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    Microsoft Technology Resources


  • LCM

    Microsoft Lifecycle Policy

  • Licensing

    Licensing and Activation - using KMS keys

  • Evaluation

    TechNet Evaluation Center - Technical Library

  • Privileged Access

    Securing Privileged Access - Reference Material

  • Server

    Windows Server documentation

  • Server legacy

    Windows Server legacy - Technical Library (2012 R2 and lower)

  • Admin Center

    Windows Admin Center

  • Service Accounts

    Group Managed Service Accounts Overview

  • ADMT Guide

    Migrating and Restructuring Active Directory Domains

  • Security Center

    Microsoft Security Response Center - Protection, detection, and response

  • Client

    Windows Client - Technical Library

  • Windows 10

    Explore, Plan and Deploy to Windows 10

  • Blogs by Microsoft

  • Scripting Guy

    Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog

  • PowerShell

    Windows PowerShell - Automating the world one-liner at a time…

  • Server blog

    Windows Server - Your Guide to the Latest Windows Server Product Information

  • ASP.NET blog

    .NET Web Development and Tools Blog

  • Local Admin Password

    LAPS - Local Administrator Password Solution

  • Pass no Hash

    Improve Credentials Protection by adding support for Restricted Admin mode

  • OMI

    Open Management Infrastructure

  • IIS with PFS

    Server-client secure communication - Perfect Secrecy in an imperfect world


    Windows Software Update Services in Windows Server 2016 with NLB

Informational Links

    My Powershell Sites or Blogs

  • Powershell

    My PowerShell programming links page (to many links to post here)

  • Technology

    My Information Technology links page (to many links to post here)

  • Technology Blogs

  • Aidan Finn

    Aidan Finn, IT Pro - Hyper-V and other topics

  • Rick Claus

    Just a regular IT guy - talking about technology… …in an uncomplicated way

  • Scott Hanselman

    Technology, culture, gadgets, code, the web

  • Rehan Saeed

    Software Developer at Microsoft, Open Source Contributor and Blogger

  • Alex Verboon

    Anything about IT that might be worth sharing

  • Mick Pletcher

    Mick's IT Blogs, aloso about PowerShell

  • Didier Van Hoye

    Working Hard In IT, view on IT from the trenches

  • Nicholas Dille

    Automation, DevOps and Containerization

  • Lazy Winadmin

    PowerShell Scripting, Automation, Virtualization, Windows Server and Much more

  • Simon Wahlin

    making things easier with PowerShell

  • Jason Yoder

    blog of MCTExpert, a Microsoft Certified Trainer

  • Vadims Podans

    SysadminsLV - PKI and PowerShell

  • Thomas Maurer

    focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially Microsoft Cloud Solutions based Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Virtualization and Microsoft Azure

  • Special Topics

  • rspec-puppet

    RSpec test framework for your Puppet manifests

  • Devops

    Appropriate Boundaries - Jenkins is for Source, Puppet is for Deploys, Nexus stores the Bits in Between

  • WMI Explorer

    WMI Explorer is a utility intended to provide the ability to browse and view WMI namespaces/ classes/ instances/ properties

  • Group Policy

    Group Policy Tips, Tricks, and News Blog

  • TPM Config

    Managing the TPM 1.2 with Windows Powershell and WMI

  • AD Prep 2012

    ADPrep and Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard

  • Derek Seaman

    Trusted Remote Desktop Services SSL Certs for Win10/2019

  • Peter Van Keymeulen

    Windows 2012 Active Directory Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures (PDF)

Microsoft Certification

Configuration Management


  • Puppet

    Puppet is leading the movement that will define the next decade of software


  • Ansible

    Ansible is designed around the way people work and the way people work together

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