merchant.
koopman in oudekleeren = secondhand clothing merchant.
koopman in oudheden = antiquary.
koopman in oudheden, lompen, meubelen = antiquities, rag/tatter and furniture merchant.
koopman in oudheden, meubelen = antiquities and furniture merchant.
koopman in oudroest = scrapiron merchant.
koopman in papierwaren = paper goods/articles merchant.
koopman in parapluies = umbrella merchant.
koopman in Perzische tapijten = Persian carpet merchant.
koopman in prentbriefkaarten = picture postcard merchant.
koopman in radio artikelen = radio articles merchant.
koopman in reclame-artikelen = advertisment articles merchant.
koopman in regenschermen = umbrella merchant.
koopman in reukwerken = perfume merchant.
koopman in scheepsbenodigdheden = ship's provisions merchant.
koopman in sigarenmakers benodigdheden = cigarmaker materials/necessaries merchant.
koopman in Spaansch fruit = Spanish (exotic) fruit merchant.
koopman in spiegels = mirror merchant.
koopman in sponsen = sponge merchant.
koopman in sponsen en borstelwerk = sponge and brush merchant.
koopman in sportartikelen = sportarticle merchant.
koopman in staalwaren = steel goods merchant.
koopman in stoffen = fabric merchant.
koopman in tabak = tabacco merchant.
koopman in tafelzeilen = canvascloth/oilcloth tablecovers merchant.
koopman in tagrijn = merchant of among others scrapiron, tools, old ropes and rigging, etc..
koopman in tapijten = carpet merchant.
koopman in textiel = textile merchant.
koopman in textiel en mode artikelen = textile and fancy/fashionable articles merchant.
koopman in toilet-artikelen = toilet requisits/articles merchant.
koopman in tweedehands goederen = secondhand goods merchant.
koopman in vee = cattle merchant.
koopman in vee en vlees = cattle and flesh/meat merchant.
koopman in verlichtingsartikelen = lighting/illumination articles merchant.
koopman in verlichtingsartikelen en gasornamenten = lighting/illumination articles, decorated gaslamp and gaselier merchant.
koopman in vet = fat/grease merchant.
koopman in vetten = fat/grease merchant.
koopman in vis = fish merchant.
koopman in visch = fish merchant.
koopman in visch en groenten = fish and vegetable merchant.
koopman in vleeschwaren = meats merchant.
koopman in vodden = rag merchant.
koopman in vruchten = fruit merchant.
koopman in wollen artikelen = woollen articles merchant.
koopman in wollen stof en tapijten = woollen fabric and carpet merchant.
koopman in zeemans- en bedrijfskleeding = seamans-clothing and work-clothing merchant.
koopman in zijdenstoffen = silk fabric merchant.
koopman in zuurwaren = pickled goods merchant.
koopman onroerend goed = real estate dealer/merchant.
koopman perzische tapijten = Persian carpet merchant.
koopman textielgoed = textile goods merchant.
koopman vodden en metalen = rag and metal merchant.
koopvrouw = (female) merchant, tradeswoman.
koopvrouw in hoeden = (female) hat merchant.
koopvrouw in fruit = (female) fruit merchant.
koopvrouw in groenten = (female) vegetable merchant.
koopvrouw in kleederen = (female) old clothesman, clothes merchant.
koopvrouw in manufacturen = (female) drapery/soft goods merchant.
koopvrouw in schrijfbehoeften = (female) writingmaterials merchant.
koor- en toneelzanger = choralist and stage choralist.
koorddanser = rope-dancer/walker.
koordirigent = conducter of a choir.
koorndrager = porter of sacks with corn who loads and unloads ships.
koortooneelzanger = theatre choralist.
koorzangeres = (female) choralist.
koperbankwerker = copper-fitter.
kopergieter = brass-founder.
koperslager = copper-smith.
kopersorteerder = copper/brass sorter.
koralenslijper = coral/coralinne cutter.
korist = chorus-singer.
koriste = (female) chorus-singer.
korporaal = corporal.
korporaal- en sergeant bij de Infanterie = corporal and sergeant in the infantry.
korporaal vuurstoker bij de Marine = corporal stoker/fireman in the navy.
korporaal ziekenverpleger Oost-Indisch leger = male nurse/hospital ordely with the rank of corporal in the 'Oost-Indisch leger' (=Dutch East Indies Army).
koster = verger, 'church'warden.
kostuumnaaister = costume/suit seamstress.
kraambewaarster = woman attending a stand/stall/booth.
kraamster = (female) pedlar, hawker.
kraamster met oude goederen = (female) secondhand goods pedlar.
kraamverpleegster = maternity nurse.
kramenverhuurder = stand/stall/booth letter.
kramenzetter = workman erecting and taking down stands/stalls/booths.
kramer = pedlar, hawker.
kramer in galanterie goederen = fancy-goods pedlar.
kramer in manufacturen = drapery/soft goods pedlar.
krammer = worker who repairs cracked/broken earthenware and porcelain with thin metal wire.
kramster = (female) worker who repairs cracked/broken earthenware and porcelain with thin metal wire.
krankzinnigenverpleegster = (female) nurse of the mentally ill/insane.
kranten en tijdschriften groothandel = newspaper and magazine wholesale trade.
krojer = barrowman.
kruidenier = grocer.
kruideniersbediende = grocer's man.
kruidenierster = (female) grocer.
kruier = barrowman.
kruijer = barrowman.
kruijer der Ned. Isr. Gemeente = barrowman at the 'Nederlands-Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Dutch Jewish Community').
kruijersknegt = barrowman's assistant.
kunstdraaijer = (ivory)turner.
kunstemaker = acrobat, juggler.
kunstenaar = artist.
kunstenmaker = acrobat, juggler.
kunstgebitmaker = denture maker.
kunsthandelaar = art dealer.
kunstrijder = equestrian, circus-rider/performer.
kunstrijdster = (female) equestrian, circus-rider/performer.
kunstschilder = painter, artist.
kunstschilderes = (female) painter, artist.
kunsttandenmaker = artificial tooth maker.
kurkensnijder = cork cutter.
kwitantielooper = clerk/assistant/employee who gives/delivers receipts.

laarzenmaker = bootmaker.
lakmaker = lac(quer) maker, sealing-wax maker.
lampenkappenmaakster = (female) lamp-shademaker.
lampennist = lamp-man.
lamsslager = lamb butcher.
lakenkoopman = cloth merchant.
landarbeider = agricultural labouror.
landbouw consulent = consulting agriculturist.
landbouwarbeider = agricultural labouror.
landbouwer = farmer, agriculterist.
landbouwkundig ingenieur = agricultural engineer.
lantaarnaansteker = (street)lamplighter.
lastechnisch ingenieur = 'welding technical engineer'.
lederbewerker = labouror working (up) leather, tanner.
lederbewerkster = (female) labouror working (up) leather, tanner.
lederkoopster = (female) leather merchant.
leeraar conservatorium = conservatory teacher.
leerling = student, apprentice.
leerling bakker = baker apprentice.
leerling banketbakker = confectioner apprentice.
leerling boekbindster = (female) bookbinder apprentice.
leerling boekdrukker = bookprinter apprentice.
leerling bontwerker = furrier apprentice.
leerling diamantbewerker = diamondcutter apprentice.
leerling diamantslijper = diamondcutter apprentice.
leerling diamantsnijdster = (female) diamondcutter apprentice.
leerling kleermaakster = (female) tailor apprentice.
leerling kleermaker = tailor apprentice.
leerling letterzetter = compositer/typesetter apprentice.
leerling lingerienaaister = lingerie seamstress apprentice.
leerling machinist = enigineer/engine-driver apprentice.
leerling naaister = seamstress apprentice.
leerling opticien = optician apprentice.
leerling slager = butcher apprentice.
leerling stoffeerder = upholsterer apprentice.
leerling verkoopster = saleswoman apprentice.
leerling verpleegster = nurse apprentice.
leerlingkapper = hairdresser apprentice.
leerlooijer = tanner.
leermeester scheepsbouw RDM = ship-building teacher/master at the 'Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij' (=a dry-dock compagny).
leidekker = slater.
leider ener rusthuis = director of a rest home.
leraar = teacher.
leraar boekhouden = bookkeeping teacher.
leraar engels, natuurkunde = english and physics/(natural)science teacher.
leraar gymnasium = grammerschool teacher.
leraar gymnastiek = gymnastic teacher.
leraar handelswetenschappen = commercial practice teacher.
leraar M.O. = secondery school teacher.
leraar oude talen gymnasium = Greek and Latin teacher at a grammer-school.
leraar staathuishoudkunde = political economy teacher.
leraar wiskunde = mathematics teacher.
lerares = (female) teacher.
lerares in talen = (female) language teacher.
lerares piano en solozang = (female) piano and solosinging teacher.
lerares Engels M.O. = (female) secondery school English teacher.
lerares tekenen = (female) drawing teacher.
lerares wiskunde, informatica = (female) mathematics and information theory teacher.
letterzetter = compositer, typesetter.
leurder = hawker.
leurster = (female) hawker.
licht en geluid technicus = lighting and sound/audio engineer/technician.
lid Ged.(eputeerde) Staten van N(oord)-Holland = member of the government of the province Noord-Holland.
lid van het verzet = member of the resistance.
liedjeszanger = ballad singer.
liedjeszangeres = (female) ballad singer.
liedjeszangster = (female) ballad singer.
liftboy = boy or man who attends an elevator, lift attendant.
lijkbezorger = undertaker.
lijstenfabrikant = frame manufacturer.
lijstenmaker = framemaker.
likeurstoker = liqueur-distiller.
lingerienaaister = lingerie seamstress.
linieerder = worker in a printing office who prints rules/lines.
liniŽerder = worker in a printing office who prints rules/lines.
lithograaf = lithographer.
logementbediende = inn/hotel waiter.
logementhouder = inn/hotelkeeper.
logementhoudster = (female) inn/hotelkeeper.
lombardhouder = pawnshopkeeper.
lompenbewerker = rag/tatter worker.
lompenhandelaar = rag/tatter trader.
lompenkoopman = rag/tatter merchant.
lompensorteerder = rag/tatter sorter.
longarts = lungspecialist.
loodgieter = plumber.
loonslachter = wageearning butcher.
looper diamantfabriek = errand/messenger boy in a diamondfactory.
loopjongen = errand/messenger boy.
loopknecht = errand/messenger boy.
loopmeisje = errand girl.
los havenarbeider = casual docklabourer, odd hand working in ports/harbours.
losarbeider = casual labourer, odd hand.
losarbeider bij de spoorwegen = casual labourer/odd hand with the railway-compagny.
loswerkman = casual labourer, odd hand.
loterijhandelaar = lottery-ticket trader.
Luitenant-Kolonel der Grenadiers b.d. = retired lieutenant-colonel of the 'Grenadiers'.
Luitenant ter zee = 'lieutenant at sea', navy lieutenant.
lunchroomhouder = café/tearoomkeeper.

maatschappelijkwerkster = (female) social service/welfare worker.
machine-bankwerker = mechchanical fitter.
machinebankwerker = mechchanical fitter.
machinebreidster = (female) machine/mechchanical knitter.
machinestikster = (female) machine/mechchanical stitcher.
machinist = (steam-)enginedriver, engineneer.
machinist bij het Gemeentelijk Gasbedrijf = (steam-)enginedriver/engineer with the 'Gemeentelijk Gasbedrijf' (=a municipal gas compagny).
machinist gasfabriek = engineneer with a gas-works.
machinist grote vaart = engineneer with the foriegn(going) trade.
machinist op een vrachtboot = engineneer on a cargoboat/freighter.
magazijn bediende = warehouseman.
magazijn bediende Bijenkorf = warehouseman with the 'Bijenkorf' (=a department store).
magazijnbediende = warehouseman.
magazijnbediende BATA = warehouseman with 'BATA'(=a manufacturer and retailer of footwear).
magazijnbediende boekhandel = warehouseman in a bookseller's shop.
magazijnchef = warehousechief.
magazijnchef confectiefabriek = warehousechief in a ready-made clothes factory.
magazijnchef rijwielhandel = warehousechief in a bicycletrade.
magazijnknecht = warehouseman.
magazijnmeester = warehousekeeper.
makelaar = broker, (house) agent.
makelaar in diamant = diamond broker.
makelaar in effecten = stockbroker.
makelaar in meubilair = furniture agent/broker.
makelaar in onroerend goed = real estate agent.
makelaar in onroerende goederen = real estate agent.
makelaar in vaste goederen = real estate agent.
manager IT = IT manager.
manager telecommunicatie = telecommunication manager.
mandenmaker = basketmaker.
mangelmeisje = mangling(-room/machine) work-girl.
mangelster = (female) mangling(-room/machine) worker.
manicure = manicure.
mannequin = (dress) model.
mantelnaaister = cloack/mantle seamstress.
mantelstikster = (female) cloack/mantle stitcher.
manufacturier = (linen)draper.
manufacturierster = (female) (linen)draper.
margarinefabrikant = margarine manufacturer.
marijktmeester = market superintendent also in charge of collecting market-dues and assigning stands.
marinier = marine.
marinier 1ste klasse = first class marine.
marktkoopman = market merchant.
marktkoopman in luxe artikelen = market merchant in articles of luxury/fancy-goods.
marktkoopvrouw = (female) market merchant.
marktkraamster = (female) market merchant.
marktkramer = market merchant.
marktmeester = market superintendent also in charge of collecting market-dues and assigning stands.
marskramer = pedlar, hawker.
marskraamster = (female) pedlar, hawker.
marslooper = pedlar, hawker.
masseuse = masseuse.
matsesbakker = matse baker.
mechanicien = mechanic.
mede-directeur Plantage Schouwburg = co-managing director of the 'Plantage Schouwburg' (=a theatre).
medewerker bij Philips = co-worker at 'Philips' (=a electronics compagny).
medewerker cartonnagefabriek Verveer = co-worker in cardboard factory 'Verveer'.
medewerker oud papierhandel en diamanthandel = co-worker in waste paper trade and diamond trade.
medewerker Vara = co-worker at the 'Vara' (=a radio broadcasting station and later also a tv broadcasting station).
medewerkster = (female) co-worker.
medewerkster schoonmaakbedrijf = (female) co-worker in a cleaning compagny.
medisch analiste = (female) medical analyst.
medisch biochemicus = medical biochemist.
medisch bioloog = medical biologist.
medisch onderzoekster = (female) medical researcher.
meester meubelmaker = master cabinetmaker.
meester meubelmaker bij Pander = master cabinetmaker at 'Pander'.
meester vleeschhouwer = masterbutcher.
meesterkleermaker = mastertailor.
meesterknecht bij de G.E.W. = foreman at the 'Gemeentelijke Elektriciteits Werken' (=municipal electricity works)
meesterknecht op een pettenfabriek = foreman at a cap factory.
melkbezorger = milkroundsman.
melkhandelaar = milktrader.
melkslijter = milk retail dealer.
melkverkoper = milk seller/vendor.
metaalbewerker = metalworker.
metaaldraaier = turner in metal.
metaalgieter = founder.
metaalhandelaar = metal trader.
metaalsorteerder = metal sorter.
metselaar = bricklayer.
meubelfabrikant = furniture manufacturer.
meubelhandelaar = furniture trader.
meubelmaker = furniture maker.
meubelmakersknecht = cabinetmaker's assistant.
milicien = conscript, recruit (in the army).
militair = soldier.
modelmaker = model/pattern/cutmaker.
modemaakster = milliner.
modeverkoopster = fashion saleswoman.
modewerkster = milliner.
modinette = seamstress in a fashion-house.
modiste = milliner, modiste.
modiste dameshoeden = ladies' bonnet/hat milliner.
moeder Ned. Port. Irs. (Nederlands Portugees IsraŽlitisch) weeshuis = Dutch Portuguese Israelitish orphanage matron.
monteur = mounter, fitter.
monteur G.E.B. = mounter/fitter with the 'G.E.B.' (=a municipal energy/electricity compagny).
monteur kantoorapparatuur = mounter/fitter of stationery/office-equipment.
mosterdhandelaar = mustard trader.
motorrijtuigbestuurder = motorvehicle driver.
motorrijwielhandelaar = motorcycledealer.
munitie-arbeider = (am)munition maker.
munitiemaker = (am)munition maker.
musicienne = (female) musician.
musicus = musician.
musicus bij het City theater = musician at the 'City theater'.
musikant = musician.
mutsenmaaktster = (female) cap/bonnetmaker.
mutsenmaker = cap/bonnetmaker.
muziek- en pianoleraar = music and piano teacher.
muziek- pedagoge = (female) music pedagoque.
muziekant = musician.
muziekdirecteur = conductor, choir-master.
muziekleraar = music teacher.
muziekmeester = music master.
muziekonderwijzer = music teacher.
muzijkant = musician.
muzijkante = (female) musician.
muzikant = musician.
muzikant titulair K.M.K. = musician titular with the 'Koninklijke Militaire Kapel' (=a royal military band).
muzikant-titulair bij het 5de Regiment Infanterie = musician titular with the Fifth Infantry Regiment.

naaimachine reperateur = sewingmachine repairer.
naaister = seamstress.
nachtwaker = night watchman.
neerlandica = (female) student or doctor of the Dutch language and literature.
negociant = merchant, trader.
negociante = (female) merchant, trader.
negotiant = merchant, trader.
negotiante = (female) merchant, trader.
negotie = trade.
notarieel medewerkster = (female) notarial co-worker.
notaris = notary.

ober = headwaiter.
officier = officer.
officier infanterie coloniale = colonial infantry officer.
officier van gezondheid = army surgeon.
olie venter = oil pedlar/hawker.
oliefabrikant = oilmanufacterer.
olieman = oiler, greaser.
onderdirecteur = sub/assistant-manager, vice-principal.
ondermeester = teacher.
ondernemer = entrepreneur.
onderwijs assistente = (female) teaching assistant.
onderwijzer = teacher.
onderwijzer der Israë:lieten = teacher of the Israelites.
onderwijzer in de Hebreeuwse taal = Hebrew language teacher.
onderwijzer O.L.O. = public primary schoolteacher.
onderwijzeres = (female) teacher.
onderwijzeres in handwerken = (female) needleworkteacher.
onderwijzeres voorbereidend Lager Onderwijs = (female) preparatory schoolteacher.
ontwerper = designer.
ontwerper centraleverwarmings inrichtingen = central heating-apparatus designer.
Oost-Indisch Postambtenaar = certified post-office official employed by the Dutch East Indies government.
operateur bij de Cineac = operater/projectionist at the 'Cineac' (=a picturetheatre/cinema).
operazanger = operasinger.
operazangeres = (female) operasinger.
oppasser = batman, orderly.
oppasser bij de Isr. Kerk = batman/orderly at the 'Israëlitische Kerk' ('synagogue').
oppasser Port. kerk = batman/orderly at the 'Portugese kerk' ('Portuguese synagogue').
opperman = hodman.
opperman Gem. Werf = hodman at the 'Gemeente Werf' (=Municipal Yard).
opperrabbijn = chief rabbi(n).
opperwachtmeester = non-commissioned officer (in rank equal to a sergeant-major) of horse.
oprichter en alg. directeur van de firma I. Arbeid Uurwerken BV = founder and general managing director of the 'I. Arbeid Uurwerken BV' firm (=a clock(work)/timepiece manufacturing private compnagny).
opzichter = overseer, superintendent.
opzichter aan de fabriek van de Heeren Enthoven & Compagnie = overseer in the factory 'de Heeren Enthoven & Compagnie'.
opzichter broodbakkerij = overseer in a bakery.
opzichter in eene boterfabriek = overseer in a butterfactory.
opzichter Isr. (Israëlitisch) ziekenhuis te 's-Gravenhage = overseer in the Israelitish hospital in the city of The Hague.
opzichter Isr. (Israëlitisch) Hal = overseer in the Israelitish covered market.
opzichter gevangenis = overseer in a prison.
opzigter = overseer, superintendent.
organist = organist, organ-player.
orgeldraaier = (barrel)organ-grinder.
orkestmeester = conductor.
ossenslager = ox butcher.
oude kleerkoper = old-clothesman.
oud kleerenkooper = old-clothesman.
oudheidkundige = antiquarian, archæologist.
ouvreuse = usherette, (female) boxopener/keeper/attendant.
ouvreuse bioscoop = usherette of a picture-theatre, (female) boxopener/keeper/attendant of a picture-theatre.

P.T.T. ambtenaar = official with the 'P.T.T.' (=a postal, telegraph and telephone service compagny).
paardenhandelaar = horse dealer.
paardrijder = horseman, equestrian.
pachter van de Bank van Lening = farmer/tenant of a pawnbroker's shop.
pachtster van buffet = (female) farmer/tenant of a buffet.
pakhuisknecht = warehouseman.
pakjesdrager = luggage/parcel carrier.
pakkistenmaker = packingcase maker.
pakster = (female) packer.
pandhuishouder = pawnshopkeeper.
pandhuishoudster = (female) pawnshopkeeper.
pantoffelmaakster = (female) slipper/house shoe maker.
papierhandelaar = paper-seller/trader.
parapluiemaakster = (female) umbrellamaker.
parapluiemaker = umbrellamaker.
parapluimaker = umbrellamaker.
parfummaker = perfumemaker.
parketteur = layer of parquetteflooring.
parketvloerenlegger = layer of parquetteflooring.
particulier verpleegster = private nurse.
particuliere = (female) small tradesmen.
passementwerker = lacemaker.
pedagoog = pedagoque.
pedicure = chiropodist.
pelshandelaar = furrier.
pensionhouder = boardinghousekeeper.
pensionhoudster = (female) boardinghousekeeper.
perser = presser.
petjesmaker = capmaker.
petroleum venter = petroleum/oilpedlar.
pettenfabrikant = cap manufacturer.
pettenmaakster = (female) capmaker.
pettenmaker = capmaker.
pettenmakersknecht = capmaker's assistant.
pettensnijder = capcutter.
pharm. chem. fabrikant = pharmaceutical chemicals manufacturer.
photograaf = photographer.
pianist = pianist/pianoplayer.
pianist in een nachtclub = pianist/pianoplayer in a nightclub.
pianiste = (female) pianist/pianoplayer.
pianohandelaar = piano trader/dealer.
pianoleerares = (female) pianoteacher.
pianolerares = (female) pianoteacher.
pijpenfabrikant = pipe manufacturer.
pikeur = riding/ring master.
plantage opzichter = plantation overseer.
planter = planter.
plastisch chirurg = plastic surgeon.
plisseur = worker who pleats fabrics.
ploegbaas = foreman.
ploegleidster sigarettenfabriek = (female) foreman at a cigarette factory.
poelier = poulterer.
poeliersbediende = poulterer's servant/assistant.
poeliersknecht = poulterer's servant/assistant.
poelierster = (female) poulterer.
politicus = politician.
politie beambte = policeman.
politie-opziener in Ned.IndiŽ = police inspector in the former Dutch East Indies.
politoerder = French-polisher.
porceleinkrammer = worker who repairs cracked/broken porcelain with thin metal wire.
porcelijn hersteller = porcelain restorer/repairer.
porcelijnkrammer = worker who repairs cracked/broken porcelain with thin metal wire.
portier = doorman, doorkeeper, gatekeeper.
portier bij de Rotterdamse Bank = doorman/doorkeeper with the 'Rotterdamse Bank' (=a bank).
postbeambte = post-office servant, postal worker.
postzegelhandelaar = postage stamp trader.
privť leraar = private teacher.
procuratiehouder = confidential clerk, proxy.
procureur = attorney, solicitor.
professor universiteit = university professor.
programmeur = programmer.
provinciaal ambtenaar = provincial official/civilservant.
psychiater = psychiatrist.
psychoanalist = psychoanalyst.
psychoanaliste = (female) psychoanalyst.
psychologe = (female) psychologist.
psychotherapeut = psychotherapist.

rabbijn = rabbi.
rabbijn en leraar te Antwerpen = rabbi and teacher in Antwerpen.
rabbinaal opzichter = rabbinical overseer/superintendent.
rabbinaal toezichthouder in een bakkerij = rabbinical supervisor in a bakery.
radiomonteur = radio mechanic.
radiotechnicus = radio technician.
railveger H.T.M. = rail sweeper with the 'Haags(ch)e Tram Maatschappij' (=tram/streetcar compagny of the city 's-Gravenhage).
ramenmaker = window maker.
rechercheur van politie = police detective.
reclame colporteur = advertisment canvasser.
reclame expert = advertisment expert.
reclame ontwerper = advertisment designer.
reclamechef = advertising chief.
reclameschilder = advertisiment painter.
redacteur = editor.
reepschieter haringvloot = worker/work-boy who properly stores the hauled in rope of the fishing-nets working in the herring fishing fleet.
reisbegeleider = tour manager.
reisbureau employe = travel-bureau employee.
reisleider = tour manager.
regenjassenplakker = raincoatrepairer.
regenjassenplakster = (female) raincoatrepairer.
regenschermmaker = umbrellamaker.
reizend koopman = travelling merchant.
reiziger = commercial traveller.
reiziger in behangselpapier = commercial traveller in wallpaper.
reiziger in biscuit = commercial traveller in biscuit.
reiziger in chocolade = commercial traveller in chocolate.
reiziger in chocolade en suikerwerken = commercial traveller in chocolate and sweets/sweetmeats/confectionery.
reiziger in dakbedekking = commercial traveller in roofing.
reiziger in electrische artikelen = commercial traveller in electric articles.
reiziger in galanterieŽn = commercial traveller in fancy-goods.
reiziger in glaswaren = commercial traveller in glasswork.
reiziger in gloeilampen = commercial traveller in glowlamps/lightbulbs.
reiziger in huishoudelijke artikelen = commercial traveller in household articles/domestic utensils.
reiziger in koloniale waren = commercial traveller in colonial produce.
reiziger in koloniale-waren = commercial traveller in colonial produce.
reiziger in kousen en sokken = commercial traveller in stockings and socks.
reiziger in pantoffels = commercial traveller in slippers/house shoes.
reiziger in petten = commercial traveller in caps.
reiziger in rijwielen = commercial traveller in bicycles.
reiziger in rijwielonderdelen = commercial traveller in bicycle parts.
reiziger in sigaren = commercial traveller in cigars.
reiziger in sigaretten = commercial traveller in cigarettes.
reiziger in stoffen = commercial traveller in fabric.
reiziger in tabakswaren = commercial traveller in tabbaco goods.
reiziger in toiletartikelen = commercial traveller in toilet requisits/articles.
reiziger in tricotage = commercial traveller in woollen fabric.
reiziger parfumerieŽn = commercial traveller in perfume.
reklametekenaar = advertisement designer.
remmer bij de Ned. Spoorwegen = brakes man with the 'Nederlandse Spoorwegen' (='Dutch Railway-compagny').
reserve 2de luitenant 4de Regiment = reserve sub-lieutenant of the Fourth Regiment.
restauranthouder = restaurant keeper.
rietwerker = reed/thatchworker.
requisiteur = (stage-)properties manager.
Ridder der Leopoldsorde = 'Ridder der Leopoldsorde' (=a Royal decoration).
Ridder in de Orde van de Eikekroon = 'Ridder in de Orde van de Eikekroon' (=a Royal decoration).
rietwerker = reed/thatchworker.
rijksambtenaar = government official, civil servant.
rijksambtenaar bij de Marine = government official with the Navy.
rijksklerk = clerk employed by the government.
rijkspolitie = state police.
rijkstelegrafist = telegrapher employed by the government.
rijkstelegrafiste = (female) telegrapher employed by the government.
rijwielenkoopman = bicycle merchant.
rijwielhandelaar = bicycle dealer.
rijwielhersteller = bicycle repairer.
ritueel controleur = ritual (kosher) controller.
ritueel opzichter bij de Ned. Isr. gemeente = ritual (kosher) overseer/superintendent with the 'Nederlands-Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Dutch Jewish Community').
ritueel slachter = ritual (kosher) butcher.
roosjesslijper = rossette shaped diamondcutter.
roosjessnijder = rossette shaped diamondcutter.
roosjessnijdster = (female) rossette shaped diamondcutter.
roosjesversteller = rossette shaped diamondcutter.
rubberwerker = rubberworker.
rundslager = bovine cattle butcher.

saxofonist = saxophone player.
scheepmaker = shipbuilder.
scheepsexpert = ship expert.
scheepsschilder = shippainter.
scheikundig ingenieur = chemical engineer.
scheikundige = chemist.
scheikundige BPM = chemist at the "Bataafse Petroleum Maatschappij".
schijvenschuurder = worker who scours away scratches on the disks used for cutting diamonds.
schilder = painter.
schildersknecht = painter's servant/assistant.
schipper = bargee, bargeman.
schippersknecht = bargeman's mate.
schoen- en laarzenmaker = shoe and bootmaker.
schoenenkoopman = shoe merchant.
schoenenwinkelier = shoeshopkeeper.
schoenmaker = shoemaker.
schoenpoetser = boot/shoeblack, shoeshiner.
schoenstikker = shoe stitcher.
schoolhoudster = (female) school manager/keeper.
schoolmeester = schoolmaster.
schoonheidspecialiste = (female) beauty specialist, beautician.
schoonmaakster = charwoman.
schoorsteenveger = chimney-sweeper.
schrijfster = (female) writer, clerk.
schrijnwerker = joiner/cabinet maker.
schrijver = writer, clerk.
schrijver belastingen = clerk at a tax collectors office.
schrijver bij de belastingen = clerk at a tax collectors office.
schrijver bij de gasfabrieken = clerk at the gasworks.
schrijver bij de Gemeente Telefoon = clerk at the Municipal Telephone Service.
schrijver Gem. Gasfabriek = clerk at Municipal Gasworks.
schuitenvoerder = bargeman, bargee.
secr. Opperrabbinaat Ned. = secretary of the 'Opperrabbinaat Nederland'.
secretaresse = (female) secretary.
secretaresse Opperrabbinaat Ned. = (female) secretary of the 'Opperrabbinaat Nederland'.
secretaris = secretary.
secretaris der Ned. Isr. Gemeente = secretary of the 'Nederlands-Israëlitische Gemeente' ('Dutch Jewish Community').
secretaris van het Joods Nationaal Fonds = secretary of the 'Joods Nationaal Fonds'.
sergeant = sergeant.
sergeant bottelier bij de Marine = steward in charge of provisions management and distribution with the rank of sergeant in the Navy.
sergeant hofmeester = steward/purser with the rank of sergeant.
sergeant in het K.N.I.L = sergeant in the 'Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger' ('Royal Dutch East Indies Army').
sergeant majoor ziekenopzichter bij het Ned. Oost Indisch Leger = hospital orderly with the rank of sergeant-major in the 'Nederlands Oost Indisch Leger' ('Dutch East Indies Army').
sergeant ziekenverpleger bij de Marine = hospital orderly with the rank of sergeant in the Navy.
sergeant-hofmeester = steward/purser with the rank of sergeant.
sergeant-majoor = sergeant-major.
serveerster = waitress.
sierkunstenaar = decorative artist.
sigarenfabrikant = cigarmanufacturer.
sigarenhandelaar = tabacconist, dealer in cigars.
sigarenkistenbeplakker = cigarboxlabeler.
sigarenkistjesmaker = cigarboxmaker.
sigarenkooper = cigar merchant.
sigarenkoper = cigar merchant.
sigarenmaker = cigarmaker.
sigarenmaakster = (female) cigarmaker.
sigarensorteerder = cigarsorter.
sigarenwinkelier = cigar shopkeeper.
sigarenwinkelierster = (female) cigar shopkeeper.
sigaretten verpakster = (female) cigarette packer.
sigarettenmaaktster = (female) cigarettemaker.
sigarettenpakster = (female) cigarette packer.
signettenmaaktster = (female) signet maker.
sigarettenverpakster = (female) cigarette packer.
sjammes = carer/verger/warden of a synagogue.
sjouchet = kosher butcher.
sjouget = kosher butcher.
sjouwer = porter.
sjouwerman = porter.
slachter = butcher.
slachtersknecht = butcher's man.
slager = butcher.
slagerijbediende = butcher's shop-assistant.
slagersknecht = butcher's man.
slagersknegt = butcher's man.
slagter = butcher.
slagtersknecht = butcher's man.
slagwerk = percusion.
slagwerker = percusionist.
slijper = grinder.
slooper = ship-breaker, house-breaker.
slotenmaker = locksmith.
smid = smith.
smidsleerling = smith apprentice.
socioloog = sociologist.
soldaat = soldier.
soldaat bij het 2de Grensbataljon = soldier with the '2de Grensbataljon' ('Second Border Battalion').
sorteerder = sorter.
spelknecht = show booth servant/assistant.
spiegel en lijstenmaker = mirror and framemaker.
spiegelmaker = mirror maker.
spiegelmaker- en lijstenmaker = mirror and framemaker.
splitter bij de Ned. Loterij = delegate with the 'Nederlandse Loterij'.
sponsenbewerkster = (female) worker working up sponges.
spoorbeambte = railway official/employee.
spoorwegambtenaar = railway official/employee.
spoorwegarbeider = railway worker.
spoorwegbeambte = railway official/employee.
staatsloterijverkoper = state lottery vendor.
stadswaagmeester = town weighing-house master.
stafmuzikant = bandsman.
stafmuzikant bij het regiment Grenadiers en Jagers = bandsman with the 'Grenadiers en Jagers' regiment.
stalenplakster = (female) sample/patern-card paster.
stalhouder = (livery-)stable keeper.
stalknecht = stableman, groom.
stationchef = stationmaster.
steendrukker = lithographer.
steenfabrikant = brick manufacturer (owner of brick factory).
steenhouwer = stone-cutter, stone-mason.
steenkolenwerker = coalworker.
steenvoeger = pointer, jointer.
steigerbouwer = scaffoldbuilder.
stempelmaker = stampmaker, hallmarkmaker.
stenotypiste = (female) shorthand typist.
steward Holland Amerika Lijn = steward with the Holland Amerika Lijn (=a Dutch shipping compagny).
stikster = seamstress.
stoelenmaker = chair-maker.
stoelenmatter = chair-bottemer.
stoffeerder = upholsterer.
stoffenverver = clothes/fabrics dyer.
stoffenverwer = clothes/fabrics dyer.
stooker = stoker, fireman.
straatfotograaf = photographer working on the street.
straatkoopman = street hawker.
straatkoopman bloemen en fruit = street hawker in flowers and fruit.
straatmaker = road-maker, paver.
straatreiniger = street-scavenger.
straatventer = streethawker/vendor.
strijkster = (female) ironer.
stucadoor = plasterer/stuccoworker.
student = student.
student filmacademie = student at the film academy.
student Hogere Hotelschool = student at the Hogere Hotelschool (=hotel management school).
student in de godsgeleerdheid = theology student.
student natuur- en sterrenkunde = physics/(natural)science and astronomy student.
studente bedrijfskunde aan de Universiteit = (female) student management science at the university.
studente geneeskunde = (female) medicine student.
studente Universiteit = (female) university student.
stukadoor = plasterer/stuccoworker.
stuurman = steersman.
subsidie adviseur = subsidy/subvention advisor.
suikerbakker = confectioner.
suikerwerker = confectioner.
suppoost = usher, doorkeeper.
suppoost in de bioscoop = usher/doorkeeper in a picturetheatre/cinema.
systeem analiste = (female) systemanaliser.

tabakkerver = tabbacocutter.
tabaksbewerker = labourer working up tabbaco.
tabakshandelaar = tabbaco-dealer.
tabakskerver = tabbacocutter.
tabakswerker = labourer working up tabbaco.
tabakswerkster = (female) labourer working up tabbaco.
tagrijn = merchant of among others scrapiron, tools, old ropes and rigging, etc..
tailleur = tailor.
tailleuse = (female) ladies' tailor.
tandarts = dentist.
tandarts assistente = (female) dentist assistant.
tandmeester = dentist.
tandtechnicus = dental mechanic.
tandtechniker = dental mechanic.
tapijtfabrikant = carpetmanufacturer.
tapijtenwever = carpetweaver.
tapper = alehouse/tavernkeeper.
tassenmaakster = (female) bag/pouch/satchel maker.
taxateur = appraiser, taxer, valuer.
taxateur en commissionair = appraiser/valuer and commissionagent.
taxi eigenaar = taxi-cab owner.
technisch ingenieur = technical ingineer.
teekenaar = drawer.
tekenaar = drawer.
telefonist = telephone operator.
telefoniste = (female) telephone operator.
telegrafist = telegrapher.
telegrafist Kon. Marine = telegrapher with the 'Koninklijke Marine' (=the Dutch Royal Navy).
telegrafist Post en Telefonie = telegrapher with the Postal and Telephone Service.
telegrambesteller = telegraph messenger.
textielafval handelaar = textile waste/refuse trader.
textielhandelaar = textile trader.
textielinkoper = textile buyer/purchaser.
textielkoopman = textile merchant.
theologant = theologian.
therapeute = (female) therapeutist.
thuis-naaister = seamstress who does her work at home.
thuisnaaister = seamstress who does her work at home.
timmerman = carpenter.
timmermansknecht = carpenter's assistant/servant.
toezichthouder = overseer.
tokohouder = (Indian) storekeeper.
toneelbeambte = stage/theatre official/employe.
toneelknecht = stagehand.
toneelmeester = stage manager.
toneelregiseur = stage director.
toneelschrijver = playwright, play-writer.
toneelspeelster = (female) actor, player.
toneelspeler = actor, player.
toneelzanger = stage choralist.
toneelzanger- speler = stage choralist and actor.
toneelzangeres = (female) stage choralist.
toon kunstenaar = composer, musician.
tooneelzanger = stage choralist.
toonkunstenaar = composer, musician.
tramconducteur = tramconductor.
tramwegambtenaar = tramway official.
transportarbeider = transportationworker.
trombonist = trombone player.
trompetter in het korps Marechaussee = trumpeter in the 'korps Marechaussee' (=military police corps).
trouwambtenaar = marriage registrar.
tuinier = gardener.
tuinman = gardener.
turfdrager = peatporter.
turfhever = agent/intermediary in the transport of peat.
typiste = (female) typist.
typograaf = typographer.

uitdraagster = (female) secondhand dealer.
uitdrager = secondhand dealer.
uitgever = publisher.
uitleurder = hawker, pedlar.
uitleurster = (female) hawker, pedlar.
uitvindster = (female) inventor.

vader Ned. Port. Irs. (Nederlands Portugees IsraŽlitisch) weeshuis = Dutch Portuguese Israelitish orphanage patron.
vakbondbestuurder = trade-union governor.
varend als musicus Rott. Lloyd = sailing as a musician with the 'Rotterdamse Lloyd' (=a shipping-compagny).
varensgezel = sailor, seaman.
varensgezel koopvaardij = sailor/seaman with the merchant service.
varietť artist = variety theatre/music-hall artist.
vee expediteur = cattle forwardingagent/shippingagent.
veearts = veterinary surgeon.
veedrijver = cattledriver.
veehandelaar = cattledealer.
veehandelaar en koopman = cattledealer and merchant.
veehouder = cattlebreeder, stockfarmer.
veekoopman = cattle merchant.
veesnijder = cattle castrator.
veenarbeider = peatdigger, peatcutter.
vellekooper = hide merchant.
venter = hawker, pedlar.
venter in bloemen = flower hawker/pedlar.
venter in boeken = book hawker/pedlar.
venter in gloeilichtkousjes = incandescent (light) mantle pedlar.
venter in groente = vegetablepedlar.
venter in groenten = vegetablepedlar.
venter in manufacturen = drapery/soft goodspedlar.
venter in vodden = ragpedlar.
venter met doeken = cloth hawker/pedlar.
ventster = (female) hawker, pedlar.
vergulder = gilder.
verkooper = vendor, salesman.
verkooper bij de Bijenkorf = salesman at the 'Bijenkorf' (=a department store).
verkoopleider = sales director/manager.
verkoopmedewerkster = (female) sales assistant/co-worker.
verkoopster = saleswoman.
verkoopster bij de Hema = saleswoman at the 'Hema' (=a department store).
verkoopster bij Gerzon = saleswoman at 'Gerzon' (=a department store).
verkoopster bij Hirsch = saleswoman at 'Hirsch' (=a department store).
verkoopster bonneterie = saleswoman in a shop that sells among others: ready-to-wear clothes, knitted goods, woollen fabric and woven fabric.
verkoopster corsetterie = corset saleswoman.
verkoopster in damesmodehuis = saleswoman in a ladies' fashion business.
verkoopster in een sigarenwinkel = saleswoman in a cigarshop.
verkoopster in goud- en zilverwinkel = saleswoman in a gold and silver shop.
verkoper = vendor, salesman.
verkoper in stoffering = upholstering/furnishing vendor.
verkoper tabak = tabacconist.
verkoper van zuur = pickled goods vendor.
verlakker = varnisher.
verpakster = (female) packer.
verpleegster = nurse.
verpleegster 'Belgische Rode Kruis' = nurse with the 'Belgian Red Cross'.
verpleegster en pedicure = nurse and chiropodist.
verpleger = (male) nurse.
verstelnaaister = needlewoman for repairs.
vertegenwoordiger = representative.
vertegenwoordigster parfumerie winkel = (female) representative of a perfume shop.
verver = (house)painter, dyer (of clothes/fabrics).
verwer = (house)painter, dyer (of clothes/fabrics).
verzekerings makelaar = insurance-broker.
verzekeringsadviseur = insurance adviser.
verzekeringsagent = insuranceagent.
verzekeringsdeskundige = insurance expert.
violist = violinist, violinplayer.
violist bij de VARA = violinplayer with the 'VARA' (=a radio broadcasting station and later also a tv broadcasting station).
violist bij het Concertgebouw te Amsterdam = violinplayer at the 'Concertgebouw' in Amsterdam.
violiste = (female) violinist, violinplayer.
violoncellist = violoncelloplayer.
viool-leraar = violinteacher.
vioollerares = (female) violinteacher.
vioolmaker = violinmaker.
vioolpedagoog = violin pedagoque.
vischbakker = fish fryer.
vischhandelaar = fishmonger.
vischschoonmaker = fish cleaner.
vischventer = fish pedlar.
vischverkooper = fishmonger.
vleeschhandel Horeca = flesh/meat trade to hotels, restaurants and cafés.
vleeschhouwer = butcher.
vleeschhouwster = (female) butcher.
vleeschverkooper = flesh/meat seller/vendor.
vleeschstempelaar = flesh hallmarker.
vleescontroleur = flesh/meat inspector.
vloerlegger = floor layer.
voerman = waggoner, coachman.
voordrachtskunstenaar = elocutionist, reciter.
voorlezer = 'leader in prayer' (chazan).
voorlezer bij de Ned.Isr.Hoofd Synagoge = 'leader in prayer' (chazan) at the 'Nederlands-Israëlitische Hoofd Synagoge'.
voorman = foreman.
voorzanger = precentor, chanter (chazan).
voorzitter = president, chairman.
voorzitter afd. Amsterdam Alg. Bond van Handels- en Kantoorpersoneel = president/chairman of 'afdeling Amsterdam van de Algemene Bond van Handels- en Kantoorpersoneel' (= 'the Amsterdam department of the Common Union of Business/Trade- and Office employees').
voorzitter Frechie Stichting = president/chairman of the 'Frechie Stichting' (=a Israelitish burial foundation in Belgium).
vormer = moulder, framer.
vrachtrijder = road haulier.
vroedvrouw = midwife.
vulpenreperateur = fountain-pen repairer.
vuurstoker = stoker.
vuurstoker ter koopvaardij = stoker with the merchant service.

waagdrager = porter at a weighing-house.
wafelbakker = waffle-baker.
wagenlichter = workman who repairs, maintains, mounts and dismounts the under-carriage of trains and tram-cars.
wagenmaker = coachbuilder.
wagenpoetser = car/coach/cart cleaner.
wagenverhuurder = letter of carts/coaches/cars.
waker = watcher, watchman.
waschvrouw = laundress.
waschster = laundress.
wasscher = washer.
waterman = waterman.
waterstoker = (steam-)boiler stoker.
weg- en waterbouwkundig ingenieur = road-construction and hydraulic engineer.
welzijnswerkster = (female) welfareworker.
werkleider metaalbewerken = metalworks chief.
werkman = workman.
werkman bij de Ned. Gist en Spiritusfabriek = workman at the 'Nederlandse Gist en Spiritusfabriek' (=a yeast and spirits factory).
werkman kabelfabriek = workman in a cable factory.
werkman pletterij = workman in a flatting/rolling mill.
werkman spiegel- en lijstenfabriek = workman in a mirror and frame factory.
werkmeisje = work-maid, housemaid.
werkster = (female) worker, charwoman.
werktuigkundig teekenaar = mechanical drawer.
werktuigkundig ingenieur = mechanical engineer.
werktuigkundige = mechanician, instrumentmaker.
werkzaam = working, employed.
werkzaam in een drukkerij = working in a printing-office.
wetenschapper = scientist.
wethouder = alderman.
wethouder van Amsterdam = alderman of Amsterdam.
wetschrijver = law clerk.
wever = weaver.
wijnhandelaar = wine merchant.
winkel in huishoudelijke artikelen = shop in household articles/domestic utensils.
winkel in sigaren = cigarshop, tabacconist's shop.
winkelbediende = shopassistant.
winkelbediende kruidenier = grocers shopassistant.
winkelbediende tapijten = carpetshopassistant.
winkelchef = shopwalker.
winkeldochter = shopgirl, saleswoman.
winkelier = shopkeeper.
winkelier damesmode = ladies' fashion shopkeeper.
winkelier huishoudelijke artikelen = household articles/domestic utensils shopkeeper.
winkelier in bedden = bedshopkeeper.
winkelier in borstels = brushshopkeeper.
winkelier in boter en kaas = butter and cheese shopkeeper.
winkelier in confectie = ready-made shopkeeper.
winkelier in damesmode = ladies' fashion shopkeeper.
winkelier in damesmode artikelen = ladies' fancy/fashionable articles shopkeeper.
winkelier in fijne vleeschwaren = choice meats shopkeeper.
winkelier in fruit = fruitshopkeeper.
winkelier in fruit en vis = fruit and fish shopkeeper.
winkelier in galanterieŽn = fancy-goods shopkeeper.
winkelier in garen en band = haberdasher's shopkeeper.
winkelier in glas en aardewerk = glassworks and earthenwareshopkeeper.
winkelier in goud en zilver = gold and silvershopkeeper.
winkelier in goud- en zilverwerk = gold and silverwareshopkeeper.
winkelier in heerenkleeding = (gentle)men's clothing shopkeeper.
winkelier in heerenmode = (gentle)men's fashion shopkeeper.
winkelier in herenconfectie = (gentle)men's ready-made clothes shopkeeper.
winkelier in hoeden = hat/bonnet shopkeeper.
winkelier in huishoudelijke artikelen = household articles/domestic utensils shopkeeper.
winkelier in kartonnendozen = cardboardboxes shopkeeper.
winkelier in koloniale artikelen = colonial produce shopkeeper.
winkelier in kruidenierswaren = grocery shopkeeper.
winkelier in manufacturen = drapery/soft goodsshopkeeper.
winkelier in meubelen = furnitureshopkeeper.
winkelier in modeartikelen = fancy/fashionable articles, fancy-goods shopkeeper.
winkelier in muziek- en feestartikelen = music articles and articles for fÍtes shopkeeper.
winkelier in muziekinstrumenten = musical instruments shopkeeper.
winkelier in papierwaren = paper commodities/stationer's shopkeeper.
winkelier in regenschermen = umbrellashopkeeper.
winkelier in schoenen = shoeshopkeeper.
winkelier in sieraden = jeweleryshopkeeper.
winkelier in sigaren = cigarshopkeeper, tabacconist's shopkeeper.
winkelier in stoffen = fabric/drapery shopkeeper.
winkelier in suikerwerken = sweets/sweetmeats/confectionery shopkeeper.
winkelier in toiletartikelen = toilet requisits/articles shopkeeper.
winkelier in zuurwaren = 'pickled goods' shopkeeper.
winkelier stoomerij en ververij = dry cleaner's and dye-house shopkeeper.
winkelier visch en fruitwaren = fish and fruit-shopkeeper.
winkelierster = (female) shopkeeper.
winkelierster in dameshoeden = (female) ladies' bonnet/hat shopkeeper.
winkelierster in damesmode = (female) ladies' fashion shopkeeper.
winkelierster in feestartikelen = (female) articles for fÍtes shopkeeper.
winkelierster in fruit = (female) fruit shopkeeper.
winkelierster in garen en band = (female) haberdasher's shopkeeper.
winkelierster in goud en zilver = (female) gold and silvershopkeeper.
winkelierster in heeren mode artikelen = (female) (gentle)men's fancy/fashionable articles shopkeeper.
winkelierster in heerenkleederen = (female) (gentle)men's clothing shopkeeper.
winkelierster in heerenmode-artikelen = (female) (gentle)men's fancy/fashionable articles shopkeeper.
winkelierster in huishoudelijke artikelen = (female) household articles/domestic utensils shopkeeper.
winkelierster in ijzerwaren = (female) hardwareshopkeeper.
winkelierster in kleedingstukken = (female) clothingshopkeeper.
winkelierster in koloniale waren = (female) colonial produce shopkeeper.
winkelierster in lingerie = (female) lingerie shopkeeper.
winkelierster in manufacturen = (female) drapery/soft goodsshopkeeper.
winkelierster in parfumerieŽn = (female) perfume shopkeeper.
winkelierster in sigaren = (female) cigarshopkeeper.
winkelierster in toilet-artikelen = (female) toilet requisits/articles shopkeeper.
winkelierster in visch = (female) fish shopkeeper.
winkelierster in witte goederen = (female) woven and knitted goods shopkeeper.
winkelierster wijn- en gedistilleerd = (female) wine and spirits shopkeeper.
winkeljuffrouw = shopgirl, saleswoman.
winkeljuffrouw bij de Bijenkorf = shopgirl/saleswoman at the 'Bijenkorf' (=a department store).
winkelmeisje = shopgirl, saleswoman.
wisselagent = exchange-broker.

zaakwaarnemer = commisioner, solicitor.
zaalknecht bioscoop = hall servant in a picture-theatre.
zadelmaker = saddlemaker, saddler.
zakenman in onroerend goed = real estate/property business man.
zakkendrager = sack porter, marketporter.
zakkenhandelaar = sack trader.
zakkenmaker = sack maker.
zakkensorteerder = sack sorter.
zakkenstopper = sack darner/mender.
zanger = singer, vocalist.
zangeres = (female) singer, vocalist.
zanglerares = (female) singing teacher.
zangpedagoge = (female) singing pedagogue.
zeeman = seaman, sailor.
zeepzieder = soap-boiler.
zegelsteker = stamp engraver.
zeilmaker = sailmaker.
zenuwarts = nerve doctor, neurologist.
ziekenverpleegster = nurse.
ziekenverpleger = (male) nurse.
zilversmid = silversmith.
zuiveraar van gebouwen = cleaner of buildings.
zuiveraarster van gebouwen = (female) cleaner of buildings.