So finally we started the restoration of our trailer for behind the GMC. Its a type BEN HUR i think, there are no type plates or what so ever on the trailer, to bad, hopefully i will find some original plates for when the trailer is ready. The trailer stood about 3 years in our garage but now its time to get started.



Where to start? first the fenders off. 


That went easy the 5 bolts and nuts where no problem at all after all these years of rusting.

The brake lever needs some attention to. The brakes where not functional anymore but that's going to change.



Some more brake parts


The years without any maintenance where showing of. Rust, rust and more rust.









We marked the spots that need to cut out so we can weld a new sheet of metal in





Cut out peaces will be replaced by brand new sheets. See on the left picture on how many places the inner plate and outer plate where spot welded just every 30 or 40 mm there was a spot weld.


The complete wiring needs replacement. 




Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5