As soon as we bought the gmc it was clear that we had to chance the tires in the near future.  The tires that were on the gmc at that time where at least 30 years old and dried out. When we made a turn the tires would leave a rubber trail behind on the street. So we started direct with saving money for other or new tires.  We have driven now about two years on the old tires but now time has come that it is not longer responsible to drive on these old tires . Time to look for new onesÖ

But where can you buy 11 new tires? First we called Van Dam a firm that is specialized in army stuff. He had tires for a gmc but only in Nato profile that isnít what we want. We want the Goodyear profile. Those tires had Van Dam to but not new. Now was the temptation there to buy these secondhand tires because after some looking around we knew that the tires that we want are very hard to get. But we know that when we would buy these tires that the chance was that the problems with the tires could come back because you canít see on the outside of a tire if itís a good one or not. And who knows how long those tires would have laid there. So we decided to look further. Even in Belgium it was eventually a member of our vehicle club that brought the solution. We should call REOMIE and indeed this firm had new tires 7.50 x 20Ē for a gmc. Perfect and it was within our budget.  So we ordered 11 tires. Now it was waiting until the tires had made the long voyage from India. But after a few months the tires arrived.


Eleven brand new tires

Now starts a very intensive and hard piece of work: to chance 11 tires. 11 tires off the gmc and 11 new ones on.


Some tires where in such a bad state that the where deflated already 


On this picture its clear to see in how bad state the tires where. Because the cracks in the side of the tire the risk of  a burst tire is big.

Now a little bid about safety: The tires of a gmc are potentially dangerous not only because of there weight but more because of how the tire is hold on to the rim. The ring that holds the tire on the rim wants to get off al the time because of the pressure in the tire. If you don't  know absolutely sure what you are doing than please leave it and let someone do the work who knows what to do. A accident is quickly to happen  and can cause a lot of damage. We are after all working with great loads, so make sure that all the equipment used can stand the forces. 


The tools used for the job: a jack, tire-levers, wheel nut wrench 


Before you jack up the gmc make sure that it can't role anymore so hand break on and blocks before the wheels. 


Make sure the jack stand on solid and flat ground

Before the wheel is completely off the ground loosen up the  wheel nuts but take them not completely of.

After the wheel nuts are loosen a bid the wheel can further of the ground and we can loosen the wheel nuts completely 


TIP: Don't pull on the wheel nut lever but always push. On this way you spare your back and with the mass of your own body you can put force on the lever. Whiteout hitting your face when the wheel nut wrench comes off the nut. 

Leave alway's one wheel nut on so the tire can't by accident come off the axle.

If the tires is of the axle put a axle stand under need it: DON'T EVER RILEY ON A JACK 




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