Installing the parts seems to be a big puzzle, luckily everything fits only in one way. 

Don't screw everything tight. If you are working with multiple parts it can occur that the holes don't fit anymore by turning the bolds and nuts loss you get more room to move the parts. When everything is on place and fits than you can fasten everything.

Installing the nose in the beginning 

On this spot al the electrical connection must be made

Footboards if you look very carefully you can see the axe

The nose in a better condition 


The new electrical installation is made with 2,5 mm2 wire and double insulated. There is about 150 meters of wire used. I wasn't very economical better to long than to short.





The canvas is made by Zeilmakerij Thomissen.  Dutch company specialized in canvas for old army trucks Paul has done a very good job. 

Now the cabin is complete its time for the front seat. Some parts are duplicated because of the rust.



Measuring the front seat on the cabin floor was a hell of a job. Its just has to fit right because i wanted to screw the front seat to the floor so it has to fit very accurate.  


The result 

The steering wheel is of wood. Dad has restored the wheel whit wood glue then sanding it until its smooth.

The first tire ready for the first paint job. ten to go (....)

Because there are more vehicles  in the shed, the gmc must go out sometimes

GMC restoration part 1

part 2

part 3

part 5