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Contribution for the auxtion 30 april 2008 -

Table for Bolivia - sold


Commission in 2009

Like a goddess in France


D 'Ardeche

Serie inspired by life in the northsea.

The 3 dolphins where made after work my brother Kees Camphuysen does. He studoes life at the northsea, and makes sure scientifical knowledge is collected and spread. He cares for a clean environment and a healthy life in and around the sea. One of his works is a small book, named life at the Northsea. One Dolphin was spotted by my brother, Kees Camphuysen - ornitologist and 2 others by Marijke de Boer.

Studie's van dolfijnen in de Noordzee (2007)

Grijze dolfijn Gestreepte dolfijn Groep tuimelaars
Thanks to Marijke de Boer who also permitted me to use her photo material. With thanks to Kees Camphuysen Thanks to Marijke de Boer who also permitted me to use her photo material.



Like a Goddess in France

30 x 40 cm Oil at canvas

About, letting go and living in freedom in France  Loose


Inspired after painting our royal highness Princess Maxima in Ant Artica


paintingsilove.com + respons


Paintings I love ~ comments

  Volle maan boven een deinende zee

When I participated in the 13th artroute, the agreement was, that every participant would have an item or theme on the number 13.

I studied astrology and learned moon has to do with number 13.

Besides, Moon stands for a lot.

Imagination, reflection, mirroring and the capturing of all the other 12 psychological energies.

And I had this spontanious idea about a vertical seascape. I used my imaginagion to transform several photo's as a reverence and imaginated the rest into a painted nightscene.


Walking along side the Northsea

I always felt inspred by the coast. The view at the wide sea form the shore.One time it was winter, large foam flocks floating brilliantly at the thin silent water layer just upon the sand. Behind us was snow at the dunes. Wonderfull, and brilliant!!

Schuim op de kust Bergen aan zee Egmond aan zee
Waterbased oil on canvas Oil at canvas Oil at canvas

- for sale

- sold

- sold

Studie's van water

De Golf - The wave De surfer - The surfer
Experiment with knife

The wave after a picture of Warren Bolster


Compaired with working with brush
Thanks to cinnamon rainbows
Huge wave

 - for sale

A gift

Water in diverse situations

De pier Brook A trow over the sea
A composition after some

of my own snapshots

Studie of diverse leave structuren
 in contrast with the water water
Took some pictures
when I visited the place
Thema human in it's "natural habit"

My son, Michiel, in Vlissingen,

outh of holland

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  Meertje in Frankrijk Het elfenmeertje
In France, lovely spot where we sat painting in the shadow. The hot day reflected with funny sunspots in the water of this ancient well   Based on a mutual visit to the lake where my dear fienrd has precious memories about her childhood. She regularly visited this smal lake with her father.

 - for sale

 - for sale

A gift to my dearest spouse


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