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Rita Camphuijsen met Olieverf schilderijen e.a.                                                                                                       09 juli 2011

Children in Africa
South Africa


Camphuijsen Art
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"Touched by the Vilakati family"

 Familylife in Afrika - Orphan kids because of HIV

Life is tough for the Vilakati family. Their parents are gone - Dad dead from the AIDS scourge which has orphaned 65 000 in Swaziland and Mum missing and possibly also dead. As a result the two older siblings are left to run the house and look after the two younger ones. Survival is a daily battle and yet they are determined to stay together and be a family.
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in Utrecht
  • in the showroom of "Café Averechts"
  • For one month since 10-01-10
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    Accidently I found a video-docu while browsing at the world ide web. And I became touched by a wonderfull story told by Xanté Hamilton. She really managed to capture a dayly live of four young children. I felt so moved by the spirit of life and the need to survive and specially to care for oneanother that I felt the need to capture the theme that touched me in a painting. It became the painting 'Go'.

    I asked permission to paint inspired by the video, because all I want is to help contribute to the wellbeing of those kids or kids like this family.

    Because of that I also like to promote attention to docu in wich the life of those kids is brought forwards. And ask everyone who wanderes by, to let your heart speak and donate something for the HOPEHIV foundation.

    These kids help eachother because they are left alone and want to have a better life. Let us help them to help each other.

    In my paintings I also feel a need to show through my work, what I see. Like there is 'hope' en 'dreams' and 'a warm heart' that can keep us going even when life is tough. Those kids own very little and still they make the best out of it  and are searching for schooling. The work hard to become stronger and practice and study to become skilled to cope in an unsure future.

    I like to perceive those kids going on, wich more fortunated people can take as an excample.

    And I like to thank people like Xanthe for pointing out to us, what is going on in other parts of the world. And make us 'not to forget' that we do not live for ourselves alone.



    Soon the series is shown in 2 exhibitions: See agenda
    17 dec 08 - 2 jan 09 Participate in the artshow: "Kunst Uit Eigen Provincie" in Bilthoven
    januari / 09 Exhibition with : BEEKK artgroup

    More about afrika is coming look at the WIP page


     Go see the video yourself

    International Family Film Festival, Hollywood
    Best Short Foreign Documentary 

    For information about the film please contact  – Mix TV Ltd +44 (0) 20 7247 0052

    More background about the paintings see paintings with  a theme

    Beneeth, sunday start of a new year in the remonstrant community in Utrecht. Several groups presented a dear project in order to raise funds. The HOPEHIV and the docu was one of them. Some money was raised and the congregation will keep themselves updated about the projects. And add them to projects that will be brought under attention on a regular basis.



    In addition I want to ask your attention for:

    Creative art therapy for children in africa http://www.hopehiv.org/page/69/creative-arts-therapy.html




    Dereved from the Swaziland subject

    A female, preparing food the traditional way

    I visited Swaziland october 17th 2008 after having painted the series,

    as I hoped I met father Maurice in Piggs Peak Regina Mundy, I wanted to do something in return for being inspred.

    This event happened, and I actually met father Maurice and 3 of the five children.

    They all received a poster of one of the paintings above.




    your contribution is welcome

    Donations so far:

    € 36,10 collected during

    de vernissage

    Café Averechts 10 jan '10 21:00u - 0:00u

    $ 55,- shipped as onetime donation


    yield during exhibition:

    50% painting and extra contributions shipped to Young heroes

    $416.00 USD

    Afrika series in progress

    other  update's in theme africa, see: Feedback


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