Now the front part of the gmc is almost ready we concentrated on the backside of the truck and the rear chassis. So we could work properly we have to lift the payload floor of the chassis. To hold the payload floor in the air we made studs.

One of the four supports. 


With some help of some heavy jacks and some wooden blocks we lifted the cargo floor.

Now we could drive the gmc under need it. To spare room we could drive the gmc back.


This needs a lot of work 

Trough all corners and pipes the sanding of the chassis was a lot of work.


A disadvantage of split axles is that when you have a leaking differential you have to remove the hole axle so you can put now seals in it.


Two buckets of old paint came of the chassis


Looks better doesn't it?





After two times red comes green



Fenders and other little parts

The fuel tank 150 liters (if i had a idea of how expensive the fuel would become)

master break cylinder under revision 

For sanding the rear we have constructed this cabin so the rest of the shed wouldn't get covered with a blanked of dust.


After two days of sanding....                                                                            finishing touch 

Brant new taillights braked. Normally the gmc has only one taillight on each side, i think this was to little light for a large vehicle like this so we decided to make a double taillight. 

The rear door


Remove al the dust and get hem ready for the paint




Now he becomes red




New its getting a little boring but after red comes green


                                                                                                                  The double taillights



The second rear axle (the tires has sit on this all the time)

Inside the differential (spare axle)

Trailer socket

A little of modern electronic. For the proper working of the directional and break lights we made this connection with relays. After we installed this i now a way to make the same connection with the directional switch and break switch. So longs as this works i want chance it. 

After two years of work this is the result


In The Netherlands its necessarily to go for an inspection of your vehicle before you are allowed on the public road. 

on this check up the local inspector checks of the vehicle is technical 100% so as breaks, lights and other parts are tested.


The first time driving trough the Dutch country side

The second and third ride also but then....

The engine stalls. How is that possible? we only droved about 150 km in total on this thank on allready the fuel was empty. Only 150 on  clock is 150 miles not km so we drove double the distends as we thought. Just for fun we made this picture 


Our jeep on the gmc. We have a old army jeep from the Swiss army it looks like the m38a1 but there is some different between them.


The finishing touch the silence plate is the proof of passing the technical check up.


I want to thank these people for there efforts 

Paul en Nancy for al the good advise and care

Jan for the welding 

Frenk also for the welding 

Piet for the sheet metal of the cabin floor

Dad for al your work Thanks 

 Table for the year of build

The wiring diagram used this is the Dutch modification.


Do you have any questions or suggestions you can always mail us and maybe we can help you 



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