The first 5 pages went about how it theoretically should work. But in practice is it often different then you thought. of course is the method described before useful. Only when tires are changed they are a lot of years on the rim. In our case we think that the tires were about 30 years on the rim of course these are not coming of  easily.  The tire is glued to the rim and that causes a lot of sweat.

Now have we as restoration team bought a machine to make the tire change easy. I can assure you that this machine is worth its money. This machine can put pressure on the tire as on the ring so they come off more easy.  

The machine 

Pressing the ring down normally you do this with a hammer


Putting the tire-levers between the ring and rim 

This goes not every time easy so a little chisel helps to maker room for the tire-lever


Then releasing the machine so that the ring is not longer under stress.


Then putting the ring over the rim as described before

Now that the ring is off the tire should come off of its own. But after years of sitting on the rim the tire is glued to the rim as if its one part. Now comes the machine again.


By just pneumatically push the tire down and around we get the tire little by little of the rim. I can assure you that even our machine had some trouble with some tires, even spraying WD 40 onto the tire was necessarily to get it of the rim.  


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