Then there was a great day. Our truck goes to our new shed. Finely a roof above our hands when working. The gms was towed by an old Dutch army vehicle (a Daf ya 126). A few questions rises about towing a gmc. Do i have to disconnect the drive shafts? or can i tow only with the gears in neutral? The answer is yes you can tow a gmc only with the gearbox in neutral. The reason that they give the advise to disconnect the drive shafts  ad the differential is that the gearboxes are lubricated by the fast rotating of the gears, this causes the oil to jump. (i don't now the exact words for this) So the oil can reach the bearings. When you are towing you drive very slow so the oil can's reach the bearings properly. So there for the advise of disconnect the drive shafts. You can tow your gmc with connected drive shafts but do this only for a short period.



 In the shed we have a crane

So we could get te engine out of the chassis. To work safely on the engine we made a engine support from some squire metal tubes

Engine on the support

Original type plate

spaghetti... No this is the original cable with cotton insulation this crap  goes out.


Chassis is cleared now. The most mud and other dirt we have cleaned with high pressure water.




Now this looks better doesn't it? 

A exited moment the first fitting of the cab on the chassis.



It fits (we have made some adjustments on the cabin floor)

chassis in the first layer of  paint



Then green, greener, greenest...


The engine is an complete head valve with its 4.4 liter 6 cylinder he produces about 90 horse power. The gearbox has five gears and a top speed of 45 miles an hour. The engine runs good so we haven't done a lot on it. (i was a little afraid of beginning on it). We have chanced the seals and  inspected for unusual things. This wasn't the case so we have installed the engine again.



The engine has run after this for good one year then the first problems a cured (the next time we get everything apart)   


GMC restoration part 1

part 2

part 4

part 5