the wetter was poor so we couldn't do anything about the metal working




So this has to wait  What we have done is the fenders sanded and ready for paint



Some original numbers come from under need the old paint 


The fenders in the first layer of base paint


The rusty parts off the trailer have we also painted to stop further rusting 

The next thing we could do inside was the wiring of the plug that goes into the truck 

The old wiring had a short circuit so it was totally melted this goes into the waste bin


So by the local truck supplier we bought some new cable 13 in one. The end off the wire we put some metal shoes on  


The used tools and the result 


the other end of the cable we solder to the plug


With two cable ties we make device so when pulled ad the cable the solder connection isn't pulled ad


The assembly of the plug the connector pins must align with the holes of the truck side.


With a wrench we tap the connector in its casing. 




Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5