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Polyester sailingboat type Daimio 700, built in 1975 (France). I procured her in 1989, ater she served many years as a holiday ship in Friesland for KLM's sailingclub Watersport Vereniging Schiphol. The boat needed refurbishing and repairs and was equipped with a Mercury 7.5 pk outboard engine. The latter is improvising, especially when you have high waves.




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  For me, the old Daimio could last many years more. In such a case, a new diesel engine is an good investment. It improves the seaworthiness and up-front costs will be earned back with lower maintenance costs. No fuzz with an old engine, but very relaxed sailing for many years more.
is'nt that wat we all want ?

Photo's Below : our new hauling equipment (november 2003)

cradle pick-up hoist and straps moving to cradle high pressure cleaning cradle lifted by y-cradle mover full hydraulic y-cradle mover push-back by forklift
hydraulic 4 x 4 steering
full hydraulic crane
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