As good as the nose was so bad was the cab. We can't use this floor plate anymore because of the rust.

No these are not bullet holes...


This side panel needs some work                                                                   Cabin completely removed 

All body parts are now removed. Now its necessarily to cut out the rusted places and replace them with new sheet metal. It was striking that there were bad places everywhere there were two parts on top each other.


While cutting out the bad peaces we looked carefully that we cut it as square as we could. This is a lot easier when making the new metal part. Now we can make the new sheets and welding them in place. (The man in Blue is Jan. he has helped us with the welding. Jan thanks a lot)  


Of course for the side panels the same: rotten places cut out.



And making the new sheet metal fit. Then welding it in place. We have welded with a mig/mag welding machine and 0.8 mm wire. The sheet metal is ordinary sheet of about 1 to 1,5 mm thick. The new peaces are cut ad the wright dimensions by the shop were we bought the metal. After the welding the weld is grind flat. There were necessarily we welded another layer on top off the first weld and then grind them off flat again.     





Then we drilled the holes for mounting  the side panels to the cabin floor.

Yes we used prime. :-( this was necessarily because the wildings became a little hollow after the grinding. Ad this picture the first layer of prime is just applied. After sanding there will be only a little peace of about two centimeters prime left. This is necessarily the get a smooth transmission between the old and new peace.  

This is (of better say was) the cabin floor. This was useless. So we made a brand new one. The now cabin floor is made from 7 mm plate. (i could get this metal for free). The shape of the floor is completely cut out with a grinding machine. The rounding were cut with an saw. After all i have a little sorrow over this new part. Because its not original and the different in thickness between the old (original) and new cabin floor causes later on problems. the next time i use an original cabin floor. 

 Luckily the main support beams of the original cabin were good so we could use them again. Luckily because they are hard to duplicate. 

Old and new

As you could see we have always worked  under our carport, when the wetter was bad we worked inside ad the smaller parts, such as the instrument panel.



Ook het schutbord  het deel dat de motor ruimte van de cabine scheid, vertoonde enkele rotte plekken. Hier was de moeilijkheid dat het een dubbelwandig deel was. Met een beetje puzzelen, passen en meten is dit het resultaat:

The peace between the engine compartment and the cabin was also rusty. The difficulty here was that it is double layered. But with a little measuring, fitting and (*#!.) this is the result 

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