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The engine comes in two parts, solidly packed in a crate. After removing the cover and sideboards, the engine easily fits into the trunk of a medium size car,
Because its low size and weight, it doesn't take too much efford to
hoist and slide the engine with the saildrive in its final position, as long as there are made careful preparations (see pic's below). Marine Engines : Informative articles on boats and yachts engines

In the summer i took the boat through Amsterdam to the IJsselmeer and the Northsea wich takes around 5 nonstop hours on the engine. Further i made a few non stop trips on open water on the engine when there was no wind. It runs very smoothly and there is almost no vibration. You can sit inside the boat next to the engine and even still use the telephone. Provided that there is some isolation of course. Did you download the "Bukh movie" on the homepage ? because then you can hear and see it running. The alternator is located in the flywheel. I do not think that the heat of the engine influences its 210 watt charging power. After all the temperature of the engine will never be higher then 80 tob 100 dgr F because of the outside watercooling. The quality of the engine is good. It is a very simple motor, which means that there are no bells and whistles. The dealer recommended, in addition to the standard overheat alarm, a VDO temperature indicator. This gauge can be connected on an additional contact available on the sensor on the thermostat. I can recommend this engine and a visit the site of
Bukh wich is very informative.
home boat selection design fundation fuel cooling exhaust electrical engine propeller

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