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Welcome at the kennel van 't Baci

(no longer breeding)

We bred, as a hobby, on a small scale and according the rules for breeding,
Jack Russell Terriers, based on Australian lines (FCI standard).

Bart and Cintha Swalue

See the Dutch Pup site for pictures of puppies!


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In order to love me as a friend you must understand that I am an animal lover.
My heart is broken regularly and filled with sadness for those animals that are not loved.
That are not treated with kindness and respect. That do not know kind words and gentle hands.
Every animal is worthy of a stable environment, food, water, affection and humane care.
If you feel the same way post this on your wall.


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Thanks to Kathy and Dennis McCarthy
-Imlay Kennels, New Zealand-
who always believed in Forrest!

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