A country with one of the most impressive railwaysystems in the world is India. Some pictures made during holidaytrips may give an impression of travelling on Indian iron roads. Look for detailed information f.e. on the site of the
Indian Railways Fan Club
Goa 2001...2008
braganza gath
Let's start with the most famous railtrip in Goa: the mountain-railway Castle Rock-Kulem. One of the tunnels, April 2004...
braganza 2
...another tunnel on the same trip...
...and the tourist attraction of Dudhsagar Falls (with railway bridge) in the dry season.
bridge Goa
WDM2A 17581 on the bridge over river Zuari with a train from Mumbai, 19/3/2001
freight Karmali
WDM2A 17863 with train 0111 from Mumbai, Karmali (Old Goa), 3/4/2004
WDS6R 36252 pulls three boxcars to the north, Karmali, 21/3/2001
Londa freight
londa tree
WDM3A 16084 with a train from Mumbai, leaving Thivim, 21/3/2001
WDG2 14689+14655 with freight to Thinaighat, Londa Junction, 17/3/2001
WDM2A 17961 with a train Bangalore-Aynir, Londa Junction, 17/3/2001
Kulem Goa Express
Kulem freight
...and bankers WDM3A 14040+ 14023.
WDM2 17215 with Goa Express 2779, Kulem, 7/4/2004...
A freight with WDG3A 14617+ 14627+14711, Kulem, 7/4/2004
former NG
harbourstation Vasco
WDM2B 17695 with Goa Express, Vasco-da-Gama, 19/3/2001
The trip from Vasco to Madgaon is on broad gauge (1676mm) since 1997, but in Dabolim a metre gauge track was still there on 19/3/2001
In the harbour of Vasco-da-Gama the former metre-gaugestation could be photographed on 19/3/2001
Margao NG
Margao NG 2008
nighttrain to Mumbai
The former metre-gaugestation in Madgaon has found new users on 14/3/2001...
...the same station on 23/1/2008, with less shelter...
...opposite of the old station WDP4 20037 leaves with train 0112 to Mumbai. On the right the testtrack for the skybus. 19/1/2008
skybus Margao
expres Margao
expres Majorda
The skybus is doing nothing, not only because there is no connection with the testtrack yet. Madgaon, 19/1/2008
One of the fast trains from the capital: train 2432 pulled by WDP2 15532. Madgaon, 7/4/2004
WDP2 15517 passing Majorda with train 2432, 21/1/2008
train from Mumbai in Verna
trein from Mumbai in Majorda
Deccan Odyssey
About 1,5 hours late: train 0111 from Mumbai headed by WDP4 20036. Verna 24/1/2008...
..the same train with WDP4 20037, three hours late this time, on 26/1/2008 near Saravali.
Empty stock of tourist-train Deccan Odessy from Verna to Madgaon, pulled by a WDM3A. Suravali, 26/1/2008
India 1990
freight from Vasco
WDG3A 14614+13229 changing tracks with a freight from Vasco. Majorda 21/1/2008...
freight from Vasco
freight with crossing
...WDM2 17608+17632 with the same train near Suravali on 26/1/2008/ Pollution, but a wonderful sound.
WDG4 12134+12136 running slowly in Suravali, 29/1/2008
tracks to Verna and Vasco
WDM2 16866 with passenger KR1 (Verna-Mangalore) near Utorda, 24/1/2008. On the left the Vasco-line.
train from Dadar
WDM3D 11178 from Dadar, Suravali, 29/1/2008
sweat in Verna
In Verna a lot of boxcars with a.o. cement are being unloaded. Heavy and dusty! 24/1/2008
small talk
Small talk: WP 7193, Muzaffarpur 20/10/1990
WP 7225 in her heydays with a passengertrain, Muzaffarpur 20/10/1990
X 37395 pushes her train into a tunnel near Lovedale, 5/10/1990
YP 2005
agra for
YG 4255 is getting attention in the shed, Jaynagar, 19/10/1990
YP 2005 with train from Samastipur (arr 10.08), Jaynagar, 19/10/1990
YG 3418 with train dep. 15.15 to Bandikui, Agra Fort station...
agra fort 2
commuters delhi
steam narrow gauge delhi
...and with the Fort itself as a background, Agra 22/10/1990
walking the line with steam
electic loco Bombay
bombay VT
WG 8598 with 11.00 to Bhatinda, Delhi 26/10/1990
WCG-1 20053, first 10 of this type made in Switzerland, shunts in Bombay Victoria, 1/10/1990
WDM2 17188+16137, Delhi, 26/10/1990
YP 2668 is pulling train 4720 in Delhi, 26/10/1990
WCM-2 20184 after her duty, Bombay VT, 2/10/1990
Video of Goa Express from Vasco-da-Gama in Utorda, 24/1/2008

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