De Magician

This painting was created from a stored embroidery.
I was not yet 20 years when I designed and embroidery on cotton exported, I've never finished. I had an idea imagined and created quite a embroidery. I could not finish it and not throw away. I got into conversation with a needle artist and reminded me again my embroidery. I decided at some point that I would go with embroidery, but I made no throw was I sin again. And it was a mystery to me why I made this Mage ever. Then I only "by going to embroider"
The glass in the painting was a mystery that kept me busy years. A dream of glass. "crystal clear dream for me, but with a dream" something as clear as glass in the picture. No, I never found an answer. Except maybe, that some things are no more words. As I was to paint at a time when there are no words for feelings. A mystery on canvas.

Van Olieverf op waterbasis
Painting during the shortest night in the Geertekerk June 21, 2008 Churches in the Utrecht festival celebrated in 2008. The occasion was the 40th anniversary of the Utrecht Urban Council of Churches. The anniversary date is June 21, 2008. There was a large-scale church night place.

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