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HOT engine gases leaving the ship via rubber hoses and a plastic muffler. Because plastic and rubber are not heat resistant, the exhaust is cooled by used cooling water from the engine.

Coolingwater is injected before the waterlock.

The waterlock can buffer backflushing water and prevents that the water accidently can enter into the engine cylinder.

Exhaustgases are blowing the water under high pressure trough the exhaust line.

Mixture of water and exhaust gases are resulting in a strong noise reduction.

This muffler creates additional mixing of the water inside the exhaust line, which results in an even better noise reduction. The construction of the muffler causes almost no resistance to the free flow of the exhaust gases (text Vetus).
The exhaust exit is at the stern. The exhaust line is making a bend upwards to prevent seawater entering into the engine. I used a standard copper elbow to make a sharp curve in the hose

Marine Engine diesel inboard engines : exhaust systems

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