Now can we put the complete wheel on our truck. 


To avoid heavy lifting there is a trick to get the wheel on the axle. Just lower the jack in such way that the hole in the rim fits over the hub. Push the wheel over the hub. Now just jack the axle up and the wheel is on the axle. On this way the jack does the lifting and not you. Make sure that the hole for the wheel nut fits right away.

The wheel nuts must be tightened in a specific order. Tighten the first wheel nut then the opposed. Pass the second and tighten the third. Look that the wheel nuts are nicely centered in the holes.


The same ad the back wheels

See how the valve tubes are located 

looks great doesn't it? Now 7 tires to go...


Some things to know about tires for a GMC:

So as you maybe know the rear axles of a gmc are always mechanical  locked together in the transfer case. If you put different sized tires on the first and second back axles you create different velocities on the two axles. But there they are mechanical connected your transfer case is subject of ware and tear.

Further is it use full to know that ad the drivers site of the truck the wheel nuts are coming lose in opposite direction than the right side of the truck. There for are the left and right wheel nuts not interchangeable. 

Than I noticed that when you unscrew the outer wheel nuts of the back axles you can without notice unscrew the inner wheel nuts to. So when you only remover the outer wheels check the inner wheel nuts also.

And last the ring and rim are not interchangeable so keep the ring and rim together for safety reasons.


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