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  • Henry Rzepa

    Chemistry with a twist

  • Major Hayden

    Words of wisdom from a systems engineer

  • Troy Hunt

    Troy Hunt is a Australian professional writing about Security

  • Scott Helme

    Scott Helme is a security researcher

  • The CPU Shack

    The CPU Shack - descriptions and history of thousands of CPUs

  • Ken Shirriff

    Chargers, microprocessors, Arduino - The TMX1795, the (almost) first, forgotten microprocessor

  • Security Sense

    You Cannot Lose What You Do Not Have, So Stop Having It!

  • CodeKata

    Because experience is the only teacher



  • ASN.1

    Useful old technologies: ASN.1


    How REST Constraints Affect API Design

  • GPS tijd

    Computer tijdsynchronisatie via GPS

  • MiniUPnP

    MiniUPnP Project HomePage

  • Git Commit

    Proper Git Commit Messages and an Elegant Git History

  • Swissgrid frequency

    The standard frequency in Europe’s electricity grid is 50 Hz. These frequencies must be kept as stable as possible.

  • Formulate Questions

    How to ask the right question or formulate a query



  • Red pill, Blue pill

    Red pill or Blue pill? Once one chooses the red pill or blue pill, the choice is irrevocable!

  • Thorsten

    Link to info streams (used to be on google-plus)


Computer Security


    Security blogs

  • Netspi Teechnical

    Finding vulnerabilities and know how they work

  • F-Secure

    Insights from man and machine, to help keep you safe wherever you go

  • Unit42

    The Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team provides threat research that enables security teams to understand adversary intent and attribution

  • Laurent Gaffié

    Laurent Gaffié blog - security red and blue teams

  • Cryptographic

    Some random thoughts about Cryptographic Engineering

  • Matthijs R. Koot

    Blog by a technical security consultant and a fan of skepticism and free inquiry

  • Errata Security

    Advanced persistent cybersecurity

  • Privacy

    Phil Zimmermann speaks out on encryption, privacy, and avoiding a surveillance state

  • Open Rights

    the Open Rights Group Blog (UK)

  • PenTest Lab

    Testing Lab - Articles from the Pentesting Field


    Security overig

    Crypto - security - xkcd

  • Tyranid's Lair

    How the Windows Firewall RPC Filter Works

  • ACME server CAS

    Run your own private CA & ACME server using step-ca

  • Zero Knowledge

    Zero-Knowledge System Based Password Manager For Linux - Encryptr

  • NLnet Labs

    Innovations and expertise for those technologies that turn a network of networks into an Open Internet for All

  • MIT Report

    Rise of the Digital Angels, but will they outweigh the risks?

  • MIT Report

    Keys Under Doormats, Security Report

  • luks GUI boot prompt

    A luks passphrase GUI prompt in Debian (with full disk encryption)

  • Pem 2 Pfx

    How to convert PEM to PFX in PowerShell including the private key

  • ECC Cert

    How To Create an ECC Certificate on Nginx for Debian

  • IIS Crypto Tool

    IIS Crypto tool for configuring Windows IIS


Computer zaken




    Mijn sites

  • RoHeVe (KPN)

    Roel's Praathoek (kpn webhost), een backup-kopie van de website

  • RoHeVe (primair)

    Roel's Praathoek (primare server), originele plaats van de website

  • Weblog

    Roel's technical notepad, blog op

  • Weblog

    Roel's it blog, blog op

  • SSL Report

    SSL Server Test - mijn webserver gebruikt nu SSL met Forward Security

  • Yandex Technologies

    Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia’s most popular search engine


    Andere lijsten

  • IT professionals

    Handige links voor Microsoft zaken, voor IT Professionals





  • The Apollo 11 mission

    Digitized, cataloged and archived by the Houston Audio Control Room, at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

  • Sun Tzu

    The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Original, accurate, and complete translation of all 13 chapters

  • new discourses

    Pursuing the light of objective truth in subjective darkness.

  • Hannah Arend

    Hannah Arend - The Origins of Totalitarianism

  • HTML5

    HTML5: Edition for Web Authors

  • Panopticlick

    Test your browser to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting.

  • Lorem ipsum

    een proeftekst uit het drukkerij- en zetterijwezen

  • Motorola Android

    Unlocking the Motorola Bootloader, what is happening inside.



  • Desk PC

    Building an invisible PC (video tutorial)

  • Monitor Shelf

    Building an invisible monitor (video tutorial)


    Zelfbouwen - Physics - Sensors

  • PMT Specials

    PhotoMultiplier Tubes (PMT), Photocells, Photodiodes & Photo VacuumTubes

  • Solar Shed

    Solar Shed Summary - My Off Grid Office

  • DSO138 Scope

    Building the DSO138 Scope, Housing Assembly and USB Power

  • LeapSecond

    A web site dedicated to precise Time & Frequency

  • OpenPPS

    OpenPPS build a timesource using GPS


    Zelfbouwen - Elektronica - Sensors

  • Embedded Wednesdays

    Embedded Wednesdays - Getting started in the world of embedded systems

  • power supply

    programmable bench power supply project

  • Millivolt Meter

    Building a 6 decimal Digit Milli-Volt Meter

  • Millivolt Meter

    The Millivolt Meter Project

  • KiCad home

    KiCad EDA Software Suite

  • KiCad Library

    KiCad Best Practices: Library Management

  • KiCad CERN

    KiCad software gets the CERN treatment

  • Dosimeter

    Homemade Radiation Geiger Dosimeter

  • Solar Radiation

    Introduction to Solar Radiation Measurements

  • JeeLabs

    Computing stuff tied to the physical world

  • ESP8266 hints

    Just trying to untangle the threads

  • Hack a Day

    Hack a Day - Never Miss a Hack

  • Dragon Flame

    Dragon Flame, build colorfull changing lights

  • TM1638 module


  • FooGadgets

    about genuine handmade gadgets made up during late hours

  • Philips Hue

    Accessing Philips Hue and control the lights using JSON

  • Olimex

    Embedded fun projects at Olimex Ltd

  • SpritesMods

    more interesting hacks for your viewing pleasure

  • adafruit

    tutorials for electronic computer projects

  • ElectronicArduino

    Tips, tricks, circuit designs, sketch and code for electronics and Arduino

  • Tim's blog

    The SK6812 – another intelligent RGB LED


    We love microchips - That's why we boil them in acid

  • Technoblogy

    IR Remote Control Detective

  • ictoblog

    ICT in het Onderwijs blog


    Elektronica - FPGA

  • Virtex-E

    Old, not obsolete. Working with the Xilinx Virtex-E FPGA in a huge BGA package

  • Mouser

    Lattice MachXO2-7000HE (CPLD) Breakout Board

  • Learning VERILOG

    Learning VERILOG for FPGAs: The tools and building an adder

  • MachXO2

    Lattice Diamond and MachXO2 Breakout Board Tutorial

  • Microsemi

    Microsemi FPGA & SoC - Secure Hardware, Secure Design, Low Power

  • Video

    ECE5760 FPGA lectures 2011

  • Passive Radar

    Building your own SDR-based Passive Radar on a Shoestring

  • The (PCIE) Bus

    Reusable Integration Framework for FPGA Accelerators

  • Embedded Micro

    Verilog tutorials pages for a Xilinx FPGA



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