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I copied the profile drawings of SAILDRIVES from brochures of the manufacturers at a scale of 1:10 on overhead transparant sheets. By moving the transparants over a profile drawing of your boat (of course also scale 1:10), you can see which engine fits best.
Preliminary design
The preliminary design contains many technical insecurities. These are to be solved by via a visit tho the dealers. on the basis of an earlier commercial proposal, i contacted my dealer with my questions. You need answers to decide if the buy is on or off.

so you want to buy a diesel engine , huh ?????

Final design and purchase
After consulting the dealer and filalizing the preparation, the picture was clear (righthand). Everything got its place within the final design. The orderlist is ready. The order is placed just before the winter season (starting early october). Becase most parts are on stock at the BUKH dealer we can immedeiately start with the work on the

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home boat selection design fundation fuel cooling exhaust electrical engine propeller

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