starting up our own green power production unit: 4 solar panels, March 2000
PV "van boven"/"from above"


Zonnepanelen uit de ruimte
Solar panels on Earth out of space

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443 kWp Solar Pergola (harbour of Barcelona, Catalonia, E) 21-12-2006 [on-site photo update 9-07-2008]
Lombok: houseboats Merwedekanaal (Utrecht district, Utrecht, NL) 7-12-2006
Lombok (Utrecht district, Utrecht, NL) 5-12-2006

PVUSA Photovoltaic Facility (Davis, California, USA)
Frankenslag N. (Den Haag Statenkwartier, Zuid Holland, NL) 4-11-2006
2e de Carpentierstraat (Den Haag, Bezuidenhout, Zuid Holland, NL)

Roggenkamp (Den Haag Mariahoeve, Zuid Holland, NL)

Heilo- Hoogkarspel- & Medemblikstraat (Den Haag Leyenburg, Zuid Holland, NL) 4-11-2006
Botreep en Prikkorf (Hoogvliet ZO., Zuid Holland. NL) 4-11-2006
Butterhuizen (Heerhugowaard, Noord Holland, NL) 3-11-2006
De Groene Leguanen (Stavoren, Friesland, NL) 3-11-2006
Pantarijn/De Vlinder (Wageningen, Gelderland, NL) 3-11-2006
Jordaanstraat (Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland, NL) 3-11-2006
De Kleine Aarde/In Goede Aarde (Boxtel NE., Noord Brabant, NL) 21-9-2006
Barentszstraat (Den Haag Centre, Zuid Holland NL) 21-9-2006
Waldorpstraat (Den Haag ZW., Zuid Holland, NL) 21-9-2006
Nieuw Sloten (Amsterdam W., Noord Holland, NL) 21-9-2006
Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam N., Zuid Holland, NL) 18-9-2006
Blijdorp (Rotterdam N., Zuid Holland, NL) 18-9-2006
Delft Hydraulics (Delft Z., Zuid Holland, NL) 18-9-2006
DENLAB (Delft Z., Zuid Holland, NL) 18-9-2006
Nieuwland (Amersfoort N., Utrecht, NL) 14-9-2006
Ecopark Waalwijk (Waalwijk, Noord Brabant, NL)

Oranjerie (private amorphous Si project, Leiden, Zuid Holland, NL)

Toen Google Earth in 2005 startte, waren er nog niet zoveel "scherpe" satellietbeelden te verkrijgen via dit zeer interessante onderdeel van de bekendste zoekmachine. Polder PV lag "gelukkig" toevallig in een van de weinig reeds redelijk gedetailleerde zones van Nederland, en toen mijn buurman mij daar op wees, was ik natuurlijk helemaal verkocht en heb ik een speciale pagina aan "ons" project en de omgeving gespendeerd (zie "Gluren bij de buren" op de Polder PV website).

In de loop van de tijd komen steeds meer scherpe opnames beschikbaar (van steeds meer verschillende bronnen die op de detailfoto's vermeld staan), en dat is natuurlijk onweerstaanbaar voor zonnepaneel verslaafden zoals ondergetekende. U vindt op deze pagina links naar grotere foto's die met het nodige zoekwerk, goede kaarten en gedetailleerde info over de lokatie van grote en kleinere PV-systemen tot zeer opvallende opnames "van boven" leiden. U kunt de foto's bekijken door op de kleine plaatjes te klikken.

Noot: het blijkt dat vooral systemen op platte daken of systemen met een sterk contrasterende achtergrond goed zichtbaar zijn. Blijkbaar is de resolutie voor systemen die op schuine daken zijn aangebracht niet altijd voldoende om het betreffende systeem goed zichtbaar te maken met een vertikale kijkhoek die "eigen" is aan satellietopnames.

Werkelijk, een geheel "nieuwe dimensie" voor een ietwat uit de hand lopende hobby...

In september 2006 was opeens heel Nederland in een behoorlijke (tot soms extreem gedetailleerde) beeldkwaliteit beschikbaar. De bron is het bedrijf Aerodata-Surveys, zie onderstaande link:

Het zuiden is ligt altijd aan de onderzijde van alle foto's, tenzij anders aangegeven

When Google Earth started to become available in 2005 not so many "sharp" satellite images were available at that time, although from the start it was one of the most fascinating parts of the most famous search engine on the world wide web. Luckily, Polder PV was situated in one of the somewhat more detailed zones available from the Netherlands and when my neighbour pointed this out to me I was, off course, smitten and devoted a web page on "our" project and its close vicinity (look to the photo's on the page: "Taking a peep in at the neigbours"/"Gluren bij de buren" on the Polder PV website).

In the mean time more and more sharp satellite images become available (from different sources which are mentioned on the detail photo's) and that, off course, is irresistable to solar panel addicts as the present writer. On this page you will find links to bigger photographs that, with thorough searching, good maps and detailed info on the location of bigger and smaller PV-systems, have been found using Google Earth. You can view the larger photographs by clicking on the small images.

Note: it appears that in particular PV-systems on flat roofs ore systems on a strongly contrasting background are best visible using Google Earth/satellite images. Apparently the resolution used/available is not good enough to visualize systems that are mounted on slanted roofs, which is possibly the result of the absolute vertical looking angle typical of satellite images on this scale.

Truly "a new dimension" to a hobby that is going somewhat out of hand...

In Septembr 2006 suddenly the Netherlands became available in a good (in some instances even excellent) image quality. The source of these images is the company Aerodata-Surveys, see the weblink:

South is always at bottom of each picture, unless otherwise indicated

<<< Leiden, Stationskwartier: Oranjerie
Spectacular private collective sustainable energy project with 26,11 kWp UNI SOLAR SSR-192 amorphous PV-roof (Bekaert ECD Solar Systems Europe NV) consisting of 4 "fields" on metal roof, plus several solar thermal collectors on main (2) and separate (1) building. Click for DETAIL, arrows point to some of the thermal collectors

Den Haag, Mariahoeve: >>>

5 flats from corporation Vestia, each with app. 105 solar modules well spaced to avoid shading. CLICK for detail easternmost flat, and for partial shading by trees of westernmost flat.
<<<Den Haag, Leyenburg: Heilo-, Hoogkarspel- & Medemblikstraat
Completely filled rental flat roofs of, again, corporation Vestia. This series of eight flats have more than 1.500 solar modules, Vestia has placed in total 3.100 m² or 400 kWp on 4 locations in The Hague. CLICK for details: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Systems installed by Techneco/Delft.

Den Haag, Benoordenhout, Zuid-Hollandlaan: >>>
Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland
Installation: Oskomera SPS
PV-modules: 468x Shell Solar 160-C (74,9 kWp)
inverters: Siemens SITOP 4600
Note: shadows of 2 central roof constructions and planning of module configuration avoiding these shadows. More info on webpage Polder PV.

<<< Den Haag, Benoordenhout:
Jozef Israëlslaan e.o.

Installations: diverse small private PV-systems on flat roofs with 4, 6 or 8 modules oriented with slight variations (generally south-facing, 2nd system from right considerably deviating from S!) and in different configurations depending on space

Den Haag, Bezuidenhout: >>>
2e de Carpentierstraat
4 solar modules on plastic consoles oriented app. SE on flat NE portion of roof (Dutch: "lessenaarsdak")

<<< Den Haag, Statenkwartier:
Frankenslag N.
Part of The Hague with many separate private PV-systems, ranging from 4 to 18 solar modules per house (flat rooftops). On this photo 6 separate systems close together, with in total 70 modules, all oriented SW (not always best solution in view of available space). CLICK HERE for detail.

Den Haag, Anna van Hannoverstraat near NS Station Laan van NOI: >>>
Ministerie van Sociale Zaken (SZW)
3 groups of solar modules, totalling 72 big ones and 8 smaller ones, on the roof of the very complex building of Ministry of Social Affairs. The peculiar "rail" construction is for the crane for the window-cleaners. CLICK HERE for more detailed overview of the complex building roof; detail when photo on the right is clicked is of leftmost system (marked with red asterisk *).

<<< Den Haag, Spoorwijk:

Just east of train station Moerwijk a new appartment building has been built with an array of 360 PV modules in 5 groups oriented app. SSE to ESE. For overview of the complex, CLICK HERE. For details, CLICK on N. part or S. part. Note supporting structure.

Den Haag Centre: >>>

Huge private PV-system on two slanted roof parts (SSE and WSW) consisting of 3 types of solar modules, 14 large ones and 8 smaller ones on the WSW facing roof. Panels have 4 different tilt angles and/or azimuth.

<<< Rijswijk ZO:
Prins Hendriklaan

Private PV-system filling up the flat roof (20 big modules) and 4 smaller ones on roof of a neighbour.

Rijswijk ZO: >>>

Private PV-system consisting of 2 types of modules, 4 each, on slanted roof almost facing south.


<<< Rijswijk ZO:

"Typical Dutch" small private PV-system consisting of 4 modules. Due to lack of space one module was placed behind the other three. Electricity wiring between the modules is visible!

Wassenaar Z: >>>
Big estate with several buildings, the smaller shed in the right lower corner with 3x4 solar panels oriented SW. For detail CLICK HERE, on which, in the upper left corner possibly the owner of this PV-system is having a good wine with a colleague?

<<< Delft Z:
Delft University of Technology/DENLAB
12,6 kWp test installation with 180 Shell Solar 70 Wp modules on roof of DENLAB for testing power behaviour of otherwise simulated block of 10 households with solar power, wind power, and battery storage in an autonomous setting. CLICK HERE for detail. Website. Roof photo © Floris Wouterlood: CLICK HERE
Delft Z: >>>
Technical University WL | Delft Hydraulics
Beautiful thin film PV-system (layer-on-glass coating) on curved roof with 7.200 individual modules placed in 10x3 "fields" and producing app. 232.000 kWh/year. Net-coupled Sep. 25 2003 by NUON. CLICK HERE for close-up.
<<< Rotterdam N:
Sunport Blijdorp
Huge, complex 518,4 kWp curved roof PV-installation with 3.420 SP150 and SQ160 Shell Solar PV-laminates on the roof of the penguin Oceanium of Blijdorp Zoo. Siemens/Eneco/Oskomera project; expected yearly yield 325.000 kWh. CLICK HERE for detail.
Rotterdam N: >>>
Erasmus Medical Center main building
12,24 kWp system with 72 paired 170 Wp Suntech modules on N and S flanks on top of wind-prone roof above 12th floor, with 7,5 kW Windwall horizontal wind turbine below N. system. CLICK HERE for detail. of N. portion of PV-system and Windwall at the bottom side of the image. Project info: SolarNRG references page.
<<< Hoogvliet SE, S. of Rotterdam:
Flat owned by Vestia with 21 kWp PV-system of 120 175 Wp modules in 3 long rows on flat roof. See also PV-systems of same progressive flat owner on "Prikkorf" nearby (below). CLICK HERE for detail of Botreep system, and HERE for press info (Dutch, March 29 2004).
Hoogvliet SE, S. of Rotterdam:>>>
Two flats of same corporation Vestia S. of previous system, each again with 120 (total: 240) 175 Wp PV-modules (42 kWp), bringing total for 3 flats on 63 kWp. CLICK HERE for detail of the array on the western flat, and HERE for on-site photo. Design: Ekomation. Vestia also has several other sustainable projects.
<<< Haarlemmermeer near Hoofddorp/Schiphol:
Former main building of Floriade
Glass warehouse with 2,3 MWp, 26.110 m² PV-system (at the time worlds biggest) with far from ideal NW-SE orientation (19.383 Siemens semitransparent laminate modules on both sides of slanting roofs). Expected yield 1,23 GWh/year (0,53 kWh/Wp) 

Haarlemmermeer: >>>
Sharper image of Floriade roof (Sep. 14 2006).
Project references (Dutch):

<<< Amsterdam W, Province of Noord Holland:
Nieuw Sloten
Large scale "full-roof" 250,4 kWp PV project in new suburban area N. of Badhoevedorp on both sides of the Willebroekstraat. Shell IRS-50 poly (S. facing) and BP-275/72 Wp mono (W. and E. facing) modules. CLICK for: detail W. part and detail E. part. The two blue squares are PV-filled penthouse roofs tilted to the south. Project info: HS website.
Heerhugowaard (N. Holland): >>>
Butterhuizen PV project
Early 24,47 kWp PV project (red arrow) on rental housing of De Voorzorg, started 1991 by utility PEN and Novem. 2 orientations on slanted roofs with varying number of R&S type IRM 45 Wp modules. Blue arrow: 400 Wp private installation (4 modules), website Hans Kiesewetter.

<<< Utrecht, Lombok district (prov. Utrecht)
Jan Pieterszoon Coenstraat
Two blocks of houses with 11 private PV-systems including 58 modules. At least 34 modules more in the southern part of this street add up to 92 modules and a combined power of almost 10 kWp. Click image halves for enlarged view; CLICK HERE for separate page with more mini PV-powerplants in this community in Utrecht.

Utrecht, Lombok district (prov. Utrecht) >>>
houseboats Merwedekanaal
4 houseboats moored off the N. bank of the Merwedekanaal at the junction of Leidsekade and Billitonkade. In total 48 solar modules (app. 5 kWp). Solar power at the waterfront! See also detail on separate page
<<< Stavoren (Friesland, W. coast)
De Groene Leguanen
World-famous private initiative of Hendrik Gommer with 8 holiday bungalows and one office building each filled with a unique, project-oriented PV-system and totalling 41,548 kWp. CLICK HERE for detail, HERE for project info. Regrettably project has been sold due to very bad investment climate in the Netherlands.
Waalwijk, Province of Noord Brabant: >>>
Ecopark Waalwijk
674 kWp PV installation (DETAIL) on "dynamic" support structure on former landfill, with 4.212 Shell Solar SQ 160-C modules and Sunny Boy inverters. Also visible one of 5 1,5 MW General Electric wind turbines and, in left bottom corner, biogas installation, to be upgraded with biomass. Total production of Ecopark app. 19 GWh/year. Note: LIVE monitoring!!!.
<<< Amersfoort, Province of Utrecht:
Nieuwland, Waterbuurt (Waterkers a.o.)
Spectacular 1,3 MWp project in new suburban area on the north rim of Amersfoort and initiative by former utility company REMU in cooperation with NOVEM. First large-scale application of PV in built environment, with the addition of solar thermal collectors in some subprojects. See separate page for many more images! CLICK HERE for detail of sports hall at lower left.

Wageningen, Gelderland: >>>
Pantarijn - De Vlinder, Hollandseweg
Beautiful, complex 281 kWp PV project by Stroomwerk on new sports complex with 1.510 x Shell Solar 115L and 676 x Saint Gobain 162 Wp semi-transparent modules in 3 different applications. CLICK HERE for detail: 1a, 2 flat roof/consoles; 3 shed-roofs; 4 slanted glass roof from tower; 5 tower balcony (lookout point); 1b solar thermal collectors.
For project photo's: F. Wouterlood (Feb. 14 2004); ODE

<<< Spijkenisse, (Z. Holland)
6 kWp roof-filling private PV-system oriented SSE, consisting of 48 125 Wp solar panels. CLICK HERE for photograph of the system, taken out of a window of the neighbours.
Boxtel, Province of Noord Brabant:: >>>
De Kleine Aarde & In Goede Aarde
Netherlands' oldest and still very active sustainable energy center (semi-transparent PV-roof at arrowhead, CLICK for detail and extensive info), and new suburb "In Goede Aarde" to the N. with zero-energy houses in two rows built in "noise-barrier" (Huygensstraat) with > 5 kWp PV roofs with MSK modules; total 246 kWp (Detail and photo on Oskomera website; photo Dubotechniek upper corner).
<<< Nordrhein-Westfalen, BRD:
PV-test plant from RWE with different types of modules and orientation north of Neurath in the heart of the desolate landscape of large-scale lignite strip mining between Köln and Mönchen-Gladbach. Further photographs, see separate page.
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain: >>>
Solar Pergola and Esplanade PV-system
Beautifully designed spectacular "Solar Sail" with 2.686 Isofoton PV-modules (443 kWp), and separate 850 kWp system on roof of new building, at left. For extensive documentation see separate page with details and many links and on-site photo update (9-07-2008)
<<< Poleline Road, Davis (CA), U.S.A.:
PVUSA Solar Photovoltaic Facility
Incredible PV-test plant in U.S.A.'s most progressive state, already online since 1987 and frequently updated/renovated. Presently 800 kWp with 4 large systems and several smaller systems (photo right). See separate page for many beautiful photographs!
41100 Highway 395, Boron, CA 93516, U.S.A.: >>>
Kramer Junction SEGS 150 MW CSP plant
Another solar power technique, Concentrating Solar Power. Sofar the biggest plant, with huge potential, in the Mojave Desert app. 500 km. NNE of Los Angeles: thermal solar power plant with maximum of 25% backup of natural gas-fired turbines 


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