The first thing that we can do is assembling the tube into the tire. Make sure that the tube is not twisted or folded in the tire. You can inflate the tube a little to make sure that this does not happen. 


Now that the tube is inserted we can protect him with a special rubber. This rubber protects the tube against the rim. Make sure that the rubber is completely inserted into the tire that makes later on the assembly on the rim easer. After that deflate the tube so that the tire can be compressed to install the ring again.


Now that the tire is assembled we can put him on the rim. Look at the valve tube that is towards the  upside of the rim. So you can reach the valve also as its on the double back wheels. 

Now that we are so far comes the most dangerous part of a tire assembly. The mounting of the ring and inflating the tire.

The new tire with the ring

Put the ring opposite of the hole for the tire-lever under need the groove of  the rim. Do this in such manner that you create room were the ring is at its smallest and near the tire-lever hole. (in the same way as dissembling the ring you have to create some margin)

The black that you see is some paint to protect the inside of the rim against rust. 

Now you can jerk the ring open with the tire-lever 


By knocking with a hammer you can get the ring round the rim 


Z As said before the ring is hold on its place by the pressure of the tire. Now that we  have removed the ring en new assembled is it possible that the ring not   jump into the groove of the rim at once. This can cause the ring to fly away with a great force (55 PSI) and can cause a great deal of injury. Normally you inflate this kind of tires in a special  safety cage. But on the field or so you don't have such a cage so what then? We put some peaces of chain round the tire and ring so we limit the movement of the ring. you can also put a steel rod trough the holes of the rim. This measures only limit the movement of the ring keep you fingers and other body parts at a safe distend when inflating the tire. When the pressure is reached you can control the ring by knocking with a hammer on it.  Make sure that the ring is ad its position than remove the chains.

With to or three chains you can limit the movement of the ring 


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