After welding the sheet metal we used some filler to get the welding a little smoother.



After that the most irritating and dirty job:  Sanding...


All the afford pays off when the first layer of paint can be applied



        After the base coat is dried the green paint makes the different.




Making a stencil for the numbers. 


Now a bit attention for the bearings and break system


Cleaning and putting new grease into the bearings. Making sure that all the moving parts for the adjustment of the breaks are moving smoothly.



Now the fenders between the fender and trailer we putt a rubber seal for better finish. 



After the bigger peaces are in place we paint the reflectors and tail lights. The light cover we cleaned with copper polish.

On the right the untreated one to the left the cleaned one.



After installing. Now only the tires and than ready.


The whole combination at the 25 anniversary of the AWACS base in Geilenkirchen Germany.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4