Playing cards between Mezimesti and
Otovice (Czech Republic), 09/02/2001

And now something completely different: no numbers, no historical facts...
Here I'll show why it can be big fun to travel by train. I selected some 'snapshots'
of moments which impressed me for a reason.
I hope you'll recognize something of this travel experience!

Dreaming near Bangkok (Thailand),
Enjoying the landscape, and the coffee...
IR to Stralsund (Germany), 25/04/2002
(Photo: Oege Kleijne)
Music, train to Yevpatoria (Crimea),
Dog smells steam, Lubawka
(Poland), 08/02/2001
Mirrors, near Venlo (Netherlands),
Not enough space inside,
Mahinathpur (Nepal), 18/10/90

Waiting for the train, Acaria (Peru),

Selling of tofu in train to Bandung
(Indonesia) not allowed, 17/06/04.

Photo: Thaloen Verweij

Going to the Sunday-picnic,
Quito (Ecuador), 05/09/99

Oceanic view, Colombo (Sri Lanka),

Pigeon is doing her job at Rostock mainstation (left) and young swallows crying for mummy under platform one, Stralsund. Germany, June 2007.

Good-bye! at the station of
Aue (Germany), May 2011

The joy of a journey by rail