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13 juni 2010

About me
Camphuijsen Atelier


Life at the northsea

Working on a project: life in the northsea,

a series of paintings inspired by a book written by my brother Kees Camphuysen and his colleque.

2 pictures made by Marijke de Boer and one by Kees Camphuijsen, used as reference model to improve my skills and strategies to paint water.

This last one I find the most difficult.





Water for Africa

Friendsbook for africa

my contribution


Currently I am filled with South-Africa images.

In my zebra project I started to give shape to my feelings and impressions drawn from my tour through the countries.

Click on the WIP button.




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      - Private Pages

      - Since 1996 I experiment with building my personal website. As a self taught webmaster home site can change according to my experiments. I also collect links to various topics that interest me.

    • Also webmaster RGU Geertekerk in Utrecht
    • BITA a holiday in Romania
    • My son went to Thailand for example, in 2005. This site I made for him. Thailand adventures
  • Travel - I love to travel, and limited pull me out there. Time and finances and reduce the work destinations. But that's okay. Then I also enjoy the journeys of others:
    • In my own vacations, is now the easel is being put in the back of the car. I like to relax while painting just landing somewhere in the country. It is good to go somewhere to sit outside and just use my eyes and just give it some outlet on the canvas.
    • Illustrating I have done much and now,
      • Drawings for example, newspapers and staff of healthcare institutions in Utrecht


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