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The white box on the photo (right) is the polyester fundation, wich is standard part of the engine delivery kit. The saildrive's leg passes into the water via the circular opening and a hole in the bottom of your boat . The banana shaped hole is an opening for the waterlock in the exhaust pipe. A double membrane between the saildrive and the fundation is keeping water out. The Membrane is fixed firmly to the fundation with a steel ring and 12 M8 bolts.

The fundation must match to the shape of the hull very tightly. Otherwise the forces will be spread unproportionally over the surfaces. This will couse too much stress within some areas of the laminate wich fixes the fundation to the hull. I advise to measure the dimensions very carefully. A perfect way is to make a hardboard dummy of the fundation where on you can fix a large numeber of measuring points. I noted the distance between the top side and the bottom of the boat and took these over on the fundation itselve, which had measuring points on exactly the same positions.

A piece of carton is used for copying of the profiles (above). De contoures of the hull are already shown by the masking tape on the fundation (right). After

that the sawing can begin !

The fundation is fitted in the boat. On some places you need to remove material, which can be felt by moving a thin piece of carton between the hull and the foundantion (a piece af carton of a pizzabox is perfect!) It is very easy to scrape of excess polyester by means of some powered tool. Be careful however that everything fits exactly !!!!
The fundation is fixed ("laminated") to the hull with glasscloth and polyester- or epoxy resin. When the resin is cured, the fundation and the boat are fully assembled into one body . Many years ago i got a training in the usage of these chemicals and there is some experience too. However, a real specialist did the job for me. Reason : when there is something wrong with the fundation of a saildrive, i would not like to sail on that boat for any money in the world ! By the way : this is also the case with any other constructional part of a polyester boat !

Before laminating, everything needs to be grinded very carefully. All topcoat has to be removed (also from the fundation). For this job i used a electrical drill and an grinding disk. Do not inhale dust ! Always use a professional mask with filter !

The hole in the bottom is made after the laminating is finished.

let's see if the saildrive leg fits !

Okay !

The installation of the engine can only start after installation of the systems for cooling, exhaust, control and the electrical system. Firtst the fuel system.

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