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zondag 13 juni 2010

About me
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Backgrounds and activities

How I developed myself as a painter



Since childhood I sketched and drew from imagination and from what I saw.

Ecoline, Indian ink, charcoal, colored pencil sometimes. Participated in competitions for schools, so I took a ceramics course, where I had got the taste of address. Exhibited in a nearby exhibition.

Yet I did not choose art as profession, because I wanted to be there for 'the other'. During the "music-Ludic” school for social pedagogical work, I learned many techniques in the creative medium classes.

Free work remained in small drawings and illustrations and loose assignments.

Later I picked up the thread in a study creative crafts. A training to teach outside schools. Where I learned the basic of visual expression and different ways of visual art.

That said, I really liked working with clay and during an art fair in Paradiso I went on the market successfully.

Then a few years I gave the course "Sketch imagination” to adults.

Caring for my children kept me from going on with ceramics by the lack of a studio and kiln toxic glazes. I stayed in the art world by piggybacking during my marriage to an artist and put my own development on the back burner.

In 1999, I literally pulled my own way in 'the world' and found a new home with my sons. With custom colors and atmosphere around me.

However, I focused entirely on developing my ‘awareness’ and that of others and started a new career in the psychological direction, made personal coaching of people my profession.

Yet I always longed for self-expression In 2003 I finally landed in front of the easel. In stimulating environment my artists' blood really began flowing. It sparkles and bubbles inside me and ideas follow one another. I work fully experimental, and aim to express 'the idea' and study subjects to express.

After this beginning of my art career, I paint as much as I can. With the aim to form series around a theme while new ideas arise from processing new impressions in oil paintings. I am full of inspiration, thus more quickly than my speed to create a painting. I feel like I have a lot to catch up with.

I would pick up the thread of road to become an artist, I once started. And to realize what I always wanted as a child. And that is: expression in image, form and color. And more and more, create and produce my art and put it in the public domain.

If a painting appeals: mail: ~ camphuijsen_art  for price and information

And this year I am again planning, workshops are now under the title "Come out of the paint"

  • Baron van Heemstraschool - Amsterdam buitenveldert

  • Course ceramics - Private course - Amsterdam buitenveldert

  • Large drawing - won a contest

  • Illustration magazines

  • Jelburg - Baarn

    • 50% musisch ludische subjects

    • 50% theory, social and educational subjects


  • Illustrating a magazine for workers in care

    • Maatschappelijk dienstverlening MDU


  • Creative Crafts- to teach art and crafts - VOBK

  • Paradiso - Artmarket ±1983

  • Commissions for drawings

  • Diverse commissions for individuals - inkdrawings

  • Leading a course: "Scetch your imagination" ±1984 - 1988

  •  In 2005 going online with website
  •  2007 Webmaster Geertesite
  •  2007 Membership kunstkring BeekK de Bilt; Artgroup BeeKk
  •  2007 1e exhibition in restaurant 'de zwaan'
  •  More exhibitions follow
  •  2008 publicaties van werk op internet breid zich uit bv.
    •  Artpapa
    •  Exto
    •  Seesle
    •  Kunstzinnig
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    •  Facebook
  •  2008 Promotion drawings for OR - Aveant Utrecht
  •  2009 Co-operating creating newsletter Kunstkring BeeKk
  •  In 2010 lMembership NABK when I participated in de regionale kunstdagen

For a more complete overview and my CV go to: Linkedin Public profile Rita camphuijsen

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