Now that the weather is better its sunny and a little wind we can start welding the sheet metal onto the gaps were the most rusty parts were.


We have there for a MIG /MAG welding machine with 0,8 mm wire for thin sheet metal is this enough. If you choose thinker wire the amp's will also increase so you burn through the sheet quicker. So 0,8 mm you can put the amps relative low and there for welding the thin sheets is easyer.

Trying and tacking the metal plates into place.  before welding them solid 


When the welding is complete I grind the think welds flat 


For the larger plates we have drilled some holes were the inner plate connects with the outer. The holes will form a spot weld


Seen from the inside and welded from the outside


Left the first hole is filed and connects the inner and outer plate.  


Many spot welds needed for a proper connection


grinding it so the old and new peaces are flat



The same with te front plate this is a bit larger but the same approach
as the smaller plates 



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5